► Chrysler K GF and STRV 81 – Premium Tank Preview – World of Tanks New Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Chrysler K GF, Tier 8 USA Special Premium Heavy Tank. World of Tanks Strv 81, Tier 8 Swedish Premium Medium Tank.

Sneaky Wargaming is sneaky… They have sneaked in some more tier 8 premium tanks into live server, so hopefully these are going to be released soon!
I am going to take my first look at upcoming tier 8 Wargaming.net League Grand Final special edition heavy tank “Chrysler K GF” and new tier 8 Swedish premium medium tank “Strv 81”. Second tier 8 Swedish premium medium tank, even tho there are high tier mediums in the Swedish tech tree, yet… Interesting…

Anyways, sit back and Enjoy!


  1. Ok before i am watching this Video, all of those tanks have 200+ pen.

  2. My armor model shows at most 190mm in front why is it so different ?

  3. Not OP enough!!!, I want MAUS armour, T92 AP Shells, T100LT speed, Tortoise rate of fire, E25 camo & M48 patton view range….sorry WG, need more OP if you want to crack my wallet…

  4. WG please buff the T32…….

  5. why even do med swedish prem when the med-teectree enfs at tier 7?… and with no plans to make a med-branch…. muppets

  6. Jasper Cundelll

    well i already have two grand finale tanks might get another

  7. Alexandru Ghetaru

    You intentionally forget to compare STRV 81 with FV4202. No doubt it is because STRV 81 is much better in all possible ways, DPM, gun handling, armor, even mobility.

  8. is that a premium centurion? i love my Centurion.

  9. this game is a joke, hey i got a joke.

  10. cant they bring back out the old maps they took away from us?

  11. Sijmen van Essen

    I see 2 big fat guns on the tank Chrysler gf that is gonne be a weakspot

  12. ThatAussieBloke

    I love how there is 120k people on EU.. NA has 10k max 80% of the time 🙁

  13. Please WG, we need more premium tanks. This is not enough.

  14. it’s strv s1

  15. skorpian g 2 key

  16. Mr.009mm Killuminati

    hahaha what, heat in the side. many tier fives can pen with standard in the side. so called good players and wot make me hate the game i liked the most. by all means not trying to be how many of us are brainwashed to be and belittle and hate and make fun. im just speaking how i feel, with all do respect. how i feel and being an average player, with wot being my first online pc game ive played and not many times played on pc, esp keyborad mouse. also that has gotten through like 230 tanks and still going. i played them all to unlock everything, with 7 tanks and four being arty being skipped. to unlock all stuff on the tanks and barley used free xp to do so, never bought one day of prem time. so when i get through all the tanks that i hate and can play the ones im good at, my wn8 will be way higher. it still goes up all the time still. by then i’d be burnt on the game and unlocking things in games gives me reasons to play, aside wanting to waste time playing a game and not getting anything for it, thought either way its still pointless and a waste of time. dont play games that much anymore. i played two, but now just one. wot sucks, prem rounds and autolame were annoying and made the game less skillful, now we got stun and unlimited consumables. you try to get good, instead of compensating. your challenge vids are garbage. i laod he for my prem rounds and many tanks will shoot that over prem to do damage, ya less cost is noce, but comes down to compensating. yes he has no skill, but i only use on say a kv5 against a vk 100 from the front. all still try and hit weak spots with standard. i try to use aiming skill and not just say screw it i cant bother, like people like qb do. still waiting for you to play 50-100 battles, or at least how long xvm takes to update stats over so many games. not using autolame, no prem shoot all the he you want, have to aim for weak spots and flank or not fight that tank and no unlimited consumables, you can use them, but the way they should be, were they actually need skill to use and just use them once. but the challenge is to see if your wn8 drops like i know it will. not saying you wont still have good wn8, but it will show your true skill, without compensating with skill rounds and skilled autolame, actually do help. im not saying people sit there and just use atuoaim, sure some do. im saying driving at a tank in a light tank and instead of aiming 3rd person or first and trying to use your skill to do it, they compensate and right click.

  17. Where was the gameplay?…

  18. roemer schoenmakers


  19. I already fought and destroyed one of these new