► Armored Warfare: PL-01 – Beast Of A Light Tank – Best Tank In The Game?

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Source: DezGamez

Armored Warfare PL-01 Gameplay Review. Armored Warfare Light Tank Gameplay. Armored Warfare Tank Review. Armored Warfare Best Light Tank.

Full list of changes with patch 0.15 update : https://aw.my.com/us//general/introducing-update-015

Guys, they are here! vehicles are in Armored Warfare!

received 6 vehicles:
T-14 Armata (Main Battle Tank)
PL-01 (Light Tank)
Leopard 2A7-140 (Main Battle Tank)
SPHINX (Armored Fighting Vehicle)
XM1A3 (Main Battle Tank)
Challenger 2 ATDU (Main Battle Tank)

In this episode I am going play and talk about PL-01, Polish Light Tank.

What do you think?



  1. awsome vid !!

  2. For a second because of the thumbnail I thought cv90120 but I read the
    title : (


  4. Really want the PL-01. ALso Dez. You really got me in the troll video you
    did. Almost lost my mind though. Been having video freezing so much the
    past few days was about to break my computer then you spoke. Lols.

  5. Hey Dez! :D

  6. That is a picture of the anders dezgamez

  7. Dick butt Nick butt


  8. Master Juicebox

    wtf lol light tank my ass its HUGE!!!

  9. Daniel_ Carabott

    where you from its 2 in the mornin here in Malta you woke me up :/ well gn

  10. Wait, isn’t this tank the proposed Polish “stealth tank” that looked like a
    b2 bomber but in tank form?

  11. The Hydrating Nuke

    The EU player base is a lot different than the NA player base…
    If you tried to do what you did in this battle on the NA server you’d be
    dead 😛
    I wish our server had more players and players of lower skill so that our
    battles weren’t decided in the first few minutes 🙁
    Yes, I know it sounds like i’m bragging but it’s actually quite annoying to
    wait 5-6 minutes for a battle that lasts just as long if not shorter!

  12. Fabio Ganassini

    termal camo dude will make it OP in real life.

  13. Please do Leo 2A7+ 140

  14. Anteater.

  15. This thing is gonna rape so much face. people look at lights and just
    autoload the HEAT….that won’t work on this little bastard. Fast, Decent
    armor, good gun. Oh yeah I can see the salt on the forums now.

  16. That’s a damn good chain link fence if it can bounce APFSDS :^)

  17. es mi idea o ese tanque aparecio en un video de tanques modernos del

  18. This is a prototype tank… It’s fancy shit.

  19. it isn’t a rat or mouse its a honey badger

  20. almost got this then got the chally in the end. gotta say chally is good as

  21. i feel like u cheating on me dez

  22. HP could be a little more seeing as how the M8 at tier 9 has about the same
    health with the one armor retrofit. I’m okay with the damage per shot,
    reload, all those things. Mobility is a little lacking as well. I raced a
    XM1A3 once at start of the mission and he was faster and beat me to the
    first spot on the mission. Those two things aside I feel this was the best
    choice for my first tier 10. Hearing the backlash or negativity surrounding
    the mbts does not make them attractive nor does the stats.

  23. why beast? bc from Poland ❤

  24. you should say best tank 🙂 xd cauze he’s mobile/armored and heavy DPM +
    camo and spoting range

  25. +DezGamez that shot that was a perfect aim but didn’t hit, if you look
    again it was asorbed by the Stalinium fence

  26. does armata still have that retarded suspension leaned back?

  27. Its based on the Swedish CV90120-T light tank :)

  28. Greetings from PL i like your videos although i understand 50% of your
    talking :)

  29. I love your accent Dez, it’s so sexy. Where exactly are you from?

  30. Is the PL-O1 auto-loader in real life?

  31. So… should I do the honors?


    (btw, you mixed things up and put a photo of Anders, an earlier Polish
    concept, between the PL-01 photos)

  32. In RL its has good camo against thermal apparently.

  33. It’s a sports tank!

  34. This tank is very goot, very goot.~Dez

  35. Poland can into tanks!!! :’)

  36. it seems that for the moment the pl o1 is bugged…. let’s see if its still
    nice in one month ;)

