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Source: DezGamez

New Artillery Gameplay and . – Phase 2 Review – Artillery/SPG Rework. World of Tanks Patch 9.18+ Update News.

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Long-waited 2.0 second phase live, with some pretty big changes to the artillery… They are trying to make it more like a support class, more interesting to play and not so frustrating to play against… I have to say, I like the direction where we are going with it at the moment.

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  1. Adding artillery class to a tank game,class that can deal out damage
    without fear of retribution has to go down a one of the most retarded game
    design decisions in video game history.

  2. every fix to arty is good fix. I only have the french tier 8 arty for
    personel missions. But it’s more rage playing than anything. I like the
    stun mechanic, don’t like the counter the indicator is fine but not needed
    (there’re no indicators for crit dmg). A hope they give a new perk for stun
    like repair.
    The dmg reduction is too much, or if they reduce the dmg by that much on
    arty, they need to reduce dmg of every derp gun! yes your favorite 183 to!
    😛 they could buff the dispersion a little bit more.

  3. The money cost to run arty is so broken it’s not funny. They numb all the
    money making stats but keep cost the same? Guess I will no longer be
    playing arty unless I am feeling rich.

  4. fucking finally

  5. They already beat to hell Arty with a nerf bat years ago when they doubled
    aiming times, reload times, and killed their accuracy (M40/43 used to be
    able to fit 1 Maus in it’s reticle, now it fits 2.5 with spare room).
    Killing their damage and Pen is far, far, too much. Leave the damage alone,
    adjust the Pen if you have too.

    I agree that AP needs to be removed, but HEAT has always been the premium
    round on Arty. EVERY tank in the game gets a premium round, so why should
    Arty’s be removed? The view and targeting changes are nice and welcome for
    many. I’ve wanted the area targeting since I started playing. Now if we can
    just get an Incoming on Target chat hotkey. The consumable changes are nice
    too, enjoyed it in World of Warships. Maybe they will tie in cooldowns to
    crew training so that a 50% crew takes longer to use or can’t use as often.

    For people who always cry about “clickers” you are just flat out dumb.
    Either you have never played Arty or your brain can’t handle the
    mathematics to play them. You still have to hit tanks in the right spots,
    choose the right round to get the right penetration, track movement to lead
    the shot, etc. However you also have to know the angle and arc of your
    shots, clear obstacles, time things at a much longer distance, plus dealing
    with Countering and being countered by other Arty, all while dodging
    scouts, and deciding what targets will most be worth your limited shots to
    help your team the most. Arty requires a larger portion of brainpower than
    other types of tanks to play, and they still end up having to battle just
    like any other tank when the team falls apart, with a much worse gun.

  6. Do you guys think WG is succeeding at making arty gameplay any more
    interesting? IMO it’s even more boring now, you don’t get huge dmg and the
    assistance from stun is low from what I’ve seen on average. It looks just
    quite bad, also so annoying when you get hit by arty and get injured crew
    member. The stun covers which crew member is injured…

  7. Instead of dealing damage you deal stun effect which can be negated by the
    use of consumables (you couldn’t negate damage by consumables). Also, SPG
    missions involving damage dealt are going to be harder to
    complete.Conclusion: This is an all-around artillery nerf

  8. where is your road to strv 103b

  9. Cacahuète Pistache

    yeah very expensive such as Maus’s repair cost ! they must fix this

  10. Why does arty have stun AND ability to injure your crew members? That is
    ridiculously stupid. I think that critical hits are one of the biggest
    problems with arty right now and should be removed, especially when they
    want them to have stun.
    However it may not be as bad(as it is now) when you can use your
    consumables multiple times, I haven’t played on Sandbox to hard to

  11. i will uninstall game if this happens

  12. lol did i here that right bat chat arty being reduced to 3 shells… im 30k
    exp away from bat chat if this is the case i dont want bat chat. so i want
    my time and what ever premium acc back. all this changing arty is for the
    idiots that moan about them. the real problem in this game is under age
    players and no tier 11..having tier 8 prems is allowing to many twats at
    all tiers. go on chat looks who is moaning about arty its player6 with 40k
    games and 45% win rates and have never played arty lol

  13. Omg artys will suks XDD i lowe it

  14. people don’t realize that the assisted damage they will get from stun will
    be retarded

  15. Andrew's Pitiful Life

    At least they are finally doing SOMETHING with arty.

  16. When getting clicked on by an arty is bad already, WG even think of adding
    further damage to non-clicker player by stun effect. Well played WG

  17. Illegal mods?

  18. Interesting changes.
    People who would like to remove arty altogether-
    they seem to forget that they are a vehicle class that has been in the game
    since the beginning and the company itself has invested in them. Granted,
    it’s only a one class and the smallest in numbers. There’s about 50 arty
    units in the game.

    Think about it from a Wargamings perspective. If they would just remove 50
    units from the game like that, it would be mean there’s less units in the
    game. (Duh) 50 units less means a lot less grinding, less playing hours,
    less money, less players. I wonder how many playing hours arty units have
    collected altogether? Surely not as much heavy tanks or mediums, but they
    do generate playing hours.

