► Armored Warfare: M1A2 Abrams – Tier 9 USA Main Battle Tank – The Tank!

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay. M1A2 Abrams Review/Preview. Armored Warfare Tank Review Series. Armored Warfare New Tier 9 Tanks.

In my previous episode I took my at new Russian tier 9 main battle tank “T-90MS”.
Today I am going to take you to and going to review USA tier 9 main battle tank “M1A2 Abrams”.
More gameplays with this beast on the way, because at the moment I do not have any retrofits on it.

Which tier 9 tank would you like to see next?



  1. Hi Dez :]

  2. plez, play the Challenger 2

  3. Where is RNGESUS???

  4. The boost is not for credits Dez, it’s only for xp (and for crew and
    commander xp too).

  5. I built a new computer and now I can’t play AW the game crashes on startup
    and I’ve tried with both SD and HD versions of the game :c

  6. um it said “your browser does not currently recognize any of the video
    formats available.” when i check your old videos, there’s not problem to

  7. DezGamez dont know if I missed it, but did you mention the frontal weakspot
    of the drivers hatch?Imho its pretty easy to hit and you get a critical
    since you damage the driver/turret ring.(Maybe that was the spot where the
    challenger/Ariete penned you?)
    greetings Garry

  8. i don’t know why you guys able to watch this video but i cannot.

  9. HELLO from Poland im waiting for T-91 Twardy be in the game

  10. 10:44 wtf you are playing against bots

  11. have you played enough tier 9 tanks to have a recommendation for the best
    tier 9 that i should unlock first for PvE?

  12. Hay DezGamez, think it may be worth your while if you take a quick peek at
    the tier 7 Leopard 2?


  14. Hey Dez, just subscribed this week! I am really enjoying your vids.
    Where are you from? I can’t really place your accent, but i think you are
    Keep up the good work!

  15. Epic credits in this special event? I’m just getting extra Xp.. Which is
    making me hurt for credits even more.

  16. What server do you play on

  17. Dez, if you have it I’d recommend improved spall liner instead of engine
    housing. Stack it with the medical kit’s crew hp bonus, and your crew will
    very rarely get knocked out.

  18. Hey Dez Great Channel. One question: is it a mod you are using that shows
    you damage done and recived?

  19. More AW gameplay please!

  20. Ah the M1A2. Such a tough bastard of a tank! I’ve also heard that there
    might be a massive upgrade coming to the Abrams series with a cannon
    replacement from 120mm to 155mm which just blows my mind.

  21. good game!!!good game!!!! really strong defense!!

  22. epic tank

  23. Dez plz do the challenger 2 ;-;
    The best

  24. m1a2 cool….now weres the challenger 2 DEZ?

  25. Thanks Dez. Must admit the Challenger has gotten a lot tougher since the
    patch. I can usually bounce anything not aimed at my hatch. Of course it
    does encourage sitting further back which isn’t really what an MBT with
    that much armour should be doing. Ideally I’d like to see less damage from
    the hatches or make them harder to penetrate somehow. It just seems very
    gamey and undermines the tanks role.

    Please do a video on the Draco if you get chance. I’m really interested to
    see how that barn on a trolley works.

  26. Great vid Dez! Every time I fire before the reticle shrinks all the way the
    shots go to the outside of the circle but it pays off if you wait for sure.

  27. Dez,its the driver’s hatch on the M1A2 or any of the abrams varients,it has
    a weird bulging lip on the edges of the the drivers hatch which can be
    critically hit which means plus damage….was able to do about 600+ in my
    C1 aiming into its drivers hatch..

  28. No one shows off the CRAB.

  29. if you shoot down the driver hatch u get a spot that it does full damage
    but dont do a hole in the chassis

  30. In my opinion are the European tanks much better. (Leo, chally, Leclerq,
    ariete). But when Dez plays something, even the abrams, you have to run,
    real far.

  31. Is the lower glacis a weakspot? it seems pretty flat

  32. Julien Brouilhounat

    pretty impressive beast. i was wondering wich branch of my dealer to grind
    in first… you convinced me now… thx ship !!!

  33. Thx Dez… again a nice video. your a good player. Grtzz Hans

  34. M1A2 or T-90MS??

  35. there is one more week spot where the driver is on the upper plate

  36. How about the Leo 2A6?

  37. What’s your favorite armored warfare role ? 🙂
    Cheers from Portugal Dez

  38. I have been grinding since Friday until today Literally.. No lifer grind. I
    got work in like 3 hours lmao and here I am still awake watching this video

    Then grind again when I get back later today 😀 haha.

    Grinding the Centauro 120 for Tier 9 Token Unlock. But I cannot choose
    between Leo. 2A6 or M1A2.

    Whilst in the Shishkin Dealer. I am Grinding my Ariete but again. I cannot
    choose between Challenger 2 or T-90 MS.

    So many Tanks, not enough Rep and Credits… Specially Credits.

    MBT’s on this game are Freakin SEXY!

  39. The Intercoms Retrofit doesn’t work, it’s bugged at the moment. Do not use
    it. It only increases stats on the info panel while in the garage, but it
    does nothing while in-game.

  40. Dude when are they going to fix the round delay from when you shoot the
    gun, until the round actually leaves the gun? It’s so slow! It should be:
    I fire the gun, the round is instantaneously out of the gun. No 1/2 second
    delay time.

  41. Great vid! Loved it. Can we get another Challenger 1 vid in a future? Or
    maybe some reviews fro prem vehicles? I am sure people would like to know
    what prem is worth the money.

  42. Just want to get those beasts…and an acces code

  43. I still haven’t loaded AW to my system, but just to see M-1 rolling…I can
    stop for a minute and say hello….as I personally recall all the fun
    during our early years back when we called it XM-1. haha. What a time in
    Still like the Leopards though..through the time, it was a good

  44. that poor 2A6 at the end, he got disconnected. something Obsidian REALLY
    needs to fix soon. Havent been DCd myself yet, but I know several that have
    and man do they get pissed off, especially when its high tier or a really
    good game for them

  45. Yes! Thank you. I much prefer going over the stats while showing gameplay.
    Garage time is so boring.

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