  37. It’s so cool to see it, finally, moving. All i know about this is that its
    somewhere in Poland and yeah…
    But It’s also nice to hear that it’s a great tank, cuz ppl in Poland are so
    skeptic about it, but if its as good as you say and/or even better. We
    finally made a good tank.
    Thanks for liking your community :)

  38. that’s what’s polish ppl do …

  39. hi dez,
    please do more videos/ be more curious on AW 😀 (More curious = YOU
    want/decide to play it ^^”))

  40. Also, I think that you took too much He/Heat on the PL :-3 just my opinion,
    I would suggest 6 heat and 5 He))

  41. Finally, imo, the ap shells are too slow in AW, they may say that its
    1200m/s, I don’t think it is…I would say that, at the moment…its
    between 900m/s and 1050 m/s. There is an important difference, but this is
    what I feel and may be totally wrong)

  42. TheOwlThatSaidWho

    Good luck trying to get this thing on the NA servers if you don’t have a
    press acount

  43. Dan Hoard (DanThePiMan)

    I remember waaaay back in Open Beta of AW, Dez, you asked us what modern
    tanks we wanted to see in the game. I mentioned PL-01, and it got zero
    support. Since then I have been waiting eagerly. Now, it is time! Dez,
    thank you for playing this tank for us (me). ;)

  44. I need to get back to playing armored warfare.

  45. Love how the PL-01 looks and you choose a amazing camo patern.

    I always do horrible in PvP, I mostly play PvE because I never seems to be
    finding the weakspots of tanks
    Amazing game!

  46. it cant be best tank in game, mainly because its not tank, its support
    vehicle :G
    and greetings from poland :)

  47. Wow this game looks awesome, im gonna go create an account on NA and play
    it alote….

    jk, i already have 3 t10s, but it would be super nice if more ppl played on

  48. It has an amazing camo rating since in real life some magical armour I’ll
    never understand how it works makes it so it blends in with heat signature
    around, this makes it hard to track with heat-seeking missiles.

  49. Ugly polish tank :(

  50. did you know the PL-0’s turret is unmanned?

  51. PL-01- modern maus, faster fire rate, smaller gun, fast as fuck, and that’s
    very much it

  52. Reason the camo is good, is probably because it has an advanced cloaking
    technology in real life. I’m too lazy to really explain it, but Google it
    if you’re interested.

  53. I don't care that you broke your elbow

    wish i could make 21k exp and 300k creds each game in world of tanks

  54. George Warren II

    I would make sweet, sweet love to this tank. Who else is with me?

  55. playing AW in asia server would be nice with no lag :v but i bet it will
    never happen

  56. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    This is the luchs nephew

  57. Robin "Moshhe" Hendriks

    This Tank is the one I’ve been gunning for since i started this game, it
    looks so Sleek!
    And now that I’ve seen it’s a great tank as well, i am even more pumped!
    You said Sabrina was the Commander of choice for this particular vehicle?
    I’m not sure if you’ve already made a video on this, i think not since I’ve
    watched Most of them, but maybe you could make a “Commander choice for
    certain tanks video”, it would help me a lot, i am always unsure of which
    commander to use. and what to base my choice on,
    Cheers from the The Netherlands.


    the pl-01 is not out in real life yet. its main objective about being a
    tank is that is has an greater defend then other tanks and automated
    machineguns and its poland the made it.

  59. 67000 subs Nice !!

  60. LOL It look like this game having such a terrible tank physic just like in
    The way tank is moving up or down hill, jumping a ditch feel like it was
    made of paper or plastic lol

    Try driving tanks in War thunder and you can feel the real weight of the
    tank, and you can feel that the tank is actually made of steel like in real

  61. So many poor little tier 8s getting stomped by tier 10s :(

  62. PL-01 is not show on enemy map, or it should not be visible through a
    special module.

  63. i thought it was a heavy tank but it was light tank but it cool

  64. PolishWarrior 99


  65. 4:41 blaming lag lol anyone in Wot or AW would know to give lead to shells
    on moving tanks

  66. plus your turret as you can see turns slower than your mouse thats why your
    shell hit the fence left of where you aimed

  67. Terrible and annoying accent

  68. pl-01=merkava mk IV :(


    There was another tanks game and I didn’t even know about it AND ITS

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