► Boosters FTW, The Most Credits!? – World of Tanks M4A1 Revalorise Epic Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks M4A1 Revalorise Gameplay Review, Battle. World of Tanks M4A1 Revalorise, Tier 8 Premium Medium Tank.

Today I am going to show you something quite amazing once again… Take a look how our hero today, who is “Terminator200623”, is going to earn the highest amount of credits that I have seen in history of World of Tanks… We can talk about numbers close to 400,000! :O

How he did it? Check it out!

► Player: Terminator200623



  1. Yes guys, I fucked up… KV-5 is not the slowest heavy (you know when you watch the video)! 😛
    But, how much is your record battle (both earned and profit)? And I am not talking about those old test servers, where we got 1,000,000+ credits! 😀
    And guys, a little bit later upload once again, sorry… but better late than never! 😉

  2. Seeing this battle makes me so angry. Do you know how long I’ve been trying to get a top tier or same tier game in my tier 8 premiums since the new MM?!

    I’m from the NA server and with our low population count you are bottom tier like 90% of the time. You literally cannot out trade tier 9s or 10s. All tier 9+ TDs (well most of them) can two shot you. The autoloaders can clip you in one clip. Your armor is useless as they can just fire gold to pen you and farm you. I believe that in 2 straight days of playing, I only saw 1 top tier game. I played around a hundred battles in those two days. Its freaking ridiculous and nothing is being done about it.

    Tier 8 MM is garbage right now and almost unplayable. This replay is from the RU server which has hundreds of thousands of players playing at any one time. Their MM is working correctly, but ours, for the sake of queue times, is forked!

  3. Thanks Dez,

  4. Dez in the into you had a number of dollar bills fly off the screen….however they were $1 so you earned the grand total of $15 during that game? ?

  5. If it’s the best game ever played, then why didn’t he get a mark of excellence?

  6. I mean considering I’ve gotten over 180k in a tier 8 heavy without a booster it doesn’t seem that impressive. The amount of damage though was

  7. whenever i play mine, all the tanks at 1:20 for example would just instantly turn and shoot me.

  8. Revalorise is pronounced: rev-uh-lore-ie-say
    Just so you don’t mispronounce it anymore ;3

  9. It’s not bad RNG, that gun is so troll. I’ve played the rev quite a bit and I can totally relate, very often your fully aimed shots will go straight to the ground, killing a lot of ants.

  10. I got 192k profit once but i didn’t fire half HEAT.

  11. I recently broke 200k in one game with a 50% booster in the Skorpion.

  12. There is no challange in WOT for Dez:)

  13. Shit, should I get one on my Xbox? I’m rich as fuck and I want to know if I should fund WG.

  14. I make more exp. And cash with my Rev. Then any other premium tank I own…. I love it!!

  15. Whats the song at the start?

  16. “KV-5 is the Slowest Every Tank”

    Lord TOG II laughs at the corner.

  17. We need more credit boosts in the game I need more than 30M credits to buy all tanks I have unlocked.
    We spend all time grinding tier 10s tanks and now I spend most time playing with premium tanks because the need of credits is just ridiculous.

  18. My record game is in a ravioli as well with what was about 260k credits profit. I think 290k before “taxes” 😛

  19. I love that you used American Washingtons instead of whatever you use in Estonia

  20. That’s why we play Wot. We all dream of such a fight. I love your channel.???

  21. I think u can yell MONEY with every shot.. so MONEY MONEY MONEY hahaha I kinda wanna get this tank

  22. Did u really have to publish this at 0:00 or something like that?

  23. The M4A1 Revalorisé is a very good premium, I love it. ^-^

  24. Love my Ravioli. A tank with both pros and cons and yet is still a solid choice as a tier 8 medium. Damn. what a match!

    On the subject of silver I think the most I ever made in a match was something like 405K but this was YEARS ago when WGing was running some huge silver missions that gave out something like 100k-125K silver(and that was DOUBLED if you had premium account running during the missions)And you could complete the missions multiply times. I must have made something like 30-35 million silver during those missions!

    On a side note even today I still have about 51 million silver just sitting around for any equipment or new tanks I feel like buying.

  25. can u sub me and i will sub u from 5 accounts

  26. Nice vid as always Dez! Keep up the good work

  27. Juan Miguel Fernandez

    I have M4A1 Rev and i love it.

  28. Hi Mister Dez,
    the second prononciation with the sound “é” is the good one.
    Always ready to improve the Dez Machine 😉
    Interesting replay as always.

  29. What is that 63k credit boost?

  30. i quit playing months ago. this game has so much wrong with it that cannot be fixed. there isnt any point to it, when 99% of the players have zero clue what they are doing. top tier players get 1 shot of damage off, or none, and blame everyone else for no suport. 10 of 15 camp in 1 spot the whole game. 5 players try to play 1 corner where none of them can ever get a shot off. scouts who suicide or camp. tds who rush. arty cant hit a barn from inside it. i got so frustrated with it i quit. just not fun when 99% of the players are scrubs.

  31. Great battle!!  Can you double or triple up your credit reserves? have a 50%-1hr and a 50%-2hr?? I know they mentioned the rules about this when they first came out, but that was a while ago…

  32. Oh, by the way Dez. Do you know anything about the T-29? The T3 gift tank. They said we’ll get it at 12th of August, but nothing happened.

  33. boristhebarbarian

    i have been unable to find credit boosters on the EU server. any suggestions???

  34. Well on xbox there was one time a event with 5x silver earnings, you know the numbers were crazy also 1 mil silver profit in 1 game

  35. Please feature new BatChat 25t with the new model and gun

  36. @DezGamez, have you heard of vbAddict shutting down? Perhaps a short video highlighting this service and motivating people to some donations and support. Phalynx did a lot for WoT community, perhaps it’s time to pay him back? 🙂

  37. Every time he says the word “spotted” it sounds like he talks of his fucking lips and says “sported” which is really fucking annoying. Speak your fucking culture so we don’t have to put up with the shit that comes out of your mouth.

  38. Šašo Počmáraný

    and the next battle every shot bounced,missed and the player got autopenned by arty :DD
    yeah im just kidding
    also i don’t mean aything about the player im just making fun of the terrible RNG the revalorisé gets at least when i play it xd

  39. never join the asian server in wot… its cancer
    full of idiots who cant use their brain of theirs to read the map, push up, help teammates out…. asian server is shit

  40. Wiffed shots…such is Revalorise life

  41. Indranil Mukherjee

    What is the name of the track that Dez uses in the intro?

  42. Perfect example of why you should NEVER push out of that city once you won it…. That north cap is just a piece of cake to defend against a super open field.

  43. My highest profit from a battle is 80k -_- (after all the repair costs and ammo, + consumables)

  44. Why he didn’t pull the trigger? HEAT cost XD

  45. i have recieved more then – 100000 credits thats how gold noob works

  46. 1 hp the shell costs more than the reward, and why get in the way of a warrior committing aquatic seppuku

  47. Bak when tonks first came to console they had silver multiplyer up to x6 ……had a few million plus games

  48. jacky made 320k with strv s1, she did 7.5k dmg.. my record was ~200k only with jagdtiger8.8 or cdc. can’t remember.. 🙁

  49. remove the horribly long intro i always have to skip that trash

  50. Hey Dezgame, will you make a review of the new Swedish premium tank? Prima Victoria?

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