► Armored Warfare: T-90MS – Tier 9 Russian MBT – Glass Cannon!

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Source: DezGamez

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Guys, finally I am going to be able to showcase new tier 9 tanks in Armored Warfare! Going to start of my tank review series with new Russian tier 9 ÜT-90MS”. Once again, this is going to be Glass -ish tank, “The Gunship” on tracks!
Let’s take a at it and let me know what you think about it!

Which tier 9 tank would you like to see ?



  1. My time has finally come

  2. Yessssssss the MS

  3. A lot of magic happened in this episode! 😀
    Which tier 9 would you like to see next?

  4. Beautifull :)

  5. Dez ! Do you stream anymore ? I miss watching one of your streams. Btw
    Headshoterino is here Kappa

  6. the glass has been shatterd!

  7. what you recommend Challenger 2 or the T 90MS

  8. I geuss the low view range is a balancing factor IRL this thing has a
    better Thermal sights then the M1 challenger or Leo2

  9. Thx Dez.. I like you video’s 🙂 good job.. nice tank btw.. im not that far

  10. Can this be a Russian game?

  11. thank you dez,……happy holidays,happy new year,keep on wrecking them

  12. SovietTenkDestroyer

    I think this tank will make me give Armored Warfare a try again, but why
    the MS variant… It’s an export version. Wish they’d put the AM version.

  13. The Cuddly Wolf, Legion

    I really don’t get why they kept artillery.
    Like they knew how bad it was and *still* kept it. All it does is punish
    actual gameplay and It shouldn’t be nerfed, or even changed in any way. It
    should just flatout be removed.

  14. k 2 black panther and pl oq can easily defeat thi tank

  15. My AW executable has had problems capturing my mouse cursor and keeping it
    constrained inside its window lately. Might be happening to you too. Great
    video nonetheless! Looking forward to seeing the other T9 tanks featured
    Dez :]

  16. You say in the beginning, that you have to flank him to pen it.The tittle
    is “Glass Cannon”, please check what does it mean.
    Everyone complains it is broken tank and you go with Glass Cannon… wtf

  17. wish you could mute your keyboard

  18. Looking fwd to Tier 7, 8 & 9 :)

  19. any other tier 9’s that u have i would love to see the other ones!

  20. Glass cannon? I dunno. Looked like you were regularly bouncing shots and
    was even able to charge straight through the open airfield all by yourself.
    Didn’t look exceptionally weak for an MBT. Looking forward to seeing what
    you think after playing all the the new ones for awhile, in comparison.
    Enjoying the AW vids!

  21. so good to see you dez posting armored warfare again. I really enjoy your

  22. heard that the chally 2’s armor is glitched and is weaker than the chally

  23. modules are fked up by the update actually …

  24. Lovely Dovely, I love your AW vids. Would love to see more of them. Also do
    you have plan on maybe doing some strategy guide vids for AW in the future?
    Anyway, thank for the vid Dez, it was very enjoyable.

  25. Isn’t the reload time also affected by the commander (Freja and Juan Carlos
    – but not the commanders which give a 10% bonus to crew skills, since there
    is no loader)?

  26. Hey Dez. I got the minimizing from time to time as well, due to the game
    allowing the mouse to leave the main screen and going to my other monitor
    while in action.
    It mainly happened when I had other games open, especially World of
    Try keeping your open programs as few as possible, and it might fix it.
    I think having something in full screen in the background guarantees this
    bug, so avoid that as well.
    Keep up the good work!

  27. thanks for featuring me in your video dez, I was the one in the challenger

  28. Julien Brouilhounat

    awesome like always…

  29. DezGamez which premium tank is good moneymaker… iam looking for something
    like t34 or IS6 in WOT. Thank you for nice video!

  30. It seems no one can tell the difference between a T-90am and a T-90ms. :/

  31. Great video, keep up the good work! Would love to see the challenger2 next

  32. cant wait for t14 armata lol

  33. I dunno what to get, T 90 MS or Challenger 2. But the Rep trying to get
    Challenger is lower than the Rep needed to unlock the T 90 MS :/

    And then I can’t decide if I get the M1128 MGS or get Centuaro 120 and jump
    to Tier 9 lmao

  34. How much time did you spend in this game to get the tier 8 ?

  35. nice tank and nice play thank you for the video

  36. How do I get the panel damage on the video?

  37. hi im really confused in between mbt lines
    t90ms or m1a2 abrams or leo 2a6 or challenger2?
    i asked people in game they told me to for russian tanks that they are
    beast etc
    but the armour is not better then leo2a6 or c2
    i just want a the line where i can get close-in absorb shots and do
    damage(workable gun)
    please advice

  38. Weird that the gun would be so good, IRL the two piece ammunition means
    that the length to diameter ratio of the APFSDS is limited, same issue as
    the chally 2 has.

  39. They need to nerf the fuck out of this tank. All the shit hitting it should
    have done damage but they didnt. Another company that will give the fucking
    Russian tanks super powers while they nerf the American tanks. Sad… and
    dont care criticize the game in the forums.. they nazi ban you as fast as
    world of tanks.. This game IS world of tanks, with newer tanks.. nothing

  40. Btw, the tier 7 Challenger does not have more hit points than this tank. It
    gets 2495…

  41. Bích Thủy Nguyễn

    This tank is sick, man! So strong!

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