► Chieftain Mk. 6 – The Most Expensive Tank! – World of Tanks Chieftain Mk. 6 PC Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Chieftain Mk. 6 Gameplay Review, Premium British Heavy Tank. Chinese Server Special Premium Heavy Tank.

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Today I am going to show you the most expensive vehicle in the game called of Tanks… Yes, is not on any regular server, it is on that “special” Chinese server, which is not managed by Wargaming btw.
Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome The Mighty… The Legendary Chieftain Mk. 6, that you can get for ONLY $1,500!
Wow… Was I wrong saying that Waffentrager Auf. E-100 (P) is the most expensive tank in this game… 😀

Hope you enjoy!

►Tanks in action:
/British Chieftain Mk.


  1. Some Hyper exciting stuff for you today… Gameplay action with Chieftain Mk. 6! 🙂
    I hope you are going to enjoy your weekend and happy thanksgiving to everyone who is celebrating it!
    And try not to spend too much money on the magical Black Friday! 🙂

    And I have 10% off from everything on my place as well: https://pro.teechip.com/stores/beastmodegear?coupon=DEZBLACKFRIDAY

    • abraham murguia I got the wt auf e100 before grill was added still need to get the cheiftian on console only at churchill 7 I think working on 183 line however

    • It’s not exciting it’s stupid and scary. The state of mind that someone has to spend to do this…..it’s game breaking stuff. You are no longer talking about FUN….you are taking about a sickness of the soul.

    • I had to stop watching. I for one DO NOT want to see what they are doing on the fucking Chinese server. It’s a travesty of a game that’s already got a lot of issues. I won’t watch any more replays from that shit.

    • on console you can have cieftain and fv215b is not going the super conquer is just going to be addet

    • how much do they charge you in China for fresh air to breath?

  2. Or you could just grind out the chieftains in War Thunder and get 3 of them for free. Chieftains mark 3, 5, and 10 are all in war thunder as normal tech tree vehicles.

  3. 躲貓貓 LOL funny decal

  4. Great East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere

    the owner must be the biggest virgin chinaman ???

  5. Only available on Chinese server? It’s been on console for a couple of years now as a alternate tier ten after the conqueror.

  6. Hey Dez 🙂 cool Video 🙂 i play WoT on the Xbox one! And we got the Chieftain Mk6 ass Second TT Tier 10 Hravy next to FV215b… i already have this tank and i can say its super super Awesome to play! like a teugh MBT 🙂

    We allso Have the WT E 100 still in the game Next to Grille 15!

    The Console Version of WoT is leadet by War Gaming USA so thats why we have some differences…

    So maybe if you want to try Chieftain MK6 by your own, you Culd Go on Console and Contact War Gaming US 🙂 i think they can give You a Account to test this baby by yourself

  7. Dez Gamez Xbox one has bite chieftain and w aulf e100

  8. if you gonna sell the chieftain mk 6 for about 1.7k USD might as well fix it apcr to apds with 387mm of penetraion

  9. Its free in the tt on console

  10. What many westerners see as stupid/ funny is nothing for China. It all boils down to economics; since China is getting money from the Left to the Right, the money has to go somewhere?! And that somewhere is many Chinese citizens getting an excess amount of money that they can literally throw at anything they want. It’s funny to us Westerners but many Chinese people have a shit ton of money to throw nowadays and it’s gonna keep getting much more insane as their economy grows even more.

  11. For a Country with a communism government that talks about greed and decadence of the west, the seem to surpass then all by far.

  12. This is a standard tank on console. Players have the option to grind for the Mk. 6 or the FV215b

  13. You sir, need a console. You’ll get to enjoy this beauty of a tank with no money down

  14. So this tank is also avaible on the console as a second option non premium heavy tank. Love you dez.

  15. You guys still don’t have this? We do on console and its not crazy popular. I see 10x more 110e5 or e100 then chieftain and its a standard tree tank.

  16. Man after hearing this it makes the 81 tank bundle sound ok lol.

  17. Ridiculously expensive tank. How would MightyJingles react to this, hahaha.

  18. Dez, the Type 59 G/Gold is also on the Chinese server and it is worth around 2500 USD or atleast that is what i have heard thx again for making the great vids.

