► Armored Warfare: T-15 HIFV and Assaulter – Patch 0.16 Update New Tanks and Review!

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Source: DezGamez

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Something new to show you in Armored Warfare – Patch 0.16 Update went live yesterday and today I had a change to make a video for you. Wanted to cover all the important updates.

List of changes:



  1. Panos kolokotsis

    first bitches c:

  2. ?????

  3. Sup

  4. thanks for the game play DEZ…..this game has no player base in the north
    american servers,any coverage is good

  5. Croswell Roberson


  6. LOL… Did I just say “on the top of his soldiers”? 😀
    When you hear it, you will understand… wtf Dez, WTF! :D

  7. Dez
    What do you think,what is the best tier 10 tank in aw,I think T14 Armata

  8. oooooooooo

  9. How the hell did you get a 15v15?!? THE FUCK IS THIS GAME?!?

  10. Dez bro when are you gonna start playing WarThunder? Ill help you out with
    any tree except for Russia.

  11. wow new video so sad that it’s not for Wot ?…
    but still liked the video ?
    and please do more videos about map secrets places ?
    Love you dez ….No homo ?

  12. the t15 is 42 tons

  13. armored wednesday

    how did you manage to get a full game

  14. Nice video man!
    By the way, what do you guys think about that new AMX 10 RCR pack. Isn’t it
    way overpriced?

  15. “Can it float”


  16. When Dezgamez said he did only mistake in his game with T-15… I realised
    how much bad i’m at Armored Warfare xDDDD

  17. My T-72 doesn’t float either :(

  18. if you’re on NA serv.. you will easely have the amx10 rcr so, you will see,
    he’s freaking funny and good + they is no more shoot delay xd, so try to
    shoot while moving.. even auto-aim is pretty difficult when you’re in close

  19. 2:37 “I like it. Really. I have to say I like it.”

    We like you too Dez. :D

  20. Federico Di Liberto

    I THINK this game is just a bad modern copy or WoT

  21. ? is this game made by the tsame people who made world of tanks cuz this
    game looks the same as world of tanks

  22. This game sucks it makes no sense

  23. and a nother ? what are the white lines on the left bottum cornor mean

  24. and a nother ? is there a leopord in this game

  25. and a nother ? do you have to aim at the enomy to hit then or be above a
    little to hit them

  26. Too bad I live in NA, there’s like only 10 people every time


  28. The only problem i have with the game now, cant buy these special premiums
    alone, always in a bundle and costs wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too much

  29. Oh man i cant wait to play the game on the new AIB rx 480s, my alienware 17
    has issues running this with a first gen i7 and gtx 780m

  30. holyshit if we got amphibious assault vehicles in AW it would be fucking

  31. I feel for your dez, that was intense, I was squealing like a little bitch
    in that final battle

  32. T-15 HIV

  33. when’s crossout coming out?

  34. Lol when I saw the title I was like:minecraft pe 0.16 is out because the
    only thing I saw on yt were 0.16 update news but it was sadly aw??

  35. gustas lugauskas

    00:58 tog 3 confirmed

  36. DG really appreciate for your live gaming. Most od youtubers provides only
    PVE playing. Jingles HELLO !

  37. Tim “runfox” B

    Dez looks like your the lone youtube gamer putting up Armored Warfare
    content right now, according to Jingles most people are playing PVE and no
    one wants to play PVP with long waits in que. Guess Ill have to update and
    see for myself. I thought AW was going to be a great game and over take
    WOT but now it dosent look like it.

  38. omg world of tanks really needs to wake up there beat on graphics by aw and
    the maps in aw make wot maps look like a practice sims or the kiddies end
    of the swimming pool !

  39. Dont buy the T15 for now guys its extremely underwhelming. Even in PvE it
    sucks balls and is worse than the T2

  40. Is the assaulter better than centauro 120? Cause ive got the Centauro 120
    Wolf, which i use as my main money maker and from this video I would say
    that cenaturo has better alpha, and probably also better DPM (with the
    proper retrofits and freya as commander ofc)

  41. This game is dead on NA I bought the warlord pre order bundle too :(

  42. ssdsandy requina

    its auto canon how much its dmg?

  43. 7:36 That was not shot delay

  44. How will running one or more boosts compare to using vs not using premium
    time? And is there a master list of all the possible drops with stats
    posted somewhere?

  45. lol epic t-15 gameplay. not sure i learned much except the missiles are
    pretty crap

  46. Dez – its a tank. They don’t do floating! AW = Nope.

  47. Armoured roller skates. Tedious and annoying sound effects. Good Dez, dull

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