► Armored Warfare: M8 Thunderbolt – Bites Like Thunder! – Tier 9 Light Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

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Today I have something new for you once again. This time I am going to show you one of my favorite class in the game – Light Tanks. Today’s hero is going to be light tank from United States, The “M8 Thunderbolt”.



  1. first!!! heck ya! ‘D

  2. For everyone here who does not own the M8 the 425meter view range is with
    the boost from a commander the stock view range is 385 with no way except
    retro and commander to boost it. also the stock hp is 2695. And smoke
    rounds incoming but at the moment of the vid no smoke upgrade on the tank,
    @DezGamerz i would say change the damage aim time to the damage min
    accuracy the aim time is not bad on the M8 at all.

  3. can you show leo 2a5?

  4. this thing is preatymuch useless in pvp

  5. U WOT M8 ?

  6. Great game Dez, keep up the good work.

  7. I didnt know that thunder bites

  8. can you make a video about the leo2a5 ?

  9. How does one get the Incoming and outgoing damage thing on the top left of
    the UI?

  10. Can you get your hands on more Chieftain codes Dez? 😉
    Im enjoying light tanks aswell, Exp. Tank is so fun. Im looking forward to
    the M8.

  11. Fortunately the M8 is getting smoke grenades. Unfortunately I have never
    been in a match with my M8 where there was more than 8 per side. The NA
    server has such low population.

  12. You think you could show us some bagelpanzer action? Tier 5 Light tank with
    8 shell salvo + TOW missile. It looks like it could be a lot of fun!

  13. its funny how a tier 9 tank in AW has as many hitpoints as a maus in world
    of tanks

  14. 2:08 Retrofit that give you EXTRA aimtime? Now that sounds horrible :3
    Edit: lol, ramming a chall2 with a light tank xD

  15. dez….challenger2??? i just got mine today…..see how long you

  16. Explain why a T9 light tank (M8) has 500 more HP than the T9 Russian MBT?
    AW doesn’t quite get it.

  17. No wonder that thing was destroying me on the ridge, insane gun depression!

  18. Yeah Sabrina is a great choice in PvP for AFV’s and lights for the camo

    I always use Max in PvE though cos he gives 10% moar reputation.

  19. DezGamez I want more world o f tanks generals read thiss please

  20. I’m slowly working my way towards this. working on the Stingray 1 right
    now. It’s not bad but I want the 2…that at least gets a good armor
    package that let’s it bounce shots from the front

  21. Hijack Maniac (CowMan)

    with such gun he can be easily considered a tank destroyer

  22. Gotta love that last kill, flying through the air snap shot!.

  23. I feel sorry for those tier 6s.

  24. Hi +DezGamez, just throwning what retrofits you should consider putting on
    the M8Retrofits(1) Chrome Barrel Lining: This retrofit is by far my
    favouite, as it 1) Improves overall accuracy by 15% wichmeans you’re both
    going to have better peak accuracy and better minimum accuracy (more
    accurate on the move); plus it gives that extra damage-per-shot that boosts
    the DPM a bit more. Also remember that a more accurate gun also indirectly
    aims faster!(2) Augmented Breech Lock: same deal as the Chrome barrel
    lining but it improves the reload time instead.(3) Reinforced engine
    housing, since it’s made of paper and that huge ass is full of engine wich
    if it gets shot reduced the effectiveness of the Whole thing(4) You should
    consider putting one of the two retrofits increasing the hull traverse
    speed, since at close quarters you either have to circle the enemy as fast
    as possible or use your agility to evade to the nearest position. I’d go
    for the one that increases accelleration over the one wich increases max
    speed.Out of this retrofit combo you’d get1) +30% overall accuracy (wich
    would bring the accuracy down to 0.6, 0.5 or even 0.4 if you use the energy
    drinks2) around + 10% more DPM due to reload time and demage buffs given by
    chome barrel lining and advanced breech lock3) 11.50% more hull hitpoints4)
    around 4% more accelleration and 12.5% better traverse speedCrew Skills(1)
    Driver 1)Do the twist in order to boost that traverse speed even more
    2)Either smooth ride for more accuracy on the move or Off-Road driving to
    improve the accelleration of the thing on off-road terrain (2) Gunner 1)
    Marksman, I always go for this one since when combined with the (mentioned
    above) retrofits it halfes the max dispersion of th gun bringing it to 0.5
    2)Either shoot from the hip to improve the on-the-move accuracy or
    explosive shells to increase the chances of critically damaging
    componentsLet me know if you like this idea of mine Dez, I think 0.4
    dispersion is awesome, especially since you’ll land every shot if you aim
    it right (throwing RNG out of the window doing so)! I’ll be on your next

  25. Have you played the scorpion?
    It’s the best tier 3

  26. Maybe someone can explain this to me, i’m generally enjoying this game very
    much, but there’s something i don’t understand about it. What is the
    purpose of the Main Battle Tanks in this game? It seems like everyone can
    shoot through them like they are butter. Main Battle Tanks are both heavy
    and slow, and I cannot see how they work, as long everyone shoot straight
    through them? I need to get this mystery solved :D

  27. What Dez did to that T-90MS is why I think I’ll put the T-series a little
    further down in my priorities.

  28. This tank is a beast and by the way the gun is identical to Leo2a6 gun just
    with better reload and gun handling and about the armour that is not that
    important because the mining of the game is to try to avoid being shot 😉
    Very good light tank.

  29. Nice one. I wish I could keep up that kind of overwatch.

  30. why u dont call this tank mighty boomstik?

  31. hey Dez, when will you get the Leo 2a6?

  32. cool gameplay Dez, good game. and yes I have the M8 also. I like it :)

  33. I want to see the IS-3 in the game

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