► Armored Warfare: Spending 10mln Credits – New Tanks – Challenger 1 & ERC-90 F4

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Source: DezGamez

Armored Warfare Challenger 1 Gameplay, Review/Preview. Armored Warfare ERC- F4 Gameplay, Review/Preview. Armored Warfare Live Gameplay Series. Armored Warfare Open Beta!

I have been grinding credits for a very long time, so finally it is time to spend them! Going to buy a lot of new vehicles, but you are going to see gameplays with stock Challenger 1 and ERC-90 F4.



  1. Yes, it’s a good best tanks in the world it was his grandfather wonderful
    Sue Download

  2. Julopabene Bananenplantage

    Wait did you play your LAV-300 today? Because I think I saw you in a game,
    but it looked weird, might have been an impostor :I

  3. wow 20:30 had me literally laughing out loud

  4. What module to choose for more hp?

  5. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Hey Dez, T90 or Leo 2A5?

  6. My favorite mbt but im still far from it. I currently have 54% on the west
    european mbt mission

  7. I’m afraid to say that even upgraded the challenger still turns like a
    beached whale.

  8. Congratulations on surviving the chieftain grind, Dez. 🙂 Definitely my
    least favourite tank so far! Hope the challenger is some relief from it.
    Your video is the one that got me going for the ERC though. Looks like a

  9. “The shiiieeeeeeeeeeeet.” -DezGamez

    love it xD :D

  10. cant aite for challenger 2 mbt…with that dorchester armor

  11. Currently the biggest gripe for me with the Challenger 1 is the
    sluggishness, penetration, and that gunners view port weak spot. The
    penetration can’t even pen a lower tier tank reliably at times. While the
    only thing I can pen reliably from the same tier is another Challenger, and
    that’s because of the gunner’s view port weak spot. It’s so easy to hit and
    pen. For now I tried angling the turret after firing to at least reduce the
    chance of it getting shot at when I’m reversing slowly back to cover.

  12. I want to be like you :o

  13. Have they buffed the Challengers penetration? When i had it in closed beta
    they ruined the tank with the crap pen imo. Was really disappointing for me

  14. Challenger 1 is crap.

  15. Got my chally fully upgraded it’s alright but it needs the buffs coming for
    it. That last command center upgrade btw takes 130 hours lol

  16. thankfully the Chally 1 is geeting a well needed buff to both it’s armor
    and APFSDS ammo and it badly needed the ammo buff because 368mm is not bad
    but i’m also fairly sure there are tier 5 and 6 MBT’s that had higher pen
    then that. the new rounds will have something like 430mm’s or at least
    that’s what the ingame news said.

  17. Very nice , especially that ATGM absorption :D

  18. Nice video dez>>

  19. ERC is my favourite tank currently. 12 degrees of gun depression is
    awesome, plus the DPS is quite capable of wrecking MBTs caught out.

  20. This shit is the shit. Not the shit but the shiiiiiiiit. Lolz

  21. “Not the shit shit, but the
    shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. You
    understand what im saying.”

    ~greatest man alive 2015

  22. tunnel vision… tunnel vision.. lol

  23. Dont worry about saying “XP” or even “Free XP” Look in the BASE, the
    command center calls it Free XP in the game.

  24. You really like the “H” in the word: hour

  25. I’ve got a question…Off topic…on the T62 Veteran is an
    inscription…left side of turret…what does it mean???

  26. Dez, what is potential damage? I wanna get the chief.Mk5 but I don’t know
    how to do potential damage

  27. František Katuninec

    Hi, i like your videos. Whats good MBT for new player?

  28. I love my Challenger 1.

  29. I can’t believe you STILL don’t have Chrome Lined Barrel mark 1! That
    Retrofit IS BAUSSS!

    Also, for MBT-70 Chrome Lined Barrel, Experimental Propellant, and Advanced
    Thermal Sleeve is BEASTLY! It brings teh accuracy to .14 and AP damage to
    517 – not to mention it has 381 pen too!

  30. Very fun vid, I would love to see more AW videos. Maybe some IFV gameplay
    next please!~

  31. “Destroyed house at least.”

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