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Source: DezGamez

(King Tiger) Gameplay . World of Tanks Gameplay . Review.

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As promised, here something for all my viewers and fans, hope you like it!

Big and Derpy Soviet guns are never out of fashion, so is in today’s episode… Get ready for some super awesome action and mega crazy shots with couple of tanks that you wanted to see me playing with, let’s go!



  1. The enemy team have a challenger what is that tank?

  2. Tiger II is my favorite Tier VIII Tank. It has OK armor, but with all those new, high penetration guns on those TD’s and Heavies, I play it like a sniper more often. It is pretty accurate, at least better than those Soviet vehicles.

  3. Dez are you from Iran? And can you also please play E75?

  4. Sex spelled backwards is XES which is three letters long, three sides to a triangle so I proved the Illuminati which means Bush did 9/11 and jet fuel can’t melt steel beams

  5. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    Tiger 2 , would be pretty nice, if it were t7 , dont u think? t29 wouldnstill be better due to turret armour , and tiger would have hul armour…But nooooo , tiger 2s fought is3,6,5 and fucking defenders at seelow heights comrade, its all in the documents aswell, da !

  6. Đỗ Nguyên Long

    just why you didn’t fire those high penetration HE shells on the kanjpz to those AMX , those shells got 102mm of pen and 320 dmg

  7. The tiger 2 to be good just needs the Amx m4 Liberté frontal armour , it already have very good gun handling and good penetration.

  8. Best WOT game ever 12:05

  9. Kanjpz is such an underrated vehicle. It has everything ru-251 has but a turret. It’s really good after the shell velocity buff. And even better after new matchmaker. Oh and the HE on it has like 105 pen or something.

  10. When i had tig II front plate was unpnetrable…

  11. What tank should i buy IS-3 or Tiger II

  12. george marnelakis

    Actually TigerII’s can be very trollish this days cause no one is going to “waste” any gold shots on them, so if u side scrape or angle your tank you will be surprised of how many shots you going to bounce!

  13. What mods are you using? or Modpack?

  14. Reacted

  15. 28 minute video…. You spoil us

  16. All those crazy power creep tier 8 premiums and none were a King Tiger variant 🙁

  17. Leevi Lukkarinen

    Watching this rng makes Me vomit

  18. Antoine Dauvergne

    Rammstein for the Tiger II’s intro <3 great episode as always Dez!

  19. That SU 100 M1 Soviet song tho XD

  20. Wow!! That first SU game tho!! XD

  21. my first time seeing defeat girls lul

  22. tiger2 need speed

  23. Augustas Perminas

    Tiga 2 is.beast at sidescraping

  24. the su is op, i love it!

  25. +DezGamez – let me quote you @12:22: “Boom, done” 🙂

  26. su 100m1 its a kv13 , nice shot , gets evaporated … awkwardly silent for some time … ok next battle XD hilarious XDD

  27. LeL the first battle with su 100m1 ???

  28. reason for loss is IDIOT heavy tank drivers camping at rear of the map.

  29. RAMMSTEIN!!!

  30. That “boop”…:)))))

  31. VK45.02A: -Hey Caernarvon, you see that Tiger II over there? Tiger II: -Hi!
    VK45.02A: -He thinks he is the worst Tier VIII Heavy tank in the game
    *Caernarvon angry stare

  32. Lol rammstein intro for tiger ii

  33. Wargaming is too good at forgetting tanks, they should not make new op tanks before the old ones are up to same level..
    really bad if you ask me,
    Next patch: now you fav tank will be shit for 6 months, a patch after that, now 3 more of your premiums tanks (like, Is-6, kv-5!!!) will suck so bad and have litle to no chance against NEW FKING OP DEFENDER CANCER ASS”!!”””!

  34. I tried to pick type 5 heavy but…..

  35. Marron Aarnoudse

    where do I need to vote for a tank ?

  36. ah man, you cant vote for the WZ 132 1 on the poll site


  37. Is Type 4 And 5 Bad ???? it gets even penetrated into the turret whit Normal rounds because its very flat … and gold just go true it like butter ;/ ???

  38. Tariel Soitashvili

    Tiger II upper plate totally sucks 😀

  39. I really don’t get it; Tiger II bad tank?? Sure maybe not OP like the IS-3, but heck, it is a pleasure to play! That gun is just awesome. My 69% WN8 says it all I think (have 53% overall…)

  40. AlaribonGames TV

    is6 wasnt a TD last time I checked

  41. Bulgarian Slayer 13

    Who else thinks that Dez masturbates to Victory/Defeat girls? No? Just me? Okay.

  42. Are u from Estonia?

  43. Federico Di Liberto

    U-Boat, I play

  44. Hey can anyone give some tips whatsoever on how to play with the KanonenJagdpanzer? Like, I quite like the tank itself, I just don’t get how to play it and I think I’m too aggressive with it. Halp?

  45. Tiger II buff advise:
    Turret cheeks from 185 impact armor to 205
    Hull upper plate too 240 effective armor from 200~215
    Lower plate from 150 effective to 175 effective armor.
    armor seen by directly horizontal camara to the front of the tiger II.
    If people think this is “OP” make the *top* of the commander hatchet weaker so it is not 300~ effective.

  46. That first SU game…..glad I’m not the only one that shit happens too.

  47. John Noble - Eddy

    I used to enjoy the king tiger tank , until they derped it , it’s reload speed and the armour and mobility and even if you did win the match, it was a tank that would make nothing in credits and experience points ?

  48. i loveee tiger 2 and one damn good reason to take it out is it has one out standing feature. its god damn sexy looking tank 😀

    if you sidescrape well, no one shoots you so try to bate shot by over angling or tracks and try to get tiger 2 angled when enemy presses left mouse button. as easy as it sounds to know when opponent fires 😀
    tiger 2 should get dpm and gun handling buff tho.

  49. I really enjoy my Tiger II. Gun and gun handling are very good. Premium round is 285mm of pen compared to for example IS-3 and 110, which get only 265. That’s a huge difference against tier 10s and even some tier 8s like Defender or Patriot. Managed to reach 60% win rate on it – since 9.18 mind you, so meeting plenty of tier 10s.

    People will often overlook you thinking that your Tiger II is less dangerous that IS-3 or Patriot next to you.

    While it could benefit from stronger frontal armor, it’s actually very easy to outplay other tier 8s because mm is full of premium tanks on this tier and only few of them are driven by good players. That paired with your dpm means you can easily wreck them, when they overcommit (which happens very often).

  50. It’s so unfair when you get focused down by multiple tanks at once. Wargaming say they have stopped one shots but that doesn’t matter when multiple top tier tanks shoot you at once.

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