► Armored Warfare: T-14 ARMATA & SPHINX Gameplay – Patch 0.15 Update – New Tier 10 Tanks

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Full list of changes with patch 0.15 update : https://aw.my.com/us/news/general/introducing-update-015

Guys, they are here! Tier 10 vehicles are in Armored Warfare!

We received 6 tier 10 vehicles:
T-14 Armata (Main Battle Tank)
PL-01 (Light Tank)
Leopard 2A7-140 (Main Battle Tank)
SPHINX (Armored Fighting Vehicle)
XM1A3 (Main Battle Tank)
Challenger 2 ATDU (Main Battle Tank)

In today’s episode I am going to play with and SPHINX!

What do you think?



  1. mojimax multigamer

    Hey dez to u prefer AW or WOT? Btw the love the content keep it up

  2. world of tanks is better!

  3. third

  4. So many videos in one day.. What is going on? :O
    – A lot of things are going on! (Y)

  5. Nine minutes after posting and I’m already like seventh. Sheesh.

  6. get the new chally i think they gave it a 140m gun

  7. Panagiotis Boukalos

    good job dez, another awesome video!!!

  8. Looks like a cool tank.

  9. i have to say the russians know how to make a cool looking tank the t14
    armata is such an awesome looking behemoth

  10. Ugh.. The power jump between tiers is already bad enough and now these new
    T10s just make it worse. Two shotting a T8 with an eight second reload,
    what is even the point of higher tiers now? I’m regretting dropping WoT for
    this game, probably going to switch back over if there aren’t serious
    changes to the ridiculous armour, penetration and damage buffs on vehicles
    even in the same line but with just one tier difference

  11. wow that sphinx game

  12. You have to go for the PL-01, it is such a good tank, has literally
    everything one could ask for.

  13. Leopard 2a7

  14. FirestreakRodimusPr

    Yeah, the Armata is the new glass cannon of choice. Those two hatches on
    the front and one of the sensors in the turrent are weak spots. Conversely,
    the new Challenger is damn near impregnable from the front outside of the
    drivers viewport and that small section on the turret.

  15. Soviet Katyusha

    That`s fucking EPIC!!!!

  16. the last shadow

    can u make more aw videos please u sadi u will but u never do that?

  17. the last shadow

    leo a7 and pl 1

  18. Classy Churchill

    Btw your at 63,000 anything special planned when you get to 100,000?

  19. PL01 please that tank seems really cool, great video once again Dez!

  20. tyshawn gillison (tymoody399)

    Buy a dildo. Greatest tier ten “MBT” ever!

  21. Eesh, it’s a bad time to be a T8 in pvp now.

  22. dank memes

  23. The American their 10

  24. do a video of the tier 10 tanks with the 140mm guns and the 152mm gun on
    the t14

  25. Nah it’s a common trend in competitive games for developers to make British
    stuff irrationally bad, I’m pretty sure Obsidian won’t break the trend
    they’ve set for the Challengers.

  26. Emerald Leafeon

    Please get the XM1A3

  27. Jonathan Szymczak

    PL-01 More Stronk than Ruskie T-14

  28. Dude…these look fucking awesome!

  29. We need armor….
    Challenger 2 ADTU? 😉
    God Save The Queen!
    For Queen And Country!

    In all seriousness the Chally2 ADTU looks so sexy!

  30. that T-14 damage roll makes me wonder how much the Tier 10 Tank destroyers
    will do.

  31. I think…that you should play next : Chall or PL-01)) The abrams seems
    nice also 😀 so 3 votes from me x,X

  32. German tier 10 pls :)

  33. xm1a3 😀 love you

    ps im not gay

  34. Francis Camarillo

    DezGamez i know what is your name in armored warfare shipthenutz right

  35. Do the Challenger 2 tierX next with the 140mm gun!

  36. holy Crap! Time to get back and Play T90MS Like a mad man!

  37. Armata is OP glass cannon…

  38. and still they haven’t added amxrc10

  39. Sphinx is a bit too strong as I saw from a few games

  40. PL-01 plz

  41. Nice games, but your mechanical keyboard noises are a bit distracting…

  42. I vote PL-01

  43. Eduard Marcinek

    In real life armata can go up to 90 km/h and have the best armor and gun at
    the moment. Yet in game it go barely 50 and armor is like paper and gun
    have long aim time. At least the alpha and reload is good.

  44. When the pussy too good

    if only the NA server was not fucking dead

  45. T-14 so OP

  46. Superior German Engineering would be the best one to play next

  47. Why the fuck they make Russian tanks so easy to pen!? God damn they fucked
    up even the Armata!!!

  48. so, what’s the actual difference between Armored Warfare and World Of
    Tanks? (they look the same to me)

  49. allahu akbar alalalalala!

    how does a 125mm gun do over 1000 damage in this game?

  50. Wojtek D. (Chamsky)

    Thats exactly what I chose to start with. GJ Dez ;)

  51. Nice games Dez. In case you weren’t informed (or forgot), all drivers/crew
    hatches on the hull are now 25mm. That’s why the Chally 2 penetrated your
    Armata quite easily as he’s looking down at your crew hatch. Basically
    drivers hatch are MBT weakspots now. The hardest one to hit is the
    Chally’s. You’re going to see a lot of wiggle wiggle action nowadays.

  52. Leopard

  53. great vid dez, BTW in your T-14 battle that chally was Prozack one of the
    best mbt player at the moment that i saw GG

  54. PL-01!!!

  55. Crate - Collector

    Buy the Chall. II c:

  56. jeyy more amored warfare

  57. please leopard 1A7

  58. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    do a video on the m113 afv :D

  59. its a good batle

  60. haha it was the shermantor in the pl-01 that hit you

  61. are you kidding did I see that correctly the sphinx shooting the new
    chally2 adtu was getting 500 and 700 damage hits . That’s the same as the
    tank it was shooting that’s insane.
    I really don’t know which tier ten to get right now

  62. Looks really good. Also some slick driving there Dez. Hope you bought them
    dinner first.

  63. Hey DezNuts I mean DezGamez what recording software and video editing
    software do you use?

  64. DiableXX avionics

    meh….. mbts are kinda boring.

  65. The maps are gorgeous, still waiting for Obsidian to place a classic RPG in
    there (at the same time with the tank matches, on the same servers :D).

  66. I think you should try either the leopard 2A7 or the PL01

  67. armored warfare jp.e100(t14 armata) xD

  68. PL-01!!

  69. Its over 9000

  70. The Fallen Angel

    PL-01 or Challenger II ATDU I would say ;)

  71. PL-01 Please! :D

  72. PL-01 :)

  73. leo2a7 because that is supposed to be a flawed tank? wondering how the
    speed compensates for this?

  74. Any plans to start uploading in 1440p?

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