► Caernarvon Action X Preview – Upcoming Tier 8 Premium – World of Tanks Caernarvon Action X

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Source: DezGamez

. Action X, Tier Premium .

Today I am back with another preview on upcoming tier 8 premium heavy tank, this time from United Kingdom – “Caernarvon Action X”. Basically premium version of regular tier 8 Caernarvon, with upgraded turret design and smaller caliber gun. This tank features OQF 20-pdr boomstick.

Let’s take our first look at this tank!



  1. Have you been enjoying your weekend, Beasts?
    Now try to enjoy today’s episode. 😉

  2. Hellloooooooooooooo over there or hereeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  3. regular caernarvon and new buffed british heavies ar a bit overtuned in my opinion compared to other heavies like kv-4 st-i and is-4

  4. “not half bad at all” would be the correct English idiom. I apologise for this unsolicited English lesson.

  5. Excelsior – meh
    Tog – meme
    FV 201 A45 – somewhat usable, but underpowered
    Caern AX – now we are talkin!

  6. Yeah, because the best way to make premiums is to change existing tanks, then just sell the old version with spaced armor slapped on the front of the turret for nostalgia dollars. I’m still salty about the Pz.IV S.

  7. do you know de wea ?

  8. It’s not Russian, so give it a pea shooter. Good luck trading in this. Buy this tank and you will regret it

  9. Lol, another tier 8 premium, what a surprise. WG is milking the cow instead to gives a care about all complains and problems, alwyas more glad to have closed with it

  10. skill_master_senpai WOTB

    Nice vid dez and srry I’m late…but liked the vid as always 😀 ??

  11. Next halldown tank ? thanks WG, please wake up

  12. add caernarvon
    change caernarvon (add centurion turret)
    change caernarvon back (change turret back)
    release caernarvon Action X as premium

  13. hahaha concealment ”lets not talk about that”. You laughed me 🙂 <3 It looks balanced by the way

  14. Well WG is not getting my money for this tank.

  15. So this is a premium that is just the pre-buffed Caernarvon.

  16. and i thought the super conq was ugly, this really takes the biscuit!

  17. so the premium version is the old caravan just like a Black Prince at tier 8 damage regarding

  18. Dez if it helps it is pronounced Care-nar-von and you can blame the Welsh for that word. That said Caravan is funnier so I believe that is the true pronunciation :3

  19. Have u been drunk during recording, bcoz u messed up so many numbers

  20. If they put half of the effort into the game as they did premium tanks this game would be second to none.

  21. Wargaming is trying to make balanced premiums please dont complain for them being underpowered they are supposed to be worse than their standard counterparts
    Its previews like this that make wargaming buff them and then people complain about how broken they are

  22. Oh look another tier 8 premium. What a surprise

  23. Don’t get a Hardin over it it need armour buff . Why they need to remove it and replace it as such is just crazy . On console need armour buff iv Hurd players say .

  24. Yes, I saw an alpne tiger too, was that a test account from wg than?

  25. As long as they are not better than standard tanks, I’m perfectly fine with them releasing these tanks.

  26. “Caernarvon Action X”…Lord have mercy WG…pumping out so many premiums you can’t even come up with names for them now…AT least it has “some” historical information and not completely made up.

  27. Alpine Tiger is already exist in SEA server. it is a marathon event to get it but i miss it 🙁

  28. Hi dez i come from thailand i very very like your video thank ??

  29. This tank is borderline OP.

  30. it better had be a bloody tank in the store, us brits have been needing a tier 8 heavy prem since FOREVER lol

  31. Can my fav 201 (a45) have extra turret armor as well. and don’t forget to put a 20pdr on it XD

  32. But still no Chieftain.

  33. It is the previous Caer with AX turret model LOL! Well done WG recycle team.

  34. Thankfully, premiums aren’t immune to nerfing.

  35. what next? crowwell action X? or cen 10 action X

  36. I will probably be getting this tank it seems awesome!! Thanks for the great video Dez.

  37. WG please stop, what we really need is the TOG Action X

  38. lol this is the first time i have much more credits than dezgamez 😀
    and if someone wonders i have around 9,191,000 credits

  39. Itz Dirty J69 ! ! !

    Honestly probably took them 5 minutes to think and give the go ahead on this idea…

  40. So it’s the caernarvan before the buff but with super conqueror turret as a prem.

  41. WZ-111 Alpine Tiger.. marathon reward. Don’t think that is a good shit. It Suck… 2/10 game your turret in the sky. Low pen … Press 2 key for win game. But play premium tank only can deal dmg when use premium shell??? I got it n sell it for 3m credits… Better way to make credit


  43. Play world of (premium)tanks and premium ammo, it’s free they say!

  44. Oh wow, *another* British premium? Really Wargaming? You don’t think 1 every decade is a bit much?

  45. I wish WG would go back to how the meta was in 2014 when i started playing.

  46. It's not what you think

    This tank is fucking dogshit.

  47. Hmm… DPM is great and the turret is strong, just the way i like em’ ,but it has a 20pdr with that awful 680 creds per shot cost, what makes the Patriot such a good moneymaker is the combo of high dpm, pen and low ammo cost, this tank has the gun to be good, but it is too expensive to shoot it.
    If it is a marathon reward i will try to get it, but buying it… nah.

  48. We have already more premium tanks than normal ones, right?

  49. Artigiano Kuminiano

    I struggled to kill it many times with my is-3. So it is a good tank!

  50. No prototypes were build…. World of blueprint tanks goes on

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