► Centurion Mk 5/1 RAAC First Details, Province Map Returns! – World of Tanks 1.1+ Update News

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Source: DezGamez

Centurion Mk 5/1 RAAC Preview, New 8 Premium British Medium Tank. New Province Map, New Camo and Changes to The Clan Wars Reward Tanks – 1.1+ Update News.

In today’s news episode, let’s take a at another upcoming 8 premium medium tank, this time from United Kingdom, or actually from Australia… Centurion Mk 5/1 RAAC.
I have also some more updates about clan wars reward tanks and preview of one of the oldest maps in called Provice. This Italian map, together with Italian tanks is coming back to the game!

What do you think?


  1. That random video length tho… FeelsGoodMan
    Hope you enjoyed your weekend, but now back to watching my stuff! 😛

  2. Some good memories playing province. It had the atmosphere of a spaghetti western when you were in low tier tanks with auto cannons.

  3. Premium Centurion I…. It would be better if Premium Caernarvon.

  4. DefendingTheFatherland

    Since they keep adding all these variants of post-war tanks, can I get more variants of the Leopard 1? The standard 1A1 is trash, I want a 1A1A1 or 1A3.

  5. LLiving in Melbourne, Australia, I visited the Vietnam War Museum here anf I saw this very Centurion in real life. I’m glad WG has decided to bring something historical into the game and seem to have modelled the tank faithfully.

  6. New Aussie tank, can I preorder it? Lolz

  7. Tjorben Henning Heckel

    Have the same opinion as you dez

  8. The people who disliked this video just wanted to add that they were blind drunk and couldn’t focus but were aiming for the like button & hit the dislike by accident. Then they passed out before they could fix their mistake.
    Or so I’m told…

  9. Will the new tank have a ‘bulge’ at the front in the spirit of Australian tanks? 🙂

  10. Deb. RAAC means Royal Australian Armoured Corps.

  11. RAAC = Royal Australian Armoured Corps …

  12. Another Centurion.. Just why? Why not a britisj heavy or td, if it has to be british?

  13. Chainz hahahah legend ?

  14. AusTankie Gaming

    We say R double A C = Royal Australian Armoured Corps & the rear is an armoured extended range fuel tank

  15. I want to see a premium Canadian Centurion 5/2 at tier 8. Same as the Centurion 5/1 except it had the 105mm L7 gun. Take that OP Russian tanks!

  16. CaptainKolobanov864

    The thing on he back is a 100 gallon fuel tank which means that this is actually a Centurion Mk. 5-1 LR RAAC. (LR for long range)

  17. The RAAC comes from the corp it served – Royal Australian Armoured Corp

  18. loved the province map,, glad its coming back

  19. Matthew Bradbury

    I can’t for the life of me figure out what country dez is from?

  20. I hope to god they don’d that camo. The second that makes it in, they’ll start adding other camos like it just like in Blitz.

  21. Damn it, I bought the fv4202 with my old t34 and gold from the defender package only a month ago.

  22. RAAC = Royal Australian Armoured Corps.

  23. RAAC = Royal Australian Armoured Corps

  24. I want my to see pearl river and dragon ridge again

  25. Keep it real. World of tanks. Not World of battle bots.

  26. Camo is getting too unrealistic/cartoonish. Looking forward to seeing the new Province.

  27. Royal Australian Armoured Corps=RAAC

  28. That camo is epic 🙂 :)))

  29. so it’s like the standard cent and primo Victoria right? so just another prem tank to waste our money on

  30. 5 Centurion tanks in the game. Can’t we just get a Tier 8 British heavy premium?

  31. Royal Australian Armoured Corp (RAAC)

  32. The box on the rear is actually a second fuel tank to help extend there range and patrols

  33. 58 Australian Centurions served in Vietnam, 42 suffered battle damage (six beyond repair), with only two crewmen casualtys

  34. The thing on the rear is an extended range fuel tank to replace the trailers

  35. Damn that centurion is sexy as hell

  36. Eeehhh. Might have been cool if tier 8 matchmaking wasn’t cancer. Otherwise, no words on the 268 V4?

  37. Holy shit the lightning camo looks cool lol
    lol the brought back that shitty Italian map?! Still a bad map from the pic shown.

  38. 121B weak? lol nope


  40. I will grab this one when it comes out. My father in law worked on them in Vietnam. Aussie stalwarts. Gold as usual Dez, thanks mate.

  41. Eh I don’t know. I kinda like that skin…just wish there was a way to buy it. I don’t have the same amount of time to devote to this game like I did 3-4 years ago.

  42. We want a bloody Chieftain not a pissing Centurion!

  43. Thanks Dez, your the man

  44. YAAAAS FINALY PROVINCE, my first battle was on that map, that is why I love it so much

  45. Great job WG add more prems please >:(

  46. “Chains”. Nice, almost as nice as “Titties”(TD’s). LOL

  47. Gareth Winstanley

    We need a British Heavy not another medium

  48. Centurions in Australian Army Service Have a look at this Dez

  49. i dislike all the not historical style camos or guys who use strange colors on tanks. better an not historical, but historical like yellowish-brown-green-pattern than a OMG swful lightning or christmas bullshit, that breaks immersion totally. thats also the case for stupid patriot, victoria or WG-black tank line or m41/chrysler. if i ant crazy colors, i open a comic book.

  50. WG should buff 20pdr’s gold to like 270+ pen

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