► Brand New GLACIER Map & HD Garage – World of Tanks 1.0 Update

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks New HD Glacier Map and New HD Garage – Patch 1.0 Update. World of Tanks 1.0 Update News.

We received one interesting update to World of Tanks 1.0 Test Server, featuring new interactive HD garage, with people in it and brand new, 15 15 battle map called “Glacier”.

Let’s take a look!



  1. One new map sneaked in… What do you think?
    And of course, enjoy your weekend! 🙂
    #stayawesome #muchlove

    • you can make ski-jumps competition on the aircraft carrier 😀

    • the ships in the arctick map is 1.battleship bismarck 2. aircraft carrier midway or lexinton class

    • CasuallyPlayingGames

      What 3D software do you use for the intro’s and top 10 animations? I want to get into it for my vids but not sure which software to start with 🙂

    • I think when you opt for the premium garage a Chrysler GT appears and you can click on it, see the stats and, wait for it, buy it. But having said this, I love the feel of it. Reminds me of my army days in camp.

    • better yet. if a tank is on the ice and an arty shell hits near the tank it should break the ice and drown the tank as it sinks into the water.

  2. All those new/reworked maps are really bad for the most part, there are so few places to actually fight and too many wide open no man’s land making those maps so awkward….

  3. I really enjoy the new look for the garage 🙂

  4. i’d Like to see Nation-Garage Themes(Red Square, Forest, Canadian Parliament, French) Choose-able locations would be sick!

  5. after bashing you yesterday, I have also to leave a nice comment when I like it and I like it so yeah, nice video 🙂

  6. This map reminds me of War Thunder

  7. Hey Dez how big is the map,
    1400×1400 ?

  8. any one realize battlefront is star wars

  9. Man i upload 16 hours before dez. Hes too popular! But he needs to be more popular lol

  10. Ur a hacker Dez How the fuck u got 100.000.000of That golden stars

  11. Has anyone seen the chieftain mk 6 on the wot page when they were talking about the 1.0 second beta test and there’s a picture of the new garage with the ms1 and in the background the chieftain is there, anyone noticed that?

  12. The map is called “Glacier”. But I cant see any glaciers?!

  13. In premium garage they should have the tanks crew servicing it or sitting on it or just chilling out

  14. PickelJars ForHillary

    Looks larger than 1000mX1000m

  15. those two garages actually are different. there’s a bit more development all around the garage in the premium one

  16. Inb4 ded game on NA servers.

  17. This map reminds me of crysis 1

  18. Brightness is to high, it hurts…

  19. I wonder if arty blast will break the ice on the water.

  20. looks like a map entirely decided by which team wind bottom right corner.

  21. another map were the center is use less like lakeville come on wg

  22. Ayyy another map with a penis!

  23. That first road reminds me of old railroad grade in the mountains of Colorado.

  24. magnus bo vejlø Rasmussen

    Yes!!! Not a city map thnx WG… To Manny new city maps…

  25. N.H.I. Nik's.Hellenic.Indutries

    Finaly a nice …nice Beutiful !!! Garage at wot just like at wow and wop that evreybody can have ! Makes me so happy ☺? cause i got sick waching that dirty+shity garage…..

  26. there needs to be a penalty of sorts or something for driving across the ice

  27. Wish they actually do as promised, once this version is out, it’s supposed to have new maps and less new tanks according to the development, not like we need more actually, I have in my case like ten tier 10 and 30 tanks into garage, I already like them but actual maps are so boring, nothing new to explore or further map balance.
    This one looks nice from the basis it makes any tank useful, like any map should do, not all corridors and not just a couple of mountains with big swamps for campfest.

  28. Just give us back the old damn maps wg.

  29. Oh I remember the concept art for Glacier about a year ago, glad they finally releasing it. We needed new maps, also I wonder if they going to bring back some of the older maps, like hidden village.

  30. SAD because usually what will happen is…. A new map is introduced, an other will be removed…..I still think that they could rework some of the old maps we had in the past…..

  31. Hey! The chieftain mk 6 is in the WG US page preview of the new garage! First slide, behind the MS1. Maybe mention this in your next episode?

  32. Are you playing on supertest server or beta?

  33. This map gives me vibes from pearl river

  34. Personally, I think WG should look into creative ways to implement old concepts, and definitely the addition of new maps.

  35. Wow the new map looks so beautiful..

  36. KeemDez is here boiz :)))

  37. looks brilliant.

  38. Reminds me a Snow version of El Haluf, anyone else?

  39. It almost looks like a grand battle map, its so big

  40. i wonder how long there will go until they also remove this map again

  41. Wow. What a useless fail again by the map team of WoT, who clearly never play the game themselves. Aesthetically, it looks gorgeous. And that’s all. In the 1st 10 seconds of the video, just by looking at the minimap display, it was obvious what a total bomb this map is. At least 90% of the map is just a wide open ice sheet (wow, so creative), onto which no one in their right mind would ever take their tank. You will be insta-spotted, and insta-killed. Then there is the narrow road on which Dez drove at the start: hardly a means by which to make a push with heavies, or with a med-rush: that will just be a place people will eventually avoid after playing the map enough times (Lakeville “lake road”, anyone?). A few “rocks” here an there to camp behind while arty focusses down on anyone unfortunate enough to get spotted. This is a full-on “camp map”. If anyone moves as much as 2 map-squares from their spawn in the direction of the enemy cap, they will be spotted and insta-killed. What a mega-fail. This game is just going to be a pig in lipstick.

  42. New map? What year is it.

  43. OMG this looks better and better…maybe GG to WG finally?

  44. Wow, the new glacier map looks awesome, looking forward to some really interesting battles in there!

  45. My favorite part of the new garage is the Kettenkrad. 🙂

  46. I’d want WG to make a map about Finland and that garage looks like one of my friends summer house’s back yard lol

  47. There is a f*** SdKfz 2 Kettenkrad in the garage!
    I need that stuff really badly!

  48. Armored Warfare had that camera feature in the garage from the get go. I have the feeling that is where the idea came from too

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