    Every single unit generates playing hours. Every unit is a potential reason
    to actually use real money. All the vehicles together have a synergy for
    creating this economy. No-one would pay money for a one premium tank that
    would fight only other same tanks, etc.

    They want variety to the game because variety creates depth and depth
    generates interest, interest together with a working game environment
    generates commitment. They really, really DO NOT WANT to remove 50 units
    from the game just like that.

    Sure, they could remove one vehicle class entirely, but when that happens,
    that will be a sign that the company and the game itself would be in such
    trouble to do such a desperate move – business wise- that they game
    wouldn’t last very long anyway in that point. Look what happened to Armored

  19. what is going to happen to the lefh tier 5 arty I wonder?

  20. sheit ill be playng wow only now

  21. If they make this how it works in the live game I would think they would
    need to make major changes to the individual missions. I’m curious how they
    will address the missions.

  22. De Old' Mighty Tortoise

    ‘decent amount of profit’ -19k income? yep,, that’s WAAYY too much profit
    for arty, nerf ples

  23. I assume the watermark is your ID for your sandbox account?

  24. I like the ideas they are presenting, but they have to fix the low credit
    and experience earned. With that little experience earned, it will take
    forever to progress through a tech tree line. It will all but eliminate
    high tier arty except the players that already have it.

  25. The arty stun effect is a blatant credit sink that will have some major
    consequences for other tanks.

    1) Being stunned for as long as currently advertised with an indicator for
    the enemy team will mark instant death for any tank. You will be taking
    shots for everyone who can see you or pursue you for an extended period. I
    think stun marker should be for friendly units only so people know who to
    help, but enemy will have to COMMUNICATE with their arty to take advantage.

    2) This will now force the use of consumables in all matches with a heavy
    favorite on the premium ones. Because now you won’t just remove stuns every
    60 seconds you will remove all injuries every 60 seconds as well. Tanks are
    going to be almost immune to critical hits.

    3) HE derp tanks will have much less impact on the battle field. Doing
    crew/modules damage to tanks was a good support role. Now people will be
    able to pop large kits every 60 seconds and fully remove every effect on
    them throughout the match.

    4) Encourage even MORE CAMPING because now nobody will want to be stunned,
    and if they are hit they will sit in place until their kits recharge for
    them to fully repair everything before moving out. There are going to be a
    ton of heavies just sitting behind buildings for most of the matches now.
    How boring.

    5) Create such a credit sink that nobody is going to be advancing any trees
    with any speed in an already grindy game.

    6) If you stun is the main point of arty then is the length of the stun
    related to the caliber of the gun? Because I see no reason to use the top
    tier arty when low tier fast firing arty will be able to stun people more
    often. Will the lower tier guns only have a 5 second stun or something?
    What is the advantage to advancing up the arty trees?

    7) Heavy armor should affect the stun duration the same way it can reduce
    HE damage. The big heavies should be more resistant than lights to stun

    If they are intent on keeping all these mechanics then they need to:

    A – reduce the stun time from arty shells from 30 seconds (or whatever it
    is) down to about the same time it takes a crew without repair skills to
    repair the tracks of a tank. Then add to the “repairs” skill so that you
    gain repair speed and stun recovery / or stun resistance from that skill.

    B – swap the reuse time of the small and large kits and then lengthen them
    both so that they can’t be used that many times in a match. Managing your
    modules/crew and doing crits to enemies should be a strategy. If you can
    simply repair everything every 60 seconds then what’s the point? I’d say
    make the reuse time on the small kits 1 minute, and the on the large kits
    at least 2 minutes.

    Either that or simply make the kits multi-use but with a limit. Large kits
    can be used 3 times in a match, small kits can be used 5 or something like

  26. I think the rework is too much nerf for arty. It seem to me it is not
    worthy to have an arty in my team at all… which mean… it is quite a
    uselss tank for me. I remember I played armored warfare, if i remember
    correctly, they often do not deal much damage, but they reload much faster,
    higher accuracy, move faster, and some supporting ammo as well. The main
    point is I really do enjoy arty gaming experience in armored warfare. I
    think it is OK for me to completely nerf the damage, but WG have to super
    buff it accuracy and reload time. Even with sh*ty useless damage, but with
    high accuracy and reload time, arty will still able to punish those who
    repeatly stay in open for long time. And not hurting much to those who play
    aggressively… and smart. It think this will increase the arty presence in
    the game as well. Mostly… happen to average player, they play like they
    are no arty at all, the only time people will really aware of arty is when
    they got hit… but when it got hit.. it is already too late, you either
    cripple or destroy. So the damage nerf and accuracy & reload buff will send
    a msg to player… “im aiming at u now! and I can hit u! u better move
    faster!”. The only time the player get LOTS damage from arty is when they
    got hit by the arty A LOT OF TIME = they completely stand still and moving
    in open… this just my humble opinions thou :D

  27. Of course it’s good feedback. Fuck them if they’ll go through with nerfing
    accuracy and AP penetration but especially if they go through with nerfing

  28. what if from arty you cant actually see the tank unless someone tags it.
    you can see the enemy tracer but not the tank. once a friendly tags it you
    can see whole tank.

  29. i hope missions get changed. they will be impossible now.

  30. They should introduce stun for vehicles of a excess caliber using HE (Like
    a kv2). Seems realistic

  31. diamonddragongames

    +dezgamez how to get acces to sandbox i did apply but nothing else happened

  32. Is it just me, or does it look like the tanks are lacking HE shells? If
    yes, what will happen to tanks like the KV-2, the IJN superheavies, the T49

  33. I’m not too keen for playing the SPG’s and these changes would put me off
    playing them even further there’s little enough fun playing them as it is
    so I’ve got to say I’m none to keen on these changes yes do something but
    not this

  34. , 2:30 is that the wot version of batle asistant ?

  35. What is the mission you have completed with T92

  36. just reduce numbers of arti by 2, i play just gw tiger p and living of my
    splashdamage while this thing hits crap, specially if you have no flat
    ground standing /aiming at. If the splash is also reduced im talking of
    500max damage per game instead of 2-3000. And with heat for sure to higher
    radius of splash. You are showing the OP already top arties which behave
    imba oneshootingwise and will be kinda OK in this new mode, gosh all the
    rest must be not worthy to play anymore :-P. All those new mechaniks and
    decissions will make this game more worse then it is already for random
    games. Stop HT derp guns- stop more then 2 ari per game and work on MM.
    There are not many maps where Ari is usefull anyways. Also please please
    stop making a Ferrari out of any tank which can spot the whole map and
    specialy enemy startpoint by moving just 50m. There is specially ONE MAP
    where i know in attack modus where i do not even need to try to move and
    hide or turn from startpoint and im spotted :)!!! I like playing Germans
    most, the upcoming changes and thoughts of sandbox will make them specially
    more crap. Poor E100 slow fat target using HE on Type 100 damage…type
    shooting back 600….E100 using Gold…probably bounce…Type shooting
    back….600 damage….funny!! First they should reduce to 2 ari max game
    and work on MM this would make the game 20% more comfy then reduce ari max
    damage to 1500 keep ammo and splash radius like it is and nerf that
    freaking FV’s already which onehit specially only german mediums 🙂 maybe
    not e50. Consumptions is a good idea because my medic in the car can help
    also more then one time 🙂 or one person

  37. If they are confirming that removal of AP from the T92 I’m going to die D:

  38. They really need to rework arty’s experience and credits received.

  39. stunt time is too long, at max should be 15/20 second and at minimum 1

  40. I can only ever seam to do 1/3 of the alpha damage witch ends up doing
    about the same damage as a heavy or TD and thats only when I can hit that 1
    out of 10 shots. but then arty seams to never miss me I dont get that.

  41. Thats just great. Now Artys stand no chance at defending them selves
    against anything other then lights and other SPG’s. I get what they are
    trying to do with the game but this will ruin some players games. If there
    is only an SPG player left on a team you can count on them losing now
    instead of hoping they get a good shot gun. So look forward to far less
    comebacks by SPG players.

  42. i love this!

  43. I’m fine with this change

  44. I feel if WG forget their “stun” idea it should be great.
    No more OS outta nowhere, but you could be punished as well : like 1300 dmg
    for tier X arty seems legit, furthermore with HE ammunition.
    And very funky change with the cameras !

    And by the way, that multiple use of medic and repair should be useful to
    TDs as well !

  45. Please make it so that you make more credits per game. I have played so
    many battles but I just cannot save up the 6 million credits in order to
    get a tier 10 tank. I have been stuck at tier 9 for almost a year now
    because I don’t want to throw money at the game. I have played almost 10k
    battles and have a 51% win rate so my skill level is not what’s making it
    impossible for me to earn this amount of credits.

  46. i love everything about this it needs to come

  47. evemitchellanderson

    fuck wg

  48. i think they kinde of should do somthing simular as they have done at AW. i
    allso think that arty wil be even more hated whit this stun effect than
    whit a 1 shot. i have long time whised for an MAX DMG for arty at T10 were
    arround 400 avg. but then maby whit an huge splash. artys are and should
    only be a support.

    but if they are going to have a kinde of stunn effeckt. then maby have so
    arty can only track tanks and they cant repair the track for 10 to 15 sec.
    i wuold rather have that than a totaly nerfed tank for 13 sec.

  49. this stun mechanic sucks

  50. Because artilery was not iritating ower the scale already. Now with large
    damage they will also stun you so tanks can make short work of you while
    you are pressing consumable buttons… In a real game you gona peak behind
    the rock and get tracked, arta will damage and stun you and the rest of
    tanks will pulverise you while you are pushing repair and consumables…
    Great arta rework WG reallyyyy great….

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