► Armored Warfare: M109A6 Paladin – Death From Above – Tier 8 Artillery Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

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For some reason M109A6 Paladin one of the most requested vehicle from you guys. So here is, Paladin in action… But seems like I am cursed!



  1. Nice video dez, keep up the good work you magnificent bastard lol

  2. Hey Dez

  3. Last time I was this early

    These jokes were funny.

  4. Oh the balance… Aims faster than MBT-70 and is more accurate too – seems
    legit. And counter artillery is apparently very balanced as well, seeing
    how important it actually was… So much better than WOT, you can sit at
    the back of the map and every 10 second get some easy damage! Ugh,
    seriously – I was hoping for more out of AW….

  5. I hate that tank so mutch 😛 PANZERHAUBITZE 2000FOR LIFE!!!

  6. And before anyone says “But not a single one shot!” Think about this:

    How often do you see WOT Artillery at the top of the list by damage? I know
    for me, that is a VERY rare sight! They are usually middle to bottom.

    Not saying I LIKE WOT artillery, but definitely saying I really don’t like
    AW’s arty either.

  7. lile this comment if you think that artilary shuld not be in any game

  8. i hate my home internet it will load 3s of the fucking 1080p ad then will
    just freeze from that point on…..

  9. Arty ruins this game just as bad as world of tanks.

    Stop this fucking cancerous faggot class

  10. I just heard a cat in the intro

  11. paladin sucks
    my winrate on paladin is about half that of pzh with about the same amount
    of damage done

  12. Sold my paladin. Arty shouldn’t be in this game.

  13. I take this arty over Wot Arty.

  14. When will the Chieftain Mk 6 winners be announced?

  15. Please do face cam gameplay + Q&A

  16. lol someone called you a noob arty in game chat!

  17. Can you play the Ariete again? It’s a lot different compared to what it was
    before, and it has the second best Tier 8 gun in the game.

  18. OP arty spoted

  19. this arty is more OP than WOT arty (fast reload time, good damage roll,
    good accuracy.

  20. That giant turret on the tiny chassis looks kind of cute :D

  21. 8 sec reload 400dmg every shot please give this to me and 100% accuracy.
    And somebody whines about WOT arty LOL

  22. wow nice job Dez, sorry you lost. paladin is cool!

  23. Damn. no Chife mk6. Oh well At least I still have you Dez!

  24. served with this beast in the army !!

  25. well played dez :)

  26. why paladin ? cause your community is full of WoW nerds ^^

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