► BE MY VALENTINE II ❤ – World of Tanks Valentine II Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Valentine II Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Valentine II, Tier 4 Light Tank. Valentine’s Day Special 2018.

Thanks for supporting my efforts towards this channel. 🙂

Happy Valentines day, you beautiful Beasts! 🙂
celebrate this super-mega-epic-special day, let’s play with one of the two Valentine tanks in World of Tanks… Because I only have 1, tier 4 premium light tank “Valentine II”.


► Intro song: John Paul Young – Love Is In The Air (1978)


  1. Awwwwwwww… 😛
    Happy Valentine’s Day, Beautiful Beasts. #muchlove
    Btw… I really should get a mic stand…

  2. I love this tank!!it helped me buy leopard 1??.wait how ll it help buy a German tank?we’ll i was 100000 credits short so i sold it the moment i got it?

  3. Shoot the gunmantlet for easy pen *hint* *hint*

  4. Knock Knock!
    Who’s there.
    Abby who?
    Abby Valentines Day!!!

  5. Dez… Your brain is more broken than mine.
    Good job man, good job.

  6. Welp…. Time to go kiss a T62-A

  7. On 12:41 that bastard TOMISEK_BARTASEK-123….I played one battle with him today too XD. But he has 67 wn8 so you were unlucky he killed you.

  8. BEST INTRO YET love ur channel keep up the good videos

  9. Dez, gun left and right to the gun is weak, so you can pen it easily with ap

  10. 2 minutes all enemy team gone, same as tier X.

  11. you dont see that many valentine 2s because they sell it. today everyone who completed valentine mission got their own valentine 2

  12. My t-28E f-30 is hungry for valentines

  13. Good stuff

  14. 47 pen,well what happent is you meet Matilda?:)

  15. only 5% gold ammo is fired!

  16. The amx 40 is my valentine ❤

  17. Happy valentines day! Tons of hugs for dez

  18. Actually its pretty easy to pen it in the mantlet with ap rounds

  19. When will the HMS TOG 2 be on sale again?

  20. i keep hearing about a code for the vallentine 2… what is it lol

  21. I want my own personal submarine.

  22. Play your marder 38t, hetzer with heat, and SU85B and other high penn TDs and mathildas

  23. Thanks WG for the free garage slot and 200k credits!

  24. You should try the normal english Valentine.

  25. My first Valentine’s Day not being single. xD
    Even ammoracking a full health Maus can’t beat that!

  26. VALENTINE II 2 battles than i sold it useless tank

  27. Oh ill be your valentine whenever you want (lenny)

  28. I don’t ever have gold but I want some but don’t want to wast money

  29. Anthony Kosztadinov

    Nice vid mate!

  30. When you play the 1st battle with Valentine II and you go in the middle , that is a Marder 38T not a Marder II

  31. Hi dezz how do you get the purple enemies?

  32. Jūšțīň Hēłłēř

    I want some dezlicious love.

  33. Well played bro, you just needed a little more help!

  34. True words were spoken! Thx Dez! Good job!

  35. Motovlog pls!!

  36. What if i tell you that you can penetrate valentine with his standard rounds from the front and yes, you can snipe for weak spots 8but that is like 30 % chance of hit). Dez are you 1 of them??

  37. “Can I penetrate his pooper? Yes I can!” Oh Dez xD

  38. Hangman doesn’t work

  39. Valentines have to mount eachother’s rear for easy penetration ?

  40. cringe intro 😀

  41. Merry Halloween! -EasterBunny

  42. Base capper? Must be a console player.

  43. that was not an army, it was a lemming train

  44. “pick me” XD

  45. If I remember correctly, the only way to pen a Valentine with another Valentine using AP is to shoot the cheeks.
    But dayyyyyum imagine a Matilda in this matchup !

  46. Tier 4 matchmaking is perfect now … for Matilda and t-28-F30

  47. Plays a bit like a faster Matilda

  48. Tere Päevast

  49. It´s very courteous from WG to teach new players the game meta right from the beginning at low tiers, it´s so simple:
    Q: Do you bounce all day long? -> A: shoot regular ammo.
    Q: Do you want to do damage? – > A: shoot gold ammo.
    You know, it´s nice to prepare them for higher tier game play, the correct mindset will be there already and they will not get disappointed or confused …

    *sarcasm mod deactivated*

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