► Armored Warfare: Shiiiiiiet… My Craziest Battle! – AFV Supremacy!

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Source: DezGamez

Warfare BMD-4 Gameplay Review. Armored Warfare Armored Vehicle Gameplay. Armored Warfare AFV Gameplay.

You guys wanted to see some more Armored Warfare action, well here is one really amazing gameplay for you. This battle might be craziest battle that I have had in AW. 🙂



  1. Awesome Bro
    Good Job Good Job Me!!

  2. Were you playing or fighting with the keyboard, LOL 7:55

  3. more videos with this game

  4. erc 90 f4 please! grinding it right now! I can never seem to do good in PvP
    but can get 15k damage in pve

  5. Thank You Dez <3 <3 <3

  6. i thought it’s a new video of WOT ?

  7. Cool, thanks for posting something other than WoT. Nice finish!

  8. Does Dez have the skill to drive M113? Can he?

  9. How the hell did you doo that!? 😀 :D

  10. Luis Fernando Arispe

    Nice shot Dez!!!!!

  11. hey can you make pls a bettel between
    is-6 vs 112

  12. When is the next episode of RNGesus with my amx elc flowing ? :)

  13. Awesome work, as usual Dez! Thanks for uploading an AW video, as well –
    I’ve been looking forward to this for ages, and it most definitely didn’t
    disappoint! Keep up the great work, and looking forward to more AW, (and
    WoT), content! Also, don’t punish your keyboard too harshly – you were
    mashing that so hard I could serve it up with Yorkshire puds and sausages!

  14. Type 59

  15. Lead that target! Damn bro.

  16. wow….that last ATGM was pure luck. AFV’s played right are just so fucking

  17. MarcusBurkenhare

    Sorry, but I love it when you shout ‘Faaahk you man!’

  18. Woo is right.

  19. awesome..that last shot..wow

  20. Not like you coulda muted the audio when your phone went off…

  21. Nice one Dez. Community is waiting more AW stuff from you ! :D

  22. World of tanks showdown: 1 is-7 vs 29 m4 Sherman frontal

  23. t-15 is announced to be in the game soon. It’s supposedly the first AFV
    with defensive capabilities on par with an MBT, can’t wait to see you try
    it out.

  24. When u took the first damaging hits of the game u were spotted. they
    weren’t firing blind. the spotted icon quite clearly popped up

  25. this game is still alive? uninstalled like 2months back shitty tanks,money
    wasted,no balance whatsoever,i find it really boring as compared to wot
    even though both are almost same

  26. FirestreakRodimusPr

    I just recognized a few of the clips used for the soundtrack. Awesome

  27. sweet, an armored warfare video

  28. @DezGamez, hey man! great video today !!!, i was just wondering, what is
    the first music piece? i’ve been looking for this song for months :(, you
    used the song in your face off is-4 vs is-7 #9 at 3:00

  29. IAm VeryConfused

    I don’t like AW

  30. When you go too deep, it is hard to get out.

  31. lol fucking amazing game

  32. Great game dude, especially that last shot. gg

  33. That last shot was super epic!

  34. what is this wonderful music you’re playing for us in this one?

  35. Great game. Do you stream?

  36. skill shoot very nice

  37. Type 5 Heavy vs E100

  38. farid nematollahi

    do you enjoy playing World of tanks more or Armored Warfare

  39. Carlos Valenzuela

    Dez thoyghts in sandbox?

  40. i think light tanks in Armored Warfare are way too OP… what you guys

  41. So camping is called skill in this game?

  42. InspectorBananas

    Well done! Would love to see more AW content 🙂 What music did you have
    playing in the background?

  43. wow real tense!!

  44. Plz PLEASE more AW content like this (or just AW content in general)!! Love
    watching AW vids by u!

  45. Great game, Dez!

  46. Please upload more SPHINX videos man :D

  47. Would like to see you play with the Cheif Mk 6 that they had on on promo
    with the E3 humble bundle

  48. DiableXX avionics

    really should have switched to he frag sooner on that vfm.

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