► BEST SCOUT – 18,700+ Combined Damage! – World of Tanks Bat.-Chatillon 25t Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Bat.-Chatillon 25t Gameplay Review, Epic Battle. World of Tanks Bat.- 25t, Tier 10 French Medium Tank.

We all know by now what WG is doing with tier 10 tanks at the moment… They are making them useless! But in the meantime, let’s take a at one tank, that can easily be the best scout in this game already – “Bat.-Chatillon 25t”, tier 10 French medium tank. It has everything one good scout need – decent camo, good speed, good view range and really good auto-loading gun. Who needs tier 10 LTs, right? 😛




  1. WN8 is not broken. WN8 depends on how much damage you dealt, the assist damage has very small efect on WN8.
    I had 10k spot with T49 and I got only 450 WN8 for my 300 dmg dealt.

  2. heavy tanks in this map is like chocolate on pizza

  3. WN8 has always been broken. WG don’t report the spotting damage for the calculation. I’ve had 7k spotting and got 800 WN8.

  4. @DezGamez WN8 is only DMG, not including assistant dmg 🙂

  5. Helps a lot to have really stupid heavies and TDs with huge hit point pools. Well done on the spotting, though.

  6. Gianfranco Sebastiani

    The dream of 3Markers

  7. shigeolincolntaco

    Thank you for the replay Dez it just demonstrates that the lt tanks are nothing more then a novelty and the true scouts are the meds

  8. WN8 isn’t broken, you just barely dont get any for assissting, kinda sad.

  9. You mention WN8 could be broken on your site due to him having a low WN8 score for the battle even though Tricky did such a good job in that game. I’d argue WN8 is broken overall because it only rewards people who deal damage. Scouting and getting assistance damage barely does anything to your WN8, so you could be a great scout but have mediocre WN8.

  10. low dmg = low wn8

  11. Too bad spotting damage pretty much doesn’t count into WN8 at all.

  12. so push, you die from campers and arty. push a non arty lane, get stuck by campers and arty. try to camp, no one is on that side of the map, or you miss every shot or fail to pen. therefore stick to houses and snap shot everyone who is spotted, and if you know where the campers are don’t expose yourself.

  13. Side note: i do more spotting in my heavy tanks than in any other tank, why? because if you have the view range and the armor you should be able to spot most kempers tying to kemp kill you, but then they load gold…..so much for pushing

  14. Dez, I got my two hooded sweatshirts.  Beast Mode is Activated!  Thanks!

  15. T32 tier 8 heavy 400 mt view range Amx 13 105 tier 10 light 390.all fine over here nothing to report back

  16. dang, I’ve always wanted to play the bat mobile, and watching this just makes me want it more

  17. I’ll never look at my Batchat the same way ?

  18. Newsflash: WN8 isn’t everything

  19. Dez is so pissed, but hes so right! <3

  20. wn8 is only measured by damage dealt, spotting or supported dmg is not included which makes wn8 obsolete

  21. Mojo #ain'tjoking

    wz 132 is the best scout on tier 8 lights

  22. your WN8 isn’t broken. Sadly it’s true that in WN8 you don’t get any rating for assisted damage. As long as most players are only looking at the WN8 number you will more likely find light tanks staying in safe positions to make damage than trying to spot and scout.

  23. TankingLikeABoss _

    Love your work Dez keep it up!!! xD

  24. wn8 doesnt care about asisst dmg

  25. them intro cinematics. allways so epic 😀

  26. prokhorovka is a Kemp Bush map bois

  27. What an awesome match, I wouldn’t believe those numbers if I wasn’t seeing them.

    Regarding lights let’s hope WG undoes this last nerf on tier 10 lights, along with the mobility nerfs on the lower tier lights and the removal of the guns on 59.16/VK 28.01.

  28. Honestly, what the hell is the point to lights in the first place when tier x and ix mediums will just steal their job and do more…….but god forbid we nerf
    Other classes so lights are
    Viable in tier x as scouts

  29. The tier 3 premium French TD has 400 meters view range

  30. 5:45 … our snipers are not doing as good neither*

  31. You know dez that wn8 counts only damage dealt it doesn’t care about assistance. You could get 20k spotting and 0 damage and your wn8 would be 0 or 150 for moving.

  32. Hi Dez, great video as always. I love your slow mo high detailed intros, keep up with the great videos.

  33. Actually WN8 is right, WN8 has nothing to spotting damage unfortunately

  34. Love your intros 🙂

  35. Way to go Massive, kill all build diversity in the game why don’t y…..oh wait, wrong game 😛

  36. About spotting why BC is the best?
    In this video was all about spotting enemies and he haven’t done anything that you can also do with T71 for example T71 has 400m base view range and have even more camouflage.
    *And this game was all about luck also to get all team shooting every tank he spotted.

  37. hey, let’s integrate t10 lts and nerf them to the ground! then we have more useless tanks in the game! that makes sense 🙂


  38. Just pure luck… combined with extremely dumb enemy team…

  39. Radostin Georgiev

    it isn’t your web site’s WN8 broken, spotting damage just doesn’t count towards WN8 . i have done 9k+ spotting with MT-25 and that was some lousy 1k WN8

  40. WN8 is merciless for spotting damage, which sucks, because I like to spot with my lights.

  41. can you make one frontline vid again
    and nice vid

  42. This what light tanks should be able to do

  43. One silly question…. How The f*ck that maus didn’t spot him… It s so close…. No matter what good camo he have, he should been spotted… I think done players know some buggy places… It happened more than once

  44. Like Birthday and Christmas at one Day, to have that much TD´s behind you, when such juicy Tanks just come to get slaugthered 🙂 Boring Gameplay but nice Result! Assisting Damage raised like a Slot Machine.
    Once i had 8K assist Damage just because our Postman was ringing and i parked in a Bush to open the Door, when i came back
    it was done 🙂 But when u try hard to do spoting Damage, it´s often not that easy.

    Nice Game

  45. You only get wn8 for damage done not assistance damage

  46. Luís Augusto Panadés

    If Bat needs buff imagine that shit Grille 15.

  47. i did my best combi-result in same map and same tank ? w. best here in 1390

  48. and nearly the same situation

  49. commercial is too long !

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