► Armored Warfare: Scorpion feat. T92 – Light Tanks Can Do It! – Scorpion & T92 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Armored Warfare Scorpion Gameplay, Review/Preview. Armored Warfare T92 Gameplay, Review/Preview. Armored Warfare Premium Light Tank. Armored Warfare Best Premium Tank. Armored Warfare Open Beta!

In todayÙs Armored Warfare episode I am going to play live with 2 different light tanks! Altho Main Battle Tanks are ruling the , you are still able to carry with light tanks… Well, at least I am trying to carry here.. 😀



  1. Mleh (mobile notification)

  2. Saw T92 and thought the T92 arty from WoT. my eyes are screwing with me. :/

    Oh. Hey Dez. Got some great news! US lights are coming to Xbox! WhooHOOO!
    Let the derp began!

  3. Wow uploded 2 min ago

  4. I looove the fox, just recently got it :D

  5. I want M1A2 please ???!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    Wait, there are mods for the game? Already?! Where can I get them and how
    do I install them?

  7. Dez, love your vids.

    have you tried moving ur damage done above chat and damage received above
    the mini-map. hold control and click/drag those boxes around. they kinda
    weird in their default position.

    MOAR AW vids please :)

  8. Can you please play the sheridan in ur next vid? Derp gun ftw:D

  9. Julopabene Bananenplantage

    I wish that they would give the Scorpion the 90mm cannon, that it had with
    the export version, so that it can be played like an actual LT.

  10. is that damage panel in settings?

  11. Dez, are there set times when you stream or is it spontaneous?

  12. Hi dez, great vids
    Can you please drink some more coffee and bring us some Sheridan and
    baglepanzer gameplays/reviews

  13. #T92 light artillery tank

  14. i hate scorpion but love to see more aw action from you 😛
    thank you for this video

  15. you are so good at these games! but is armored warfare really bettdr than
    wot? ;)

  16. Dezzz leo 1 and bmp seriessss

  17. Hmmm Dez i think that guy who was afk at the end didn’t deserve a
    report…he had the decency to say sorry in chat and you don’t know what
    came up for him ;P

  18. lov all ur vids keep it go thks

  19. Scorpion is always a fun tank to play, and it looks like the T92 is pretty
    fun as well.

  20. How about you play the Chieftain and tell all the WoT players how awesome
    it is?

    Many views and maximum trollvalue!

  21. Ugh… HE mechanics are BROKEN. Give the Scorpion HEAT, but 76mm HE will
    NEVER do ANY damage to, well any amount of steel armor of about 45mm or
    greater, and CERTAINLY WILL NOT do ANY damage apart from chip the paint of
    the Turrets of a T62!

    And auto-cannon HE of 20mm to 57mm would DO FAR LESS! It would be akin to
    shooting M80s at 1500m/sec, as in the SMALL explosive firework, M80.

    Which in case you did not know, wouldn’t even damage any MBT from the
    INSIDE! Right now HE mechanics are WORSE than WOT used to be – back in the
    days where I could do 120 to 240 damage per shot, in my KV-5 against an
    E-75 and even an E-100 or Maus! YES, KV-5 used to Regularly see tier 100
    when I first bought it, and stayed that way for over a year of my owning
    it. I bought it back in November of 2011.

    Now, those SAME HE rounds, well they do closer to what they would IRL! And
    that is to say that they will do VERY little to no damage against anything
    with effective armor of 160 or greater!

    So, they need to fix the INPUT DELAY, the OP XM1, and HE mechanics REALLY
    need reworked ENTIRELY! As the PzH2000 and Paladin, are NOT meant for
    killing MBTs, because HE is far too unreliable for one, and for the other
    reason, Artillery was always meant for mass bombardment of fortified
    positions and to kill personell that WERE NOT inside of HEAVILY ARMORED
    MBTs! Hell, IF artillery intends to actually TRY to kill a tank, either
    they will load a type of AP or HEAT, or even ATGMS, and/or coordinate with
    at least 4 other SPGs to POUND the heavy armor so damned hard that the
    concussion alone is likely to incapacitate much of the machinery, and if
    the tank DOESN’T have composite armor WITH Spall liners, it MAY
    incapacitate crew as well. BUT that is still very unlikely!

    It REALLY annoys me when XM800s can pew-pew-pew-pew HE at the turret of my
    MBT-70 FRONTALLY for 8 to 60 damage per shot EVERY SHOT! When, with the
    multiple layers of different metals, silica, and a heavy duty Spall liner,
    with 252mm thickness at 1.55 multiplier, which leads to 365mm of armor at
    what LOOKS to be 55 degrees of sloping on the hull and 50 on the turret
    front, meaning that SOMEHOW TINY Scorpion 76mm he let alone 20 to 30mm
    auto-cannon HE, is able to not only damage my armor, but to somehow cause
    it to do damage INSIDE THE tank regularly! Which is FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE AND

    This leads to AFVS being OP at almost every tier! As it is a VERY valid
    tactic for even an XM800 or Scorpion even, to wait for me to shoot the gun
    on my MBT, then pop up with HE-I loaded then spam a clip into whatever
    armor they can see, usually the most HEAVILY ARMORED PARTS OF MY MBTS, and
    over a clip of low damage rolls, still manage 300 to 650 damage, before
    they are GONE again with little chance in HELL for me to get my gun on them
    and return the favor!

    And it is all LUDICROUSLY STUPID! Small caliber HE ammunition will NEVER

    Now, 120mm and larger HESH is an ENTIRELY different beast, but guess what?
    COMPOSITE ARMOR DEFEATS HESH EASILY! Well MOST composites do anyway! So,
    even 183mm HESH would NOT hurt the crew in my MBT-70! It WOULD, however,
    cause the layers of the composite to bubble and deform, making the next AP
    type shell penetrate what used to be nearly impenetrable, with EASE! Even
    120mm HESH will do that much!

    Which is why it is used REGULARLY on the Challenger! As one military
    historian chap said of HESH “We Brits have a penchant for firing HESH,
    which is why the Challenger is one of the only current MBTs still being
    manufactured with a rifled cannon…. ….While modern armour has reduced
    the effectiveness of HESH as a one shot one kill round, we have found it to
    be EXTRAODINARILY useful at softening up the target so to speak, as
    undamaged, composite armour will easily stop Shaped Charge rounds also
    known as HEAT, but once a section of armour has been struck well with a
    HESH shell, our officers usually then load HEAT to quickly eliminate the
    target entirely, and while this can be done with APFSDS, that sort of round
    will not do anywhere near the sort of damage a HEAT warhead will cause upon
    penetration, which without being too gruesome about the whole ordeal, is
    usually total destruction of the target beyond any means of repair.”

  22. +DezGamez I LOVE what they did with HEAT in this game!

    Although the penetration levels are lower than they WOULD be IRL anyway, I
    LOVE how, with AP/APDS/APFSDS rounds, you can over penetrate light targets,
    and shooting weak spots like Cupolas gives you like 1/4 your average
    damage, but shooting HEAT into those weakspots, realistically actually,
    does FULL DAMAGE! Because IF HEAT does penetrate into the interior of a
    tank, it will always do MASSIVE damage!

    And that is also why HEAT rounds do more average damage than AP type ammo
    too! Because reliastically, whenever a tank is penetrated by HEAT, it will
    almost certainly be DEAD! Where AP type ammo can do that, it isn’t nearly
    as likely!

    So for game balance reasons, HEAT has less pen than it would IRL, EXCEPT
    for some ATGMs – which do get closer to real life values. Like the
    Sheleligh ATGM on my MBT-70, one version of that missile actually had
    pretty damned close to the 668mm of pen it gets in AW! As well as MANY of
    the tier 8 ATGMs, like the T90’s selection!

    ATGMS biggest drawback being the VERY low velocity, and having to be
    stationary to shoot and aim them. As well as the fact that, again
    realistically HEAT is often a liability as composites, especially with ERA,
    cage, and other applique armor, as well as Active Protection Systems can
    blow them out of the sky, or just prevent them from doing damage a few
    times, or with good composite, NEVER!

  23. Wow, after seeing this, I WANT a T92! Like in WOT, I like collecting low
    tier “squeezie toys”, my 2 favorite low tier lights I WOT being the M22
    Locust and the T2 LT! And this little bad boy has the whole Locust vibe
    going on!

    Also, at tier 2, I would probably carry more HEAT than AP! Once I upgraded
    my MBT-70 with reload, damage, a day HP increasing retrofits, I fell in
    LOVE with HEAT!

    When I played the MBT-70 on the test server I never tried the HEAT, so I
    started off with only 6 HEAT rounds for my first match with the tank during
    open Beta, well after a good 5 or 6 over penetrations, dealing only 380 to
    450 damage, as EVERYONE was in lightly armored vehicles, well a good 80% of
    the enemy team were, and all of the tanks I ran into were, with the VFM Mk
    5 having the most armor of any tank I could see. I loaded HEAT, and my
    first shot into a VFM was a GLORIOUS REVELATION! 670 damage done and my
    first fire, which burned out the rest of his HP after that huge 670 shell,
    all told that one shot earned me 1100 damage!

    And that was BEFORE I started using the 5% damage increasing retrofit! Now
    HEAT does 635 AVERAGE, and not counting the 2 explosions I have gotten with
    my MBT-70’s HEAT, I have rolled as high as 740!

  24. +DezGamez OOH, PLEASE do some game play with The Zhalo-S and AMX 10P 90!!

    Now that you have Sabrina to level 4 and hopefully you picked the two
    camouflage skills, I would LOVE to see and hear your take on those 2
    premium tier 4 wheeled tank destroyers!

    I have thought about buying the 10P 90, but every time I do, I play my
    Zhalo-S and end up having a great game, which makes me think that I don’t
    care about it.

    But then there are SOME matches where my lack of gun depression and
    elevation prevents me from defending myself and I get killed. Where were I
    in the AMX TD, I likely would have killed the person attacking me. As both
    TDs have GREAT DPM for tier 4, which means if you can shoot someone and
    damage them, you can out-DPM them and win! And the 10P 90 has even better
    DPM than the Zhalo-S!

    So PLEASE PLAY BOTH! Maybe even the LA 300 90? Do a wheeled TD premium

  25. looks like a nice little preme pick me up tank. gonna have to snag that up.

  26. how do you get damage panel?

  27. for the first tank, the gun is too weak, sadly

  28. ONG his username is ShipTheNuts

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