► Armored Warfare: TAIFUN II – Gameplay and Review – The Swiss Beast!

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Source: DezGamez

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Open Beta hype is real, it is finally here!

In today’s episode I am going to show you really interesting tank that is really growing on me. It really does feel like E-25 from World of Tanks in Armored Warfare. It has the speed and that hard-hitting gun and everything.. Only bad thing is that you have no armor what so ever. It just might be my favorite tank…



  1. Richard Komendanchik

    If only I had a computer that could run this and world of tanks, but nope,
    im too poor

  2. First like :)

  3. Hey look, an E-25

  4. I love this thing, it’s soooooo good. Can make 400k credits in a good game.

  5. modern stug?

  6. Dezgamez, what do you think about the commander that came with the pre
    order packages maximilian? And could you consider doing a video on
    commanders and which one is better for what kind of tanks?

  7. What is that damage panel? It is a mod?

  8. Julopabene Bananenplantage

    Can you upload a review on the other tank as well? I would love to buy one
    of them, but I don’t know which one.

  9. 12:14
    ”Music to my eyes”

  10. i saw the thumbnail and was like, THE HETZER!!! but no. :(

  11. so… I downloaded the almost 20GB this game requires… just to find out I
    can barelly get 30 fps in the tutorial… 20 fps in most maps… everything
    set to low lol…
    Sadly I cant play this game with that low fps… 🙁
    back to wot I guess :(

  12. In WOT, E25 is my favorite tank!!!

  13. I notice that this thing loses its camouflage ENTIRELY after shooting, I
    suppose that is to offset the EPIC DPM with sniper bonus, cause if it is
    rated at around 4000 DPM without the sniper bonus, that is, like, what,
    6000 DPM with it!?

    Though for tier 4 the Zhalo-S has INSANE DPM too, except that it ALSO has
    the BEST camouflage rating in the game, that I have seen on any vehicle so
    far, and it also has some of the highest view range as well at 443! What is
    the view range of the Taifun?

    Overall I will likely still be glad I got the MBT-70, as that thing is
    BEASTLY! great mobility, great frontal armoe, and AWESOME Alpha! I had a
    5000 damage 4 kill match yesterday, the Entire enemy team lacked armor, so
    I used ALL my HEAT rounds! I was rolling insane number whilst bouncing
    EVERYTHING in my hull down position!

    I already have a glass cannon DPM monster TD, sure it is lower tier, but it
    can be QUITE epic now that they gave it better penetration, and because I
    have a faster reload too!

  14. Music to my eyes. :D

  15. Edit: It must’ve heard me and fixed itself 😛
    Jesus Christ this DL service is such a piece of shit. Getting 250kb/s when
    I normally do ~2 mb/s
    Anyone else have this problem? Really want to play this but the whole “1d
    4h left” thing is kind of a turn off.

  16. exactly what i was thinkin about this thing being the e-25 of AW

  17. E25 .. Are you here?

  18. pve isnt fun. the spawn system is broken.

  19. You forget a lot of “the” and “a/an” in your English speech and writing :p

  20. In PVE good dpm does not win matches you have to have at least 2 MBT’s to
    soak up the damage ( i only play hard mode) otherwise the thin skinned
    vehicles like this one will be torn apart like paper

  21. how do i got that Damage done screen ???

  22. Obsidian do not say how long it is on sale for?

  23. how do you set outgoing dmg panel?

  24. S H I T

  25. Great vid dez! Love watching your streams too. I’m 660driver on twitch so
    I’ll say hi next time I catch you there. Love that little swiss tank! What
    a monster!

  26. Dez, Gonna review MBT-70? cause that thing is pure awesome.

  27. Have they buffed the challengers pen yet? And have they improved the HESH
    mechanics? :)

  28. I am still on the fence about this new package of tanks. Both this tank and
    the RDF seem to be almost like the Exp. tank some of us have from the
    founders package. As for your credit banking, you have access to both
    premium time and tanks to stockpile your war chest. How bad is it going to
    be for a player who isn’t planning on spending any money? I am just
    concerned that if players feel they are not going to be able to get
    anywhere in the game they will just move on to something else. (I see there
    are more changes coming to earing both rep and credits, just seems like
    that should of been fully fixed before going to an open beta for a F2P
    game) Or in your option, should a new player hold off on even trying the
    game until the results from the changes are in?

  29. Could we get some games with the RDF/LT?

  30. How can i see how mich damage i have done

  31. it look like E 25 :O

  32. Hey DezGamez, I personally find your videos too look substantially better
    than most other gameplays out there so I was wondering wich recording
    software you use?

  33. When I try to enter the game it just says loading and than it doesn’t
    respond. Did anyone experience the same problem?

  34. personally I find the terminator to be the current best pve tank, the
    damage output aswell as the armor makes it very good against all AI
    controlled opponents, my first pve game with it I did 14k damage, very fun
    to play :)

  35. +Dez Gamez When you brought up that info bubble that showed targeting
    stats, it showed a reload time of 5.38 seconds, but your reticle is showing
    6.3 seconds for reload…

    Was that some kind of stat misprint, or did they have to nerf the reload
    speed a little to prevent it from being MEGA OP?

  36. Nice vid! Would like to see more AW stuff. Maybe a tank review here and

  37. Dez did you notice that the taifun II looks like hetzer a litle bit :D

  38. Object 430?? Is that one of the tanks that comes with the package with both
    the RDF/LT and the Taifun II?

  39. Hot damn! I dl the game, go to you tube to get a clue about AW and to my
    happy surprise my old friend Dez is already here giving me a heads up!
    WOOT! Good to see you Dez, keep up the good work man and tyvm for that work
    too lol! :)

  40. hahha the more it looks like WOT the more i want to play it 🙂 they pushed
    the rip off envelope way up

  41. this is more like the Jagdpanzer IV not E-25

  42. I still say the Terminator is better in PvE than the Taifun II – I can
    average 8,000 to 10,000 or more damage in the Terminator o.o

  43. u can edit your UI and move dmg panels around the screen when u hold down
    ctrl b.

  44. First thought was why they got a JPZ in this lol

  45. G3Glitching Productions


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