► BRITISH ROULETTE feat. FV215b 183 – World of Tanks FV215b 183 Epic Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

FV215b 183 Gameplay Review, Epic Battle. World of FV215b 183, Tier 10 British Tank Destroyer.

Today I decided to have some in World Tanks, can you believe it?
Let’s play a little game… and let’s call it British Roulette, because I do not know how else I should call it. 😀 But I am going to play with my number 1 favorite tank destroyer in this game – FV215b 183 and after every shot I have to change my ammunition type.
Sounds pretty cool? Let’s see what happened!



  1. Face reveal or play M3 lee with only he for a full day.

  2. Is everyone enjoying 5xp weekend?

  3. S P A C E D L E T T E R S

    They called it the Death Star.

    *Doesn’t Shoot a big ass laser*

  4. Just when you thought the 183 couldn’t be more uncomfortable to play…

  5. that was really fun to watch

  6. Thank you for all your hard work and great vids, I tune in everyday! Best WoT entertainment out there. Never stop. Wish you could do more vids of your home, that vid was awesome. Cheers from the USA.

  7. i love playng WORLD OF TONKS<3

  8. Next do this with the Hetzer or the Pz IV H

  9. Most excellent Vid Dez.
    Please more like this 😉

  10. 2 orgasms per minute……. • =•


  11. Comments And Likes

    15 togs vs 1 fv215b 183

  12. You are a boss in that tank. I have to admit I can not make my 183 work for me at all. Any Tips?

  13. you should do fv225b ht with cheep hesh only

  14. I got my Deathstar, I shall rebalance those tier 8 premiums with HESH.

  15. Haha 666th like 😀

  16. #s#hitbarnsandnoble

  17. the title is killing it

  18. i have one question
    please can you tell me what is the best gun to type 4 heavy? i don’t know how use if you can help i am very apreciated

  19. Havent aced the crom yet wow c’mon dez

  20. Agresivni_Krastavac

    BRING BACK FACEOFF SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Try putting on autogenerated subtitles…. Lol…. 8:29 Swat guys 4500 stomachs…

  22. I’m saying not one pen with the HE ammo

  23. My god, you actually did hit that Obj. 416 and he bounced xD

  24. Maarten Van Engelen

    9:16 look how many damage the e50m enemy did ?

  25. I love tank DEZtroyes too

  26. Did you heard about british tanks changes? I will love to see Super Conqueror (but still like my FV215b only if they buff the under turret hull armor – still 9k dmg my top game in it ) 😀

  27. Ivan Pasturmadjiev

    hey hey, how can I get the girls pictures on the battle results? Nice video by the way, it was fun to wach 🙂

  28. u should have asked seri every time which amo type

  29. Dez, I miss your good old “gooooood job me”! :'( Attempt #2

  30. 9:35 when arn’t we?

  31. WHAAAAAAAT!? Dez using ALL the types of ammo on the Deathstar!? NANI!? *Head Explodes*

  32. Pity there is no option in the game for random ammo picker. Maybe have a shell from the tank in “Kellys’ Hero” that just fires paint.

  33. i love the music on the background!

  34. that was really good!! love your vids Dez

  35. Me: I should save credits so I can maybe get to Tier 10 finally
    Dez: *loads HESH round* time for a 8,000 credit blind-shot lol

  36. Tonks is metamorphmagus

  37. 1 like=killed 1 arty

  38. Do you even have to watch the video before you like it?? I mean it’s a DezGamez video… 😀 😀 😀

  39. After your full HE 183 video I changed my load out to 5-5-2 and what it’s ironic is that I have better luck with HE than HESH

  40. Armando Ferreira Da Silva

    My next tier 10 hahahahah damage of 1300 gauge 183 mm

  41. How the hell is 975 goood for a first class? On NA that might get you a second class badge.

  42. @DezGamez was that 500k free exp or convertible exp lol ether way good episode as always I think im going to run my 183 with this load for some time now

  43. PanzerScorpionT Gaming

    Turn on subtitles at 0:04

  44. subscribed dude! :/

  45. Am i the only one that think that WG should add the possibility to pop out smoke?

  46. Arvin Dave Velasco

    Wasn’t able to watch this before sleeping damn…. but was able to watch it in the morning before going to work. Yey!!!

  47. Dez can you show us Ikv 103 great battles ?

  48. now do that with the shitbarn, now that would be funny

  49. I suck at wot… wish i was half decent like all the YouTubers and replays i see

  50. there you see, only HESH loadout is not needed to have fun in 183. I always play my 183 like this, except I cycle between AP and HE. Great fun pretty much always!

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