► Changes to the Object 263 Branch + New Kharkov Version – World of Tanks Future News

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Source: DezGamez

263 Branch Changes – Object 268 Version 4 – New Tier Soviet Russian Tank Destroyer. World Tanks Patch 9.21+ Update News.

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Here is a little bit deeper look into most likely upcoming to the Object 263 branch, that WarGaming is testing at the moment on the Supertest server.
I am also going to share the first look at “Kharkov” map’s second version, that is a lot more open than the current version.

What do you think?


► Player:
– Cosi_i_zabivai


  1. So let me see-they are thinking about removing su100m1 (tier 7 td) which I love very very much and I have hard time to move one tier higher on su-101. Also, where is f****ng sense for tier 8,9 and 10 now days to put in one tier lower tiers and then nerf them, A LOT!?!?!?!?! This russian td line is super fast, cool traverse speed, reload time is just awesome and they have good cammo (I don’t know about tier 9 at the moment, but the rest of them are gg )So they are thinkig to put obj 263 in tier 9, ok but let me ask something, you put open td in line where tier 5,6,7,8 and 10 can use vents and in the middle of that line, you put td which simply can’t use vents….this is one mind blowing shit-thinking in WG.
    We have, in this patch, one slow td line with super alpha damage and slow reload time, traverse speed a little better then on Mous, and we have other td line, where we have super fast td,with good cammo, fast reload time on their guns but with lower alpha damage, very good traverse speed….what do you want more from that??? I know that everyone really want ‘Death star” to be in every single tier 10 nation for td but that would be ridiculously bad for this, already bad game. I just can’t digest that there, in WG HQ, sit stupid, retarded people with huge pay and they just fix some basics stuff. If you wanna do something, get more maps, improved MM (but really improved), HD maps. OMG

  2. Chiggy Von Richthofen

    I hate actual Kharkov map, but the new looks nice.

  3. Paris is the ‘dead’ map in need of resuscitation…..less ‘options’ than the current Kharkov. And isn’t it time to level cap the little maps?

  4. They are shitting all over this line’s accuracy wtf.

  5. Epic-Boom-Stick has shorter reload time?

  6. I have to agree, it makes no sense at all to butcher the Yolo Wagon like this. It’s one of the most unique tier X TDs, and the new version looks like it’s going to be more like the other ones. If the 263 was a really competitive tier IX, I would be more OK with it, but it doesn’t look like it will be terribly strong. I just don’t think the new tank is worth replacing the totally amazing Yolo Wagon; it would be a crime.

  7. I liked the 263 until the insane power creep which made it kind of useless..

  8. They better not do this. I love the 263 and it’s fine where it is

  9. What mod is that for that spotted marker in your player panel

  10. “STOPP do not touchh Spagoot”

  11. I like the 263 shame to see it go.

  12. It’s obvious what WG is doing, first the obj 257 and now this.
    They both retain their tier X armor, this is just like with the chrysler tank, they are making normal AP rounds more and more useless. Basically trying to further force you to use premium rounds, and therefore get a premium account.

  13. Why don’t they just add a new t10 after the 122 54, like with the T-54 or the Wz 111 14 ?

  14. I’m really confused y wg is replacing or reshuffling all the tier 10 tanks recently. It’s unnecessary!

  15. No need to make any change to this line. Just add the bloody new one at the end for 2 possible T10 options. No need to give away anything. But, if anything, just move the SU122.54 to ISU line and lower 263 then. But nothing else makes sense.

  16. Nugroho Rahmat Fitriyanto

    I love new Kharkov indeed.

  17. Leave 263 as t10. 268v4 is worst than 263. So, put 268v4 at tier 9. So easy

  18. I don’t mind the tech tree changes other than the tier 10 replacement. Please don’t butcher the 263. It’s one of the more truly unique tier 10 at the moment and that I personally worked very hard on getting.

  19. Shittiest proposed tech tree change I have ever seen

  20. I really would not be happy if this goes through. I dont own this tank but its one of the most flavourful tanks in the game IMO

  21. I have notis on and i didnt get a noti….

  22. Wow tier 10 heavily armored TD with a stronger engine and better power to weight ratio than most tier 10 medium tanks.

  23. WG can we have pearl river back please oh please.

  24. Here’s hoping this PARTICULAR piece of bullshit never makes it to the console version. But that’s actually possible because it’s developed by a different part of War gaming from pc version.

  25. what the … reload time …

  26. Why change 263 when it is good in the tech tree line and its tier, if they really want to replace at least replace 122-54, the whole line is about the DPM, speed and rear fighting compartment… Why WG nerf the DPM of 263 to 16sec… OMG! PLEASE DONT CHANGE OBJ.263!!!!

  27. So for me to understand….. the 263 is notorious for its armor. Now i will have to contend that with my tiger 1? Or comet? Gold shells will not help even….

  28. oh boy, another high alpha high armor tank

  29. nice “new” Kharkov, same bullshit as other maps. 3/4 of map unplayable b/c of open field and camping TDs

  30. New kharkov totally bullshit..
    WG: “HEY let’s make ine of the most hated maps even more worse and better for clickers.
    They will love it. And one thing more. Lets replace the yolo wagon and make it so worse at t9”
    Dont kill it even more..

  31. More maps!!!!!! not just take old one and add snow and hire u go …… bring old maps back

  32. Obj 268 v4 looks as bloody ugly as T5 Archer…

  33. This line has been extremely fun as a high accuracy, high DPM line (this is coming from the guy that would rather play high alpha tanks) I’ve enjoyed every TD in the line. The OBJ 268 line already has shit accuracy and mobility, but makes up for it in alpha damage. These changes will completely DESTROY the Russian TD experience. You are going to replace these mobile, accurate, DPM oriented TD’s that are adept at their trade with TD’s that lack the ability to do anything. Yes they will have great frontal armor, BUT they cant turn for shit, can’t hit the broadside of a barn (especially with the “new and improved” RNG) and to top it all off: they have to wait almost TWICE AS LONG TO MISS THE BARN AGAIN!! These changes are a failure before they even get off paper. The IS-7 has to be played as an in your face tank with .4 stock accuracy. This tank has amazing armor, a turret, and half decent reload time. THE 263 LINE ARE TANK DESTROYERS. Every WOT tutorial tells you that these vehicles sit back and shoot at key targets from AT LEAST the second line. The proposed TD’s can’t shoot from a distance (shit accuracy), can’t play in your face (can be flanked even by some heavy tanks) and can’t even sustain fire (absolute shit reload time). The proposed changes are by no measure an improvement of any kind. If anything, KEEP THE TANKS THE WAY THEY ARE, and maybe even buff the aim time of the tier IX and X tanks. Once mastered, these tanks can be menacing on the battlefield. Why would you take these extremely fun vehicles away from us and replace them with utterly useless ones. Please Wargaming, wake up. People are already moving to Armored Warfare or Warthunder because you can actually hit what you are aiming at. I’ve tried it myself but there’s not enough to the other games to keep me engaged. I love this game and have been playing it since its release, but I am starting to lose heart. Armor is almost irrelevant now because of the gold spam epidemic. Tactics are losing effectiveness because of the splash radius increase and stun mechanic. Please set forget these changes and prioritize ones that will actually make the game better, like reworking all the maps in HD (the previews for those were gorgeous). That alone would probably bring some people back to the game. If your motivation for these changes are to make the game better (i.e. more fun to play), it’s not very evident. Thank you for reading, I think I’ve said my piece.

  34. Seriously? Move this retarded td even one tier lower, while it’s already not balanced as tier 10? Stupid joke… nice ‘balancing’, because Russian, right? The changes to the existing vehicles, suggest that they are not balanced yet, which is not true. 263 is already overpowered for it’s tier. Lowering it down 1 tier will make it even more broken. 0 Weakspots on the front.. sure.

    Was just stopping by for the Kharkov changes, but meh.. new ideas for the map suck. I already don’t like it and the north side of the map will only be harder to play in, because there is not enough to hide behind. The game is already getting filled with more and more td’s. Like we need more influence of them…

  35. Why don’t they just drop the line instead of doing this to the 263. 0 brain cells used on this one

  36. RoumanianWayTo PRO

    Fuck wg! This sucks! Please. DO NOT CHANGE THE OBJ 263 BRACH!

  37. If they wanna make changes to a tank line, go for the KV/IS-4 line instead. The only tank that don’t fit in the 263 line is the SU-122-54, so I can see that being removed and replaced for something else.

  38. Emir Uljanov Lenjin

    Tier VII tanks is good,SU-101 sucks

  39. Sa veut dire que j’ai depenser 6million pour un tiers 9 alors…
    J’espère qu’on aura le tiers 10

  40. Alexander Steinmetz

    WarGaming you complete Debil .LEAVE YOUR HANDS OF THAT BRANCH

  41. Find a replacing tier 9 and do the other moves. We dont need another 750 alpha gun. There is already enough of those. The dpm and mobility is what makes this line special. They basically replacing it with a nerfed tank in every way except armor and alpha, and we dont need that…. dont take the 263 away

  42. Destroyerman Fernandez

    So, WG haven’t changed their tune regarding their utterly stupid decision to “rework”-oh sorry, wrong word-SHIT on the 263 line. How fucking surprising. This has to be the stupidest idea WG have come up with, the 263 as a whole is a good tank, not overpowered, not underpowered, it was in that sweet spot of being just right to use and fun to drive, a Goldilocks metaphor essentially, just right.

    And now WG wants to push the 263 down a tier and nerf it to ground by giving it absolutely shitty gun stats that culminate in crap accuracy, RoF and handling as well as nerfing the traverse speed and view range. So what we have now is a fast, inaccurate piece of shit with terrible gun handling and poor RoF combined with mediocre view range. It will be the Jadgtigers retarded Russian cousin. I might as well sell the 263 and go down the Jadgtier and JpzE100 line.

    Speaking of the JpzE100, the Object 268 version 4 is a fucking joke, it’s essentially a piss poor man’s JpzE100 with shit tier DPM, horrendous accuracy for a 152mm gun in an era where 152mm guns have good to great accuracy and DPM and shit agility. So WG, what the fuck is the 268 version 4?…what is it’s identity, the thing that makes it unique??..Nothing, it’s a poorly balanced pile of shit that is a massive insult to all the players who grinded the 263 line to get said TD for a unique playing experience…and now we get this, a poor clone of the JpzE100 with none of the redeeming features. It doesn’t have Death Star level firepower like the JpzE100 and the British tier 10 TD’s, it can’t roadblock like the T110E3, it doesn’t have the E4’s turret, it can’t snipe like the Grille or clip tanks like the Foch B, which is a fucking broken POS. Worst of all, it’s not a jack of all stats TD like the old 263 is, which is a TD that can do anything.

    Here’s an idea WG, leave the 263 alone, buff the SU-100M1 and the SU-101, remove the SU-122-54 and replace it with another TD that keeps the theme of rear fighting compartments and all that defined the 263 and buff the 263 to make it truly viable, give it a roof and wider gun arcs…This is way better, alternatively, if you WG devs ABSOLUTELY want to put the 268 version 4 in the game, put it in a separate line, between the 268 and 263 as a hybrid between the two lines. Or if you want to go down this change, give the 268 version 4 the same 130mm gun, mobility, armor profile and view range as the 263 as well as all the stats (from the great accuracy to the reasonable aim time and good reload among others) that made the 263 great. When the 263 is downtiered, it should remain as the 263 as we all know and love, still retaining all it’s traits from tier 10 save for a decrease in hit points and pen. If you do this WG, put some thought into your “changes”, they would be much better received.

    Now however, your changes for this line is just shit.

  43. So what happens to the SU100M1? Another Premium tank? They should keep the line as it is today, and add the new tank as a second option on tier 10. There are already quite a few similar cases (T54 leading to 2 tanks, etc.)
    Or make changes on the SU122 level and move it to the other line. All the higher tiers of this line are rear turreted (sort of) except the SU122

  44. There are so many bad tanks in this game. Tanks that are really not fun to play. Why mess with a tank that is just fine as it is. This change seems like a real waste of energy they need to focus on other stuff IMHO. They keep messing around with the tanks and premiums but the real issue is still maps and map design. Take out the five really unpopular maps and add 6 or 7 NEW ( yes brand new) maps that offer something for everyone. Maps like Kharkov are an awful idea. Light tanks and arty are a waste of time usually ( and yet every time I play an arty I seem to end up on Kharkov first game in lol )
    Btw those stats you read for the new yolo wagon must be typos. 300 pen vs 270 ? I might not bother with any gold ammo. I just can’t see anyone playing a tier 9 with 16 sec reload, it must be a typo.

  45. Fuck you WarGaming for that, holy shit what is wrong with these people…

  46. Removing the SU-100M1 is dumb, the one to remove has to be the SU-122-54! It sucks and does not fit the line by having a front mounted gun… By seeing the changes I guess I’ll stop the grind of this branch and stay with the SU-101 that will replace my SU-100M1!

  47. Hmm, I’m just grinding this line and about to buy the SU-101M. Should I still do it or wait after the changes have been made?

  48. Wg has bad taste of humor if they think this is a good idea ???

  49. Why they have to remove that tank, it is little OP but overall good. Anyways if you want free gold for WOT you can download free gold for tanks app on play store, use my invite code for good gold bonus : vgnmy. And start earning free gold, I have already made 300 gold in one week just by regularly using my phone

  50. Why dose war gaming allways fuck about with the Russian tank’s , they allways changing the tank’s spec’s with buff’s & nerf f’s or putting a new tank in all together! I’ve been playing this game 4 years now & this nation has had the biggest face lift since then , it looks nothing like it did three years ago , it makes me not won’t play this nation after doing a big grind just for them too buff or nerf & put a new tank in!!!pfff

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