► Armored Warfare: Expeditionary Tank & MBT-70 Gameplay – Open Beta, The Grind Begins!

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Source: DezGamez

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►Founder’s link: http://aw.my.com/us/founders-packs

Open Beta hype is real, is finally here! Well, okay, at moment we are Open Beta head start going on, but it is here. OBT for everyone starts at October 8th, so ready up your PC, the battle is on!

In today’s episode I am going to play with tier 6 premium that are available through buying Lord of War founder’s pack – MBT-70 and Expeditionary Tank. I am trying to get a lot of credits together before going to continue grinding for higher tier tanks!


  1. da hype is real lads

  2. dez is the japanese type 10 in the game

  3. Just taken a break from playing this and you got a Vid up. Awesomness!

  4. People in NA server is already at tier 7…

  5. Thanks Dez. I didnt know about the Hit Logs in battle. Using them now.
    Great stuff. Also will you get the VFM 5?

  6. Artorias “The” Abyss Walker

    Hey Dez im the first tier 8 on the EU server <3 IGN: Rasmusthenoob

  7. coolio

  8. Hey dez I loved this video, gee gee’s 😛

    If I could give you some feedback I did not like the music in the
    background. Just my opinion.

  9. can’t wait till the 8th

  10. Only gonna update for my free Obj 155 :3

  11. early access was the closed beta correct, or am i wrong about that

  12. Well I know what I’m playing when I get off work.

  13. By having it only available to those who paid, it is in fact not an ‘open
    beta’. Or at least not the one I think of when I’ve come to understand that
    open beta that everyone in the public (including those with limited money)
    can get into the game. Guess not.

  14. this is sponsored connent, and idont see u markes that

  15. They erase all your progress in early access?

  16. yes, finally, I’ve been waiting for this since Oct 1st

  17. KetchupAndMustard611


  18. Casper Bolding Kampp

    what is that non-turretet tank in the trailer

  19. hope they make a mode where we can use multiple tanks in a match like in
    warthunder :)

  20. same story here as in wot ?, that u need premium account in high tier games
    to make money (unless u ammorack enemy whit every shell u fire)

  21. TheMole72 DiggaHole (Molletje72)

    World class Dez as always, I am thinking of buying the lord of war package
    those prem vehicles look pretty nice.
    For next time maybe some Exterminator gameplay .

  22. GG AW, having a lot of fun playing it!

  23. hey dez, what are the minimum requeriments to play armored warfare on an
    acceptable video quality? nice vídeo btw

  24. I don´t know, I really do not like the way this game looks. It still
    reminds me at WT, another game where you could clearly see that its graphic
    style was originally used for another type of game. I also find that the
    “Tech Trees”, if you want to call them like this, have a strong lack of
    progression for the player.I am just not seeing a central theme at the
    different arms manufacturers.
    But more important, why should I play this game instead of WoT for example?
    I do not really see a difference, it still looks and plays for me like a
    WoT-clone with modern tanks. But maybe I am just oversaturated with this
    kind of team-oriented online games.

  25. Actually the exp tank and terminator are only timed exclusives. They’re
    exclusive for 1 year, after that they’ll go on sale.

  26. Throdwobbler Mangrove

    Thx for this and please more armored warfare in future.

  27. Krzysztof Pomirko

    More AW pls :)

  28. Why do these tanks go 100 mph….

  29. Umm DezGamez why do you keep saying T62-A it’s T72-A in Armored Warfare 😛
    u have played world of tanks too much 😛 Hehe good video btw

  30. I see you also have problem with bad video quality on gameplay

  31. i waited so long finally open beta is here

  32. Saw your review of the new French Sherman. And it looks to be a great tank.
    But it;s not worth being a Tier 8. Should be a Tier 7. 8-10s is too high
    for that kind of tank.

  33. Mbt 70 daddy to the Abrams and leopard 2

  34. Dez do you go to gamevents and such?and if so can we (the fans) meet you

  35. hi glad to know amoredwarfares into beta got a founders pack when they
    first came out but for some sill reson couldent get into early accsess got
    a question is there a good tutorial when starting the gamee im dyslexxic as
    you can pronly teeell so games without good tutorials are a pain i learn
    games in the end but its mutch quicker with a good tutorial thanks keep
    good content comeing thanks

  36. does work sidecrap in this game?

  37. is there any “recruiting”? if so what are the rewards for it ?=
    Nice video btw. looking forward for open beta ^-^

  38. after open beta do we see another tank reset??????

  39. +DezGamez Thanks again for the Mercenary Commander Bundle!

    I have FINALLY got the open beta head start installed! I will be interested
    in seeing what my Object 155 is like!


  40. Keep making good videos. Regarding war themed games, some youtubers are way
    to focused on statistics, strategy and overall very dull, while others
    appear to a combination of drunk/high/13 years old. While there is a place
    for each of them I think you do a good job of balance and making quality
    vids. Keep it up.

  41. Yeah finally we can get this awesome game. I’ve been waiting for it for so
    much time. Thumbs up for this freakin game hell yeah!!!

  42. So wait you have to pay to get in to the open beta?

  43. G3Glitching Productions


  44. MrSmithwayne Smith

    I wish they would give you a chance to test the game before you slap down
    real cash for a founders pack.

  45. It looks like War Thunder and WoT had a baby… AND IT WAS AMAZING!

  46. In game, you can hold ctrl and move the hit boxes to wherever you’d like on
    screen ;)

  47. your field of view is kinda too large by my standards….there’s gotta be
    an option to change that in the game right?

  48. OH damn. I don’t get to keep the tanks I grinded in Alpha? :O

  49. This is really like WoT…differences are just optical + modern
    tanks…dont know if it worth playing. Same style, same battles….:/

  50. Couldn’t they at least try to make it look a little different?

  51. Grass with seizure :)

  52. whats the song from the trailer?

  53. i really like it actually. It feels from that start that you are playing
    with real tanks. Something that you will notice on wot not before tier 5!
    Although that you really need all those different kind of ammunitons and
    modern weapons.

  54. yay i cant start the game because of a bug pls help me

  55. I wish i could actually enjoy this game properly but i get these stupid fps
    drops still like i did in the test phases :/ I’m on a steady 60-70 fps on
    very high settings and then every 20 seconds my frames drop to like 7 for a
    few seconds

  56. Anyone got any info on the song that’s being played?

  57. so its a pay2win hitpoint mmo just like wot?

  58. I would play this game. But When I bought new tanks, game crash,

  59. I wanna play, only thing letting me down is a 500 KB/s download speed…
    They could have knew the big load on their servers right?

  60. Heavyhellgamer 122

    I need to get this gae but what tech tree should i go with survival or fire

  61. Do you lose money for repair and replenishing ammo like in WOT?

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