► Aufklärungspanzer V – Tier 8 Premium Light Tank First Details + HD Fjords – World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Aufklärungspanzer V, New Tier 8 German Premium Light Tank. World of Tanks Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Patch 9.21 Update Test Review.

The “legendary” Awful Panther returns as a tier 8 premium tank with new name – “Aufklärungspanzer V”. In today’s episode I am going to take my first look into it together with my first look at new HD Quality Fjords map!


► Battle of the background: http://wotreplays.ru/site/4654670#stats

► Music used:
– ES_Pawn Shop – Andreas Jamsheree
– ES_Pure Gold 1 – Niklas Ahlström

From NCS YouTube channel:
– Cartoon feat.


  1. Ramming ramming, MORE Ramming! 🙂
    Enjoyed your weekend? 😉
    Battle of the background: http://wotreplays.ru/site/4654670#stats

  2. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    i like it

  3. new map graphics sure look nice

  4. tank looks gross lol

  5. everyone is moaning about the MM for tier 8 and this is why ……. premium tanks. how are you meant to have a decent Tier 8 game when half the team are tier 3 wallet warriors. I don’t think players should be allowed to play tiers they haven’t already grinded too.

  6. So ugly tank

  7. Yeah, lets continu this pay 2 win meta, lets make the prem lights good at being a scout but not the standard lights, the standard lights should be complete shit because those are free 2 play. RIGHT?

  8. Wow they turned the fjords boosts into actual accessable areas, AWESOME!

  9. Great – WG take my tank out, then make me buy it back? Russian twats.

  10. Meh big flap open part on HD fjords looks pretty bad and campy, even more than now, like crossing this is gonna be suicide. Not really impressed WG more like disappointed.

  11. is this just tank just a plain upgrade from the regular German T8 light.

  12. Every enemy in the old replay is acting like a bot?! Completely ignoring the light tank repeatedly shooting them?

  13. SHIP…interesting machine, the light-scout V =’s FUNF, like FINTH but with more UMPF! :))
    Will the MM be selective, restrictive or open range?
    As for maps, High-def, Fjords, a little mix and match, they should keep both versions in the routine for Random.

    By the way, is it me or is anyone else running out of ammo using Obj-261 (Arty) on Nebelburg?
    Like a few other machines, its only got 16 rounds, vs 30 opponents!
    C’mon WG,…before the new version comes out, how about a few buffs for Arty; Ammo and HP’s, or…give back the AP with reasonable damage.
    Consider it a Christmas gift for those that hate Arty!

  14. Hey DezGamez, QB was streaming today(11/26/17) and he had a rental T92 tier 8 light tank for 8 days, any comment?

  15. Looks like it will be fun to play. But will need to play it more like a medium with no armor. Thank for the vid.

  16. Please i bounced a JpzE100 shell with the ass of my bulldog, how did I do it? I have no clue

  17. With the current crap tier 8 MM good luck playing this tank against tier 9 and 10 tanks.

  18. Wargaming hates light tanks, so this tank will be very underpowered compared to at tier mediums, heavies and tds.

  19. 410 view range lol, give tier 8 premium better spotting than tier 10s

  20. I am sick of wargaming making the light tank class very weak with their guns I think that it is kind of racist against light tanks if you know what I mean. Light tanks weren’t just used as scouts before the tier 10s they were power houses and sneaky assassins wargaming have ruined artilerry and now ruined light tanks what’s next? The whole game?


  22. The translation was incorrect because you put v instead of five

  23. It even has the OLD un-nerfed Konisch gun from the VK3601H with the 165 alpha and comes with APCR as default with 221mm of pen.
    Seem’s really shitty/typical of WGing to sell this back to players who had it as well rather then let them pay a flat silver cost.
    Also it only has the 10 degrees of depression over the sides of the tank. From the front it’s something like 7 I think?

  24. This is the bastard child of a Leopard that got raped by a PZ4 ?

  25. Come now, theres 3 french mediums, 3 soviet heavies, 3 chinese mediums, all tier 8 premiums. Surely 2 german tier 8 premium light tanks isnt too bad? 😛

  26. Is that Twilight Sparkle on the front of the hull?

  27. Yay! the Aweful panther has returned!

  28. minus the alpha damage… its as good or better than the tier 10 light tanks.

  29. Panther and VK 28.01 recently had sex….

  30. Awefulpanzer back at it again.


  32. The awful panther looks pretty sick. looks to be better than every tier 8 light tank which is pretty standard for WG premium tanks nowadays. But wait there is more! It’s better than most tier 9 and 10 light with tier 10 medium tanks view range! oh WG you need to work on your balance more. Buff lights view range if you are gonna keep their firepower at an all-time low.

  33. I really want to get my hand on these new HD maps. They look way better but they all have been changed in some way and, I would really like to see how this affects the gameplay and map balance.

  34. Seems like nice tier 10 light tank… oh wait…

  35. Didn t they changed the ELC EVEN 90

  36. is that a pz IV turret on a panther hull?

  37. more pen than practically all tier 8 mediums….. makes sense…

  38. alan javier plaza gómez

    Ese tanque al tanque habían reemplazado por el pzc1 Tier 7 ligero alemán

  39. Philharmonic Wittgenstein

    Too much ignorance. Five in German is pronounced fünf. I suppose it’s a good thing it wasn’t designated Aufklärungspanzer IX, as people would call it Aufklärungspanzer 9 – closest in German for that = ‘no’ (nein). Call me a grammar Nazi – I guess I really am… Mwahahahahahahaha

  40. nice i love your content so much you are a Special Guy and your Accent makes it more special thank you so much

  41. If it indeed is a reward vehicle that would be exciting for the memes. Otherwise.. I’m very skeptical of of LARGE tanks(read TARGETs) perma-bottom tier.

  42. Great, another pos pay to win bs tank and a map upgrade i cant use because of the settings i am forced to use because of my crap computer and laggy server merge.

  43. I think wargaming should let the players who had the removed tanks to get them back, in some kind of mission maraton. like they did with fv 4202… Me for example i grinded that auklrpz V after i saw a great replay back in the days when a player was ramming players like a boss….so i went and grinded it…after that i had to move on to the Ru…because i didn.t like the HWK 12…

  44. I really enjoyed playing this tank with 64% WR.. It was the best T7 light at that time(with some Prem Rounds, of course), and I cannot understand why WG deleted this tank…. really..

  45. camo value esp when firing seems really really bad, its lit way too often and the tanks arnt even that close

  46. ITS A FAT TIER 5 LEOPARD. End of story, that’s all you need to know. You love it already, go buy it, cause I sure as hell would and I hate playing lights.

  47. I remember having this tank as a tier 7 light. It was friggin awful. I remember The Might Jingles reviewing this tank and he had a rant for around 30 minutes of how crap it was. He was right. I would play with this tank even if they gave it to me as a reward at Christmas. Its dreadful and I was bloody glad when they removed it.

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