► Armored Warfare: Terminator Epic Action – OMG, What a Flanker! – Premium Tank Terminator Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Terminator Gameplay Commentary. Armored Warfare Terminator Review/Preview. Armored Warfare AFV / Armored Fighting Vehicle. Armored Warfare Early Access 5 Changes / Information.

►Early Access 5 info:

Time to take a look at some of the .
In today’s episode you are going to see one tank that I am going to buy right away when this game goes live or gets launched. This tier 6 beast is simply AMAZING!

Our guest, “Terminator”, is like little tiny “Ramka-99” in tier 6… What more do you want?

Sit back and enjoy!


  1. Nice video! ;)

  2. Julopabene Bananenplantage

    Man, I wish I could play AW to go down this route. Does it end at the

  3. That’s sick

  4. can u play t95????

  5. It’s actually build upon the T-72

  6. This was first premium tank you review and you did not mention any actual
    advantages of premium tanks in AW. Why shuld we buy them? Do thy make more
    credits like in WoT?

  7. you won’t be able to purchase the Terminator it is only avalible in the
    biggest founder pack. and the Tanks in it are exclusive for min. one year

  8. If you’re doing premium tanks, can you look at the MBT-70 next? :)

  9. i think this game has no potential because you cant pen the front pf tier 8
    mbt i realy enjoyed the lower tier but the high tier battles is a nightmare

  10. Glad that there are larger maps coming with the next patch. It will give
    ATGM a purpose.

  11. Pan Granat (Mr. Grenade)

    I hope that you will play with PL-01 Anders xD

  12. +DezGamez i had terminator back in ea3 but too bad, i don’t have cash to
    buy founder pack, otherwise, i’ll play this epic terminator again, really
    love this monster.

  13. @DezGamez didn’t you buy the big founder pack thingy, if so you get it
    automatically at launch :)

  14. Can somebody tell this old bastard what Dez’s user name was in those
    battles? I can’t read the writing on this phone ’cause it’s too small.

  15. Why are you using the scout chick as commander dez? Try using the crazy
    pyro guy ;)

  16. Dez, great video. I have a terminator as well and I love it, funnest tank
    in the game as far as I’m concerned. You might not be able to get one right
    off though, I have heard that all tanks that came in the premium package
    won’t go on sale for a year, though I could very well be wrong though,
    wouldn’t be the first or last time. :-)

  17. Scottishlandwarrior

    Don’t you already own it being a lord of war founder pack tank?

  18. Does anyone else who plays AW find this really hard to enjoy because you
    know how shit it can be to come up against one of those things >< The chieftain gets destroyed by this thing; you don't get HEAT to shoot into it's turret and for some reason they've given HESH terrible damaged potential haha

  19. If I bought the Lord of War pack, do I get to play those tanks now? Before
    AW has mentioned those won’t be available until open Beta.

  20. Teriminator is one of my favorite vehicles in the game 😀
    It`s truly amazing xD

  21. Well this thing can sure Terminate in tier 6 it will be so deady

  22. When this game gonna be for free?

  23. Cupola shots will deal less dmg, because its not a critical part of tank.
    My ass, what about molten steel raining on crew, pressure wave? Reducing
    dmg from this kind of weakspots was just another example of honeydicking
    from AW

    and obligatory story of the only one Challenger 2 kia:
    25 March 2003: A friendly fire (“blue-on-blue”) incident in Basra in which
    one Challenger 2 of the Black Watch Battlegroup (2nd Royal Tank Regiment)
    mistakenly engaged another Challenger 2 of the Queen’s Royal Lancers after
    detecting what was believed to be an enemy flanking manoeuvre on thermal
    equipment. The attacking tank’s second HESH round hit the open commander’s
    hatch lid of the QRL tank sending hot fragments into the turret, killing
    two crew members. The strike caused a fire that eventually led to an
    explosion of the stowed ammunition, destroying the tank. It remains the
    only Challenger 2 to be destroyed on operations.[18]

  24. hey Dez i’ve recenly started following you on youtube because i love how
    you bring the game to people that cant play it yet, I personly would love a
    early access code because i havent been able to play, but besides that i
    love watching you play. thanks for the videos

  25. not reading all the comments to see if this has been mentioned, but you
    said you’re going to purchase the termy right away. if you don’t buy the
    lord of war pack, you won’t be able to buy the terminator or exp tank for 1

  26. Unfortunately its not available during OBT – infact, it wont be available
    to anyone but founders for a full year, and even then, the BMPT Founders
    will have will be different in some manner, no idea what though.

  27. The BMP-2 was shooting your gun, it’s the fastest way to kill a terminator
    with an autocannon.

  28. Nice Game!!

  29. idk how much bitching you get about this but T6 “Terminator” is not a
    “premium” tank, it is “exclusive” tank :P

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