► Armored Warfare: MBT Special feat. M1A2 Abrams and T-90MS Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Armored Warfare Main Battle Tank. Gameplay . Gameplay Review. Armored Warfare Main Battle Tank (MBT) Guide.

While I am waiting for Armored Warfare Patch 0.14 Update, I am going to play with main battle tanks (MBTs). Let’s see what kind of action we can get in this live gameplay episode with T-90MS and M1A2 Abrams.

► List of all the changes with Armored Warfare Patch 0.14 Update:



  1. first! :0

  2. Fresh :)

  3. Lel get shrekt n00bs im f1rst C;


  5. +DezGamez how do you get such good ping n fps

  6. Awesome AW content Dez, as always. How I wish the NA server isn’t a ghost
    town so I can actually get a full pvp team all the time.

  7. Pls, tell me, how you have so fast reload?

  8. love my m1a1. glad the next in line is good as well but that grind…

  9. Why doesn’t the m1a2 in Armored Warfare get the M829A3 or A4 rounds???

  10. I enjoy the T-90Ms, But I do prefer The leo T9 more. :o

  11. Is Warthunder also this similiar to WoT?

  12. About time you released another AW vid.

  13. I probably have little room to talk seeing as I’m only up to tire 7 in the
    Russian mbt line, but why would you want to have he missiles? I get have HE
    shells, but why missiles?

  14. Ainsley, now with 40% more Beef

    AW is so fun right now , hope you are enjoying it as well! :P

  15. Hey Dez, could you please make a Leopard 2A7 review?

  16. that position you took at the start is great for most tanks, but not MBTs,
    because you can’t really push

  17. FINALLY some AWF….

  18. Thanks for the video on AW Dez ! :-D

  19. Вячеслав Доронин

    T 90 MS super tank!

  20. For me Screenshot works!!! More gameplay and less work for you? Amazing!!!

  21. Nice gameplay, the only thing is the keyboard clicking in the background
    gets kinda annoying in the long run lol.

  22. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    for some reason i find that there is very little difference between m1a1
    and m1a2….

  23. in first game you was in the same team with the Dorel, this guy is a Beast
    in AW !!

  24. Te rog joaca cu O-I in WOT

  25. I find your voice very soothing for some reason…

  26. Иосиф Игры

    What country are you from?

  27. why carry soo many ammo types if you only shoot apfsds with t90ms?

  28. Good Job me! good. job.

  29. Seems like modern day worlds of tanks.
    Nice game :)

  30. I like AW and the content you make of it but I’m personally still waiting
    for the game to get more interesting at t7+ before actually playing my high
    tier vehicles. I know you would like to see more players at t8-9 matches(
    like so many others ) and the situation is getting better pretty much every
    patch but still not quite there.
    Patch 0.14 looks really good thou so lets hope all the diversity and
    potential that is in the game at t4-6 will get to high tier fast.

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