► BULLDOZER IS HERE! – Road To WZ-132-1 – World of Tanks WZ-132-1 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay Review, Chinese Light Tank. World of Tanks Gameplay Review.

And it is time to close yet another book, this time book titled “Road to The Bulldozer WZ-132-1”. It was a fun ride, this line is full of awesome, good and interesting tanks, where on the top, there is my long-waited Bulldozer WZ-132-1. Really happy to finally own it! 😉

Hope you enjoy!


  1. nice 🙂 I used that setup on my t54lwt for a wee while just for the buzz. the torsion bars will also help u out from ramming too….might be worth a try

  2. I wish I could have a better PC to play wot without lags… Im taking osme time off now cuz I really get anoyed when the lag kicks in xD But its nice to hear that you DezGamez are having fun 🙂 Love your vids keep up the good work!

  3. R.I.P. Old,interesting Dez… Welcome new,bad, boring dez 🙁

  4. Still no Type 64 in your Tank Polls?

  5. Get leopard 1 and go ram maus looks like get a knife and kill yourself 😀

  6. 121 grind next! ^^

  7. Chineesi breeki tank

  8. Now you’ve got to make a ramming compilation with the almighty bulldozer XD

  9. I use the Spall Liner on my Leopard (VK) and it’s hilarious. Mini E-50 when it comes to ramming.

  10. I Saw you today, playing in your wz-131-1. Can you Guys please help me by slamming that like button so Dez Will see it. Thanks! <3

  11. what crosshair does he use?

  12. got the t9 almost de t10 😛

  13. I love when you love some tank. 🙂 you share that emotions like a boss and make me enjoy your vids even more 😉
    tnx for another great video. lick

  14. I used to love my Chinese light tanks before the extension to tier 10. 132A killed the enjoyment for me.

  15. Food should give 40 meters. 10% of 400 is 40

    • Not exactly… It boosts your crew, not your tank stats.

    • DezGamez. Cool Dez @real Dez
      I thought crew skills helped. Cause how would BIA help view range or aim time and loading unless those are “crew skills/jobs”at all.
      Aside form the bulldozer do u feel like light tanks are inferior to mediums and even heavies. The mobility isn’t worth everything else cause you can’t always utilize the mobility while armor can always be helpful

    • Valentin Dinculeasa

      10% overall crew skils doesnt mean 10% to the view range boy

  16. Just love the Chinese lights Dez, been running them as rammers since tier 7 🙂 Don’t have my ten yet but will soon. Too busy this last weekend buying three other tens, 57 Heavy, Deathstar and Object 140. Now its back to grinding prems and the Dozer !

  17. High tiered Chinese tanks are basically shitty russian tanks. Nothing replaces a true russian. Nothing

  18. Ram kills are so much fun, I got one last night playing my IS-6 in Blitz with only 27hp remaining an Ru-251 came charging in trying to ram kill me so just before he hit me I started moving towards him and although he did kill me I ended up doing 500+ damage and taking him with me >:D

    • steweygrrr yu play blitz? how the fuk do yu stand the crap controls and graphics and sounds and etc etc etc, I mean touchscreen? fuk tht, maybe yr 12 lol

    • Andy Jones because I play it (mostly) on pc? You know with a keyboard and mouse? And the controls for touch screen are fine on a 10 inch tablet. I hate to say it but maybe you just need to git gud? The practice rooms are good for learning the controls in various different tanks, it’s much harder to play an LTTB than an IS-3 for example.

  19. i used light spall liner on Vk28, or at least back when i used it with 105mm…
    it has great top speed and is heavy compared to same tier light tanks and decent front armour. so it was fantastic at murdering light tanks

  20. Welcome to the Wrd of Tanks.

  21. You had a 50% or 15% discount?

  22. Very interesting idea ! Untill WG changes its characteristics in the next patch 🙂

  23. I just got my first mark on this tank. Easily one of my fave tanks in the game

  24. Hmm, rushing to a spotting location on lakeville or hill on mines etc etc. could actually be useful 🙂

  25. I want to see you ram a MAUS hahahah

  26. WZ is new Ramstein confirmed!!!

  27. Hey Dez! Great video – just wanted to comment on the Sheridan: it is my very first Tier 10 tank, and it has a pretty good gun – only problem I have with it (and it’s a big one considering it’s a LT) is its size. Completely massive, and that means it is incredibly hard to keep hidden from Mediums and other Light tanks…

  28. I like to see different and unusual ideas.

  29. I use spall and controled impact on my Pz1C.

  30. Damn. Talk about being a hard counter to light tanks that hold still. Maybe you should name your WZ “Mr. Bones”

  31. Alexander Krikorian

    I have controlled impact and a spall liner on my Luchs (and E25)

  32. How about road to 121 with some WZ-120 gameplay? haha XD

  33. E 50 m is the true bull dozer

  34. Waiting for your gold crush episode ^^

  35. Like the gameplay stile of this tank, makes it so fun and different from the other tier 10 lt, unique style

  36. With this tank you can turn those pesky russian T100s in to russian pankakes

  37. Motovlog dez plz

  38. Can someone Tell me why at the begin the blocked damage is not listet to the left bottom?

  39. is RNGesus dead ??????????????????

  40. 10 hours wot? Get a life outside of wg, m8 ?

  41. what are some safe, and good mods (looking for an easy computer illerterate moron like me 🙂 )that bundles them all (or most) together, i like good zoom in, safe shot, and stats, and options for others, that are NOT illegal.

  42. For you million credits is 15 battles for me its 30 battle with tier 6 premiums

  43. E-50M is better rammer;)

  44. Tomás López Sánchez

    I’m doing that tech tree and I don’t know if i should buy 121 or wz 🙁 someone can recommend me?

  45. For me the T-54 Ltwt is a better rammer than the WZ-132-1.

  46. I guess 121 will be your next grind.

  47. I wonder what would happen if this met an E50M in various positions.

  48. I honestly thought it was gold rush and WOT showcase forgot the nickname for the WZ

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