  19. I play console and I’ve seen the chieftain it’s like a conqueror and centurion. That cost is very overpriced and it’s not a e100, is 7, kranvagan, or t101e5 so any pc players who see this just know it’s not that popular from my experience. And don’t say console peasants in the comments of this comment.

  20. I guess some people have more money than brains…or at least common sense.

    • Agreed their people no matter the server or version of the game some people spend stupid amounts of money times for things that are most times not good.

  21. Don’t get console if you want a version of the game what has much less tanks. We get them to at its shortest a month later.

  22. I thought it was pretty funny! Always down for some good memes.

  23. That money….
    Btw what does this bar in the top of the Game say? Propaganda or ads for overpriced tanks?

  24. 900 Dols for 81 tanks…1500 Dols for ONE TANK???

  25. Someone Subscribe ME Please 🙁

  26. Wargaming are learning from EA.

  27. Йосиф Сталин

    This is some next level capitalism….. And they say China is still socialist……..

  28. Anirban Chakrabarti

    Dez: Lets see 1500$ in action
    Me: Hey, I just laughed my ass off, could you find it for me??

  29. Do you even aim bro ?

  30. U can buy dragon lore for 1600€, u can buy ak47 scar pattern with 4 titan holos for around 30k€ etc… i know its different game but i just want to say

  31. you can get everything in the CN server if you have enough money……
    e.g direct buy 7skills crew only need 181$.
    1000 Premium ammos in the any Tier X tanks 4.5$
    Object 252U 18$ /obj.907 60$ / Chrysler K GF 7.5$/ VK7201 15$ and so on.
    so this is a weird server .WG don’t care these.

  32. I would like to die by Chieftain one day.. Like that Leo.

  33. What the fuck was that aiming time??? It was like non existent

  34. I don’t think this player has any gold shells. The chieftain fires apcr (apds with 270 pen) as standard

  35. WOW thanks for the uploads Dez

  36. chinese people are like robots, I am scared

  37. Wargaming i love you, 🙂 Extremly shitty leadership 🙂 bad products and WOW expencive aswell, love the way you listen to the community. i think i will buy an premium tank right now 🙂 WARGAMING we love you for the fact that you got a fantastic game, but we hate the way you ruining it slowly. and yeah, blyat on you… MORONS

  38. I would buy that thing, but only if you get infinite amount of RNG luck with it 😉

  39. the why you hesh to be mad is pretty cool but people wont get it

  40. Can anyone gift me fv4202 plz??? I really want it but have no money☹️. My username on asian server: AyushJodh

  41. Best tank

  42. Can you make 15 M7s vs 15 M24 chaffees?

  43. Well actually the Free-to-play&Pay-to-win concept was, if not invented, very widely used in China since as early as 2005. It’s a huge market and I’ve read news about people dumping millions and millions worth of USD into FTP online games.

    Apparently this has something to do with some of the Chinese people being more and more rich. But eventually it is because many games are not designed to be played by gamers, but to be played as an arena of power domination of real-life money. What should be virtual becomes an extension of reality.

    WOT is among the “fairest” F2P games on the market. Even if you have an OP tank hou still have to be a rather skilled player to use its potential to the fullest. There are games where no skill or time investment are needed and you can just win anything or anyone by paying big money.

  44. On console we have this “thing” and he destroy a lot of tier 10 battle if he come on NA or EU I think that gonna to be the and of the game

  45. The chieftain mk.6 is on console as a regular tier 10. I thought the prices were already ridiculous, but this is another level.

  46. Hey dez, hope you’re reading this. But you can get the Chieftain for free on the Xbox One. It’s in the tech tree next to the Fv215b (Or S. Conqueror if they put that in the game already)

    Edit: It’s called the Chieftain Mk. II. But it looks the same as this vehicle

  47. this isn’t a HT .. this is more like a mbt .. this would make t10 randoms, CW and sh prettymuch unplayable unless you have this thing ..

  48. This is insane.

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