► BADA$$ PATTON! – World of Tanks: New M48 Patton Gameplay

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World of M48 Patton Gameplay Review, Epic Battle. World of Tanks M48 Patton, Tier 10 American Medium Tank.

Now this is what I call action packed battle… Non-stop shooting from start to finish, with of my favorite tier 10 medium in this game – “M48A1 Patton”.
After patch 9.20 update, this tank simply put BEAST, a lot stronger than before… even though I enjoyed it a lot even before that.
But let’s see what happens when this tank gets put into battle…




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    Never miss an episode. [Insert Cool Face Here]

  2. Dez’s commentary is too funny 😀

  3. This dude is using aimbot

  4. So glad I have the 46. Going to be using all my booster to get the 48

  5. m48 now gets buff and now has the cyclops eye just like the m60… why m60 get no buff?

  6. Gotta love the M48. The Jack of trades is always ready!

  7. Dez, on replay for badass patton , did i count 31 penetrating hits , thats awesome, looked like 4 seconds on the reload too, goodyear has that machine really cranked up and gave an AWESOME performance

  8. Always nice to see those victory girls.

  9. “When will this be coming to Consoles” ??? Never.

  10. At the 2nd minute he was lucky.

    Showing his armor at the middle of that hill to shoot T30 is not a good option.

    Everytime i play in this map,there will be 2-3 monstrous TD at the bushes near the enemy base waiting to shot mid.

  11. Ah yes let’s put a TV on the front of our pattons so the enimies will be distracted by sponge Bob playing on the TV

  12. Dez can you please do a anti lemming video. Please explain to people where to go when one side has more heavy then the other. I’m sick of people packing into one side when this happens. No matter what we need coverage on both sides of a map. Also what positions to rush to so we can defend on a uneven tank load out. I’m at my wits end with this… PLEASE

  13. Easiest 11k ish ive ever seen

  14. I had school today. I forgot my bag of goodies, and all the other kids with their pumped kicks got away.

  15. I think the patton did not need this buff, you dont you this in this tank

  16. 6 low roll only in first battle WTH??

  17. Not Goodyear…..Goody ear? 😛

  18. Not sure how impressed I’m supposed to be by a guy who doesn’t even know to track a td and instead auto aims them point blank….

  19. The RNG is strong with this tank……………I had to say it xD

  20. Before this, snapshot ability is the only redeeming feature of M48 Patton.
    Now E5 protesting she rendered irrelevant.

  21. Great example how games can be rigged by RNG. I bet his team had the same Great luck and his opponents had everything but low rolls and so on

  22. Your nickname reminds me of the REZZ musician!

  23. Man I love the new Patton looks and the fact they made it even more tanky I want this tank now!!!

  24. T55a and new patton, for me is best looking tanks in wot

  25. Team that won hill on mines won the game? O.o That never happens Kappa

  26. Should have also put Leo 1 at tier 8. Thats whats its worth at the moment

  27. TROPIC Agario and more

    Hey Des games I literally watch all of your videos and I love your content keep up the good work 😉

  28. Hi Dez,

    please do AT7 with 6pounder autoloader: D its crazy modul killer. shots each second, reloads clip in 9.8sec.
    pen is 110, prem pen 180. Better then Leopard with 30mm 95mm, if you have deadeye. Leopard has 12 shots but shots per modul damage is way lower then At7 has.

    So give a try 😉

  29. Yes. Buy a tier 8 premium and get to play against tier 10. Good deal WG
    When life hands you lemons, make melonade – if you are dyslexic like me ?

  30. So American Bias.

    Patton already could beat T-62A on a straight up shootout despite the dpm difference. (difference in alpha damage + number of shots to kill evens out)
    Now it has solid turret + much better depression.

  31. Had a game like this on mines once, in the STB-1, was up to 7k damage in 4 minutes and our team capped on encounter when there were like 5 high HP tanks left. Hate idiot cappers, no wonder that people TK them.

    Also the Patton is the slowest tier 10 medium now, next worse is M60 at 48 kph (where is M60 turret buff?) and then T-62A at 50 kph.

  32. DEZ Have you ever thought of being a commentator for WG in Leagues and such. Your voice is so much more amusing to listen hooks me in like your vids

  33. His play against that Jagdtiger was really bad.

  34. Played about 30 games with a buddy in his patton, I was using my t110e5, patton bounces more on the turret now, e5 is basically superfluous compared to patton >.< it is better in every way other than hull armor which is shit on e5 anyway, especially with the current gold meta.

  35. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Wow a green Player with Luck and an Bot Enemy Team.. so hard to do well LOL

  36. Leopard 1 : “(after watching M48 and AMX30B) Arghh, stupid power creep!! Fck you all, damn it!!”

  37. Limonade ahahah 😀

  38. Hello, i love ur vids, and watch them all and you are doing a great job btw…
    but today i am dissapointed… You are showing us some guy that is clearly using aimbot, that first shot in to the sheridan’s turret and the shot at is3’s lower plate under that kind of angle at 4:45…
    man, that is to be reported not celebrated as skill… but, it’s not your mistake, keep up the good work

  39. Thank God for the current state of Tier 8 MM.

  40. nothing copares with the mighty soviet trident 😛

  41. Dez likes big butts and he cant deny 😉

  42. Guys this is the most rip think ever 🙁 I got top gun with e25 on the map the t95 was a scout on (dont remember map) then i cant see the replay file anywhere
    1 like = 1 prayer

  43. Stupid no skill auto aimer wtf was that play against the jtiger good lord this guy sucks

  44. one of the milion ..

  45. did the m60 received a buff too?

  46. Dez, on a slightly different subject, have you heard anything about when Grand Battles will go live on the NA server? I’ve been playing the shit out of my TierX and haven’t seen it once since patch 9.20 came out. Is it a myth/lie by WG, yet again???

  47. I did 9000 damage on this map once in my M48

  48. Cant wait to meet You in my team playing UDES03. Therefore I will type in the chat: “Hey UDES, is this U DEZ? Send some nUDES” (Horatio Caine glasses on scene)

  49. This is not impressive :/
    Here you are i have sayed it XD btw really good video

  50. Sexiest tank in the game!!!

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