► Armored Warfare: M1A1 Abrams feat. T-90 Gameplay – Workhorse vs The Gunship on Wheels!

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Source: DezGamez

Armored Warfare M1A1 Abrams Commentary Review/Preview. Armored Warfare T-90 Gameplay Commentary Review/Preview. Armored Warfare Main Battle Tank.
HYPE IS REAL, soon we are going to be able to play with tier 9 and 0 tanks in Armored Warfare. Meanwhile let’s enjoy some PvP action with good old “Workhorse” M1A1 Abrams and with “The Gunship” T-90 Vladimir.
Those 2 tanks together are going to be pretty epic force!


  1. gg, 3rd view, 1st like, 1st comment

  2. Julopabene Bananenplantage

    Oh man, I’m so hyped for the PL-01! I love the XM8 and I think the PL-01
    will be like that, only better :D

  3. Can’t wait to see the Merkava in this game or the K2 Black Panther.

  4. The t14 uses a 125mm gun.

  5. Nice vid agian mate!

  6. I wish they’d fix the M1A1’s armour… both the DU upgrade and the TUSK
    upgrade lower the turret armour thickness, so they’re actually nerfs :(

  7. damn i should have gone down the abrams line instead of the leo lol

  8. Not really as beautifull as can be…u forgot the anti-aliasing..that makes
    a difference believe me :D

  9. How much for the old video card? :))

  10. Why is the picture for an advanced supercharger a turbocharger 🙁 as a car
    guy it sort of bothers me xD

  11. i like leo 2a5 at least i can pen and make 500 damage but m1a1…so far no
    pen…no pen…no pen, so annoying and armor still not even close to real
    one. just in my options.
    i lost 22 games and only win 5 on Friday and Sat so fat… 5 defeat and no
    victory, after EA4 victory is so hard and at some point it is impossible.
    mm system is worse than wot because wot maybe lose 10 in a row, but at
    least wot let you win 1 or 2, here aw… not a chance. too many players
    bring their wot skills such as, lemming train, base campers… it here,
    make it so hard to play and have fun.

  12. DEZ, pretty sure armata has 125mm gun as most russian MBTs do

  13. Is he still on vacation?

  14. 21:15 from what i have been reading its actually a 125mm smoothbore cannon,
    its pretty crazy.

  15. pl 01 has 1 of the most advanced stealth technologisch mounted on a tank i
    thought, it should have thermal camouflage radar absorbing materials
    covering it. it has a unmanned turret, 120mm gun, autoloader (unmanned
    turret so good call ^^), and anty rocket protection. (just watched a video
    about it :D)

  16. T-14 Armata uses 125mm, all MBTs from the T-64 uses a 125mm with ATGM
    capabilities in the majority of the tanks, i just hope it doesnt break up
    in game as he did on the parade

  17. So did you sell your old Graphics card then or do you still have it?
    besides that This really does look great with the new card Dez!

    Oh God…the WOT arty scumfucks are creeping in now too?

  18. The gun on the T-14 is 125mm, it just looks small because the vehicle is a
    fair bit bigger than the T-90.

  19. 7.44 secs to load a Rheinmetall M256 120mm gun? Must be a balancing

  20. SovietTenkDestroyer

    The T-14 uses a bigger gun than a 105mm. It has a 125mm and the future
    upgrades for the T-14 include a 152mm.

  21. I simply love this game. Can’t wait for OBT. While I had much fun in all
    the tier 8 MBT’s, Abrams and T 90
    are the two I liked and enjoyed playing in the most. This vid, brought back
    some fond, last weekend EA5
    memories. XD

  22. enjoying AW apart from crap ping 360 but finally after 32hr download got
    into stress test 🙂 Crap wait time 3min per battle still 5 battles in may
    get Tier 2 Veh before finish

  23. Hope the next major U.S. Tank isn’t some m1a3 or m1a4, they should make
    something completely new instead of recycling the Abrams tank

  24. Bless they had to balance the Russian tanks some how

  25. What model / chip set was your old graphics card?

  26. M1A1 is OP with tons of retrofit… why leo have only 2 slots. :/

  27. How do you get so much free XP?

  28. I bet after a little while of tweaking the US and Russian tanks are going
    to be the strongest in the game on average; just saying it now :P

  29. Why you turn Antialiasing Off?

    Besides that,excellent video again

  30. The stock armor is the best on the m1a1. the dp armor is broken atm

  31. Good game Dez wot for classic tank AW will be the awesome modern tank game,
    anyway I love both of them.

  32. Where are you from if i can ask?

  33. ബോസ്പാണ്ടി MA,M.Phil

    dez try warthunder ground forces with ultra settings,d xplosions ll kill u

  34. the amx leclerc will come?

  35. Where is challenger 2

  36. hi man 😀 do u have some code for the alfa test T.T??
    PS: Great video :)

  37. Hell yes. I wonder how they are going to treat infrared invisibility on
    this tank :D

  38. Why the hell it’s called ramka-99?! In Russian it’s called as it should be
    – BMPT Terminator.

  39. Great video Dez, loved playing the tier 8 tanks in armor warfare last week.
    My favorite also was the T-90, actually did over 1k damage to a arty with
    heat round. Made my day.

  40. hm, where exactly do you enable the damage panels in the game?


  42. dez.. could u make some guick tutorial how penetrating/ammo mechanism
    works, which ammo is best at different situations so wouldnt have to start
    by sucking when this game comes live ?

  43. Hey, hello I’m the one who tasted the OS to -1457 for my first outing
    Leo2a5 😉 (14:50) and I also have a French channel that represents a lot of
    tanks on AW, recross the pleasure of you in game, bye

  44. sie code please 😀 !

  45. Dez you play in EU right? -Bodark

  46. In video you mention your new GPU and effect it has on rendering time,
    could you please tell what program you use for editing/rendering as I am
    myself using Sony Movie Studio and it does not support GPU rendering on
    latest Nvidia cards…?

  47. plaz play the markava mk4

  48. dez , is this game really better then the world of tanks???

  49. SHIP…Good segment. Impressive to see how far along the XM-1 has come
    since the first days testing it for real on the world stage. Its good to
    see her again and again and again. Tried and true, tested and has the world
    stage as a veteran vehicle. brings back a lot of memories! Soon, those
    memories will be mixed up thanks to Alzheimer’s, so I better enjoy it while
    I can!

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