► Boom, Boom, BOOM! – World of Tanks E-100, T-127 and M4A1 Revalorise Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay. Gameplay. . . World of Tanks Live Gameplay Series.

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► Why You HESH to be mad?

Thanks a lot for voting guys, this time I have 3 really interesting tanks, nice variety! 🙂
You are going to see some tier premium tank action, together with super-heavy power and low tier trollingæ Something for everyone!

Let’s go!

Stay awesome and enjoy the video! 🙂


  1. Great games. Love the last one best. But Dez, where are the victory girls????

  2. That 140 is a lucky bastard indeed. QSF scrubs xD

  3. Dez I have a feeling you really wanted to play that E100 voting for it yourself….. Is that in the rules? Great video, Always love these vote videos. Hope maybe a tank i vote for will someday be chosen.

  4. M3 lee, come on guys make it happend 🙂

  5. I was on Redshire today with Löwe, I killed 6 enemies, and the last one, a Scorpion G with super low HP was able to kill me( i was 1 shot too) i went out from cover the wrong way and he was able to kill me, I lost the match, but I got Ace Tanker and Top Gun, almost 5k damage, but no Victory! It’s so frustrating :((

  6. Tu voz hablando español esta increíble! , dile que el “jijo de puta” es él por arenoso

  7. dez , a player like you shouldn’t play a tier 3 tank. you got skills. many new players doesn’t even know how skills works. its unfair. wargaming should create the mm based on no. of battles in my opinion. yesterday i had a is6 in the game and he didn’t even know where to go. he was camping in the base in a tier 8 game as top. the rest was tier 7 and 6. he got killed by a Cromwell on its own. by the way…. great channel!!!

  8. Hamilton De Avila

    This game is now unplayable without premium account. It’s credit loss after credit loss

  9. actually, dez, the T-127 is available to buy ingame and from the premium shop. i guess you meant the LTP

  10. Israel Contreras

    lol that guy xD

    P. S. Your Spanish pronunciation is on point???

  11. in relation to that guy that reported you for cheat. people are just retarded. two days ago one guy reported me for reload cheat. I was in a Tortoise 😀

  12. Bazil Grimstride

    Dez, can i send you my Su-76i replay to you?

  13. That e100 motor sound effect…..Priceless 🙂

  14. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    I VOTE you play Ranked??

  15. which tier 10 german heavy to get ??? already have e75 and tiger p

  16. Valentijn Hekman

    I’m surprised players can even messages. being a celebrity and all.

  17. cabron iho de puta 🙂

  18. Who else saw that covenanter jump off a cliff at 21:39?

  19. nice as always dez that last battle seal clubbing not so good let the new guys alone

  20. Dez, you can buy t127 from the ingame store, i bought mine for 250 gold when it was on sale. Also, it used to have a pref mm, but since last patch, ALL tier 3 s see tier 3 – 4 games

  21. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    Soooo, you aren’t the top damage for the game, and your stats are unicum but not super unicum, and someone with over 10k games thinks you can only get stats like that from cheating? Wow. You should send that a link to this replay.

  22. Mr.Burns-Clash Royale & Mas

    cabron hijo de puta jajaja

  23. Marcelo Malagutti

    Dez plays so well that people think that he is a cheater, good games and videos Dez.

  24. If anyone was wondering what Dez looks like google “Vladimir Putin”

  25. Wanna hear a joke?

    Armour in WoT

  26. everyone vote for M22 Locust

  27. Birch gun has ~1050m rang

  28. Personally, I like when you play the low tier tanks. Yes, it’s effectively seal clubbing, but I enjoy seeing tanks that aren’t normally highlighted in replay videos.

  29. go estonia

  30. Γρεασίδης Εμμανουήλ

    Cheater ? ahahahahaha DZ

  31. SteelReserve_40oz

    “cabron hijo de puta” ??? dead

  32. so a twatwaffle reported you for sucking ass? pathetic

  33. Maharbal_15 for the Wall Of Fame? 😀

    Come on Dez you must be Nutz to not put him in ?

  34. “Top three by wotes.” I love your accent Dez and your content. Please keep up the good work. And if you could say “Where are your Nuclear Vessels?” for us I would be eternally grateful!

  35. It was fun listening to Dez say “cabron hijo de puta” XD
    Good video Dez, keep it up.

  36. T-127 is in the NA shop XD and is on special sale as a starter prem most of the time

    wonder why EU isnt like that as well

  37. i really want to see his face when he figured who he was reporting
    -sorry if my English is not good-

  38. That TVP better be ready to get a good amount of spam on his account.

  39. BGH BGH BGH BGH BGH BGH engine sound 😀

  40. Pls next French low tiers 3-5:)
    Low tiers fights is much more better that X tiers and funny..

  41. WOW…loading E100’s AP multiple times against IS7…man…like never seen such thing so far o.O
    99% of other E100 players havent even tried to do so… 😀

  42. if you didn’ t know, Elefant was another name for the ferdinand TD

  43. The title somehow reminds me of a song titled “Boom! Boom!” by Ralph Becker lol

  44. Damn. These were some sick games Dez. Wish I had your luck when I play! XD

  45. I’m moving over to WoT pc from console, and I would like to know what is a good credit earning premium tank, preferably at t8 and around 40 US dollars. Thanks

  46. T127 is op, my top dmg mach was 1.7k dmg and 1k blocked

  47. 12:29 what’s that sound? xD

  48. Why don’t you convert some gold? Love ya vids


    vote for SU-100Y

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