► Armored Warfare M2 Bradley Gameplay – Amazing Flanker! – Tier 6 USA AFM (Armored Fighting Vehicle)

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Source: DezGamez

Armored Warfare M2 Bradley Review. Armored Warfare Gameplay Commentary. Armored Warfare Early Access Gameplay. Armored Warfare Introduction – Let’s Learn Together Series.

First testing is over, for the second round and oh boy, this is going to be EPIC! We are going to play a lot of epic tanks like M1 Abrams, 1, Leopard 2 and so on… It is going to be awesome!

for another tier 6 tank preview before going to take a look at 1. In this episode you are going to see my first look at USA tier 6 AFV “M2 Bradley”. It is so tech and has so many things on it that it is hard to keep up with all the things. 😀

Take a look and enjoy!



  1. Another super fun tank…. Sorry Armored Fighting Vehicle. :)

  2. First

  3. 5 mins again? Keep seeing these straight out of the oven!

  4. My best friend’s brother works on these things. He believes that they’re
    better than Abrams but deep down he knows it’s not true lol. Great vids as
    always, keep them coming :)

  5. Dez, any chance of having more keys for World of Watships or Armored
    Warfare ??

  6. ivan milosavljevic

    Nice review

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