► Armored Warfare: Leopard 2A6, Patch 0.14 and Now Accepting Replays!

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay . Armored Warfare Patch 0.14 Update . Armored Warfare Main Battle Tank Gameplay. Armored Warfare Replay System.

► List of all the changes: https://aw.my.com/us/news/general/introducing-update-014

Oh yes, thank you… Armored Warfare replay system finally here, that means I am able to make new episode for you!
Armored Warfare RNGesus series hype is real, as well as series! Future is going to be fun, hopefully! 🙂
Also, in this episode you see my first gameplay action with Leopard 2A6. It is one of the most requested tank from you guys, so enjoy this little sneak-peak. In the future I think I am going to make review episode about it as well.



  1. What a busy panda!

  2. Aleksandar Ilceski

    XD Second comment ;)

  3. Aleksandar Ilceski

    Nice Replay system BTW

  4. 3rd comment :/

  5. Nice video

  6. Hope to see T10 tanks soon

  7. Kinda dissapointed with the replays tbh. You can only view in 3rd person,
    and while the camera can be detached and moved around, there’s no zoom
    function or FoV change. Also in 9.14 MBTs pen each other much easier from
    the front now due to the driver hatch nerf.

  8. I already sent one yesterday with the old email, i will resend it to this
    one :)

  9. Can I send in PVE Epic Battle clips? I know PVE isn’t the most exciting
    thing to watch, but I got one yesterday that is pretty dang awesome! I’ll
    send you the files if you’re interested and you can decide for your self.

  10. highwall feels like TD heaven and also vehicles with good view range

  11. Armored Warfare is making steady progress. Played only AW for several
    months, taking a break atm letting it mature a little. Makes it more fun to
    get back to WoT as well, after having a rather long break from it :)

  12. DezGamez Всем привет) 10 лвл есть тут?

  13. that a leopard 2a6ex you have their because the a6 is just an a5 with L55
    gun instead of the L44 gun but the a6 ex is the one with additional armor

  14. highwall is pretty awesome, lots of opportunities on that map

  15. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    i understand that MBTs rule the game and to agree that they needed cupola
    weakness more “weak” but to do that to my challenger2 is like WTF! man!
    chally has got nothing but armor going for it and now that ou gunah do this
    whats the point?! whats the point of me grinding it if my armor no longer
    will be as useful!!!! the same thing that happend to the MAUS in wot…were
    the armor on thath tank was what it had going for it but now made usless…

  16. Yay! Ghost shells are finaly in AW too! God help us…

  17. Mini Cactus - TBNRLenny

    Lel, simply the best replay. Sexy just sexy replay

  18. Hi Dez,
    On the Eu server at least there is the map, its playable in PvP
    For the PvE, there are 3 new missions (Cerberus + 2 others)
    The new map, Highwall, its… i don’t know, it doesn’t seem very light
    tank-friendly and scout-friendly at all. A lot of close combat and risks
    when you show yourself, and not a lot of trees. Its a VERY big map, with a
    lot of different roads/ways. It may seem that this should help the light
    tanks but not really, they really got to play safe.

  19. Disastrous patch in my view. Almost deal breaker for me.

  20. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Do u accept World of Warships Awesome Moment?

  21. Long time since I watched content from this game, I have never played it…
    and am never planning on playing it. When I look at the gameplay, It
    doesn’t look like you are driving heavy monsters of machines at all,
    everything looks floaty. This game has no soul or identity. It has a cheap
    feeling… like a fake watch made in China. But that is just my personal
    opinion. Love all your other content Dez! Keep it up ;)

  22. I feel like I am the only one who thinks the revive kit for pve was a
    horrible idea. Here’s why I think that: You can suck but not be punished
    for it.

  23. DezGamez do you believe Armored Warfare will be the king over WoT in some
    months or maybe even 1-2 years? I recently started playing it and all I can
    say is that it does exactly what WoT does. And on top of that it has fixed
    every single thing that annoys me in WoT. Specifically artillery being
    balanced and fun, matchmaking being really fair, taking into account stock
    tanks etc. , rng not being +-25%, aiming not being just random as fuck, you
    hit where you aim for (rewards players with better knowledge of tanks),
    Cupola shots not doing full damage and I could go on and on. When they get
    out of beta and put an end to all the bugs and implement more tanks I don’t
    see how WoT will still be a better game since we all can see that people of
    WG are not willing to do all the major changes people demand for the past
    years. What’s your opinion on all that?

  24. Watch this. A tier 1 can pen the 2A6 from the front atm

  25. http://strawpoll.me/7180976 Favorite YouTuber Poll.

  26. when comes the next rngesus episode?

  27. i have to say i’ve never really seen the point of replays for most of us. i
    can understand it is useful for people who have a channel dedicated to a
    particular game, but i fear it is one more step to making AW an even closer
    WOT clone than it already is. I just pray they never start with WN8 and
    Mods all that rubbish, there are enough selfish players at the moment as it
    is. I’ll have replays turned off, the less complicated crap i have running
    the better.

  28. sixstringsamurai007

    Highwall is just a giant race track at the moment since it’s so new it
    seems like the teams just play the outsides. Also yes you need both the amr
    and xml files to view the replays. Also one sort of annoying thing about
    them is it plays the audio for your tank no matter what tank you might be

  29. Just a headsup, as awesome as it is to finally have the replay system in
    AW, the files are quite large. On average between 6-9mb in size depending
    on the length of the battle, so if you’re one of those people that plays
    100 battles a day your replays are going to take up between 600mb and a
    full gig of space per those 100 battles. Just something to be aware of!

  30. Kaiju Zilla (Kaijuzilla2000)

    Are there tier 10s in AW?

  31. believe u need both files as the XML file will contain all that data on the
    team list/map data.
    Nice briefing – still and all Replay’s nice as an “ALPHA” start but needs
    work – first person view, end of battle summary and simplify control access
    (not a button and mouse) :)

  32. could you maybe organise a 15 vs 15 of pz 2j’s? think that would be pretty

  33. Patch had some decent stuff but it also still has not fixed some major
    issues like the AI getting 100% perfect snap accuracy and instaturing
    turrets or the much hated “Logistics Costs” bs. Now on top of those
    problems almost all the tier 7-9 MBT’s are getting turned to swiss cheese
    because the drivers hatches are now super weak and side armor seems to be
    made out of cardboard and have you SEEN the video of a Leo2A6 basically
    getting killed from the front by a TIER 1!!! Now it’s going to be massive
    amounts of AFV’s pew pewing everything and the MBT’s are going to camp
    harder then ever rather then push.

  34. OMG 666 vids dezgamez illuminati confirmed !!!!!

  35. Hi Dez. Great videos. Just a question: what are the components of your
    computer ?

  36. can you make a video on how to upload a world of tanks replay to your
    email?! i have some very good rng clips with artillery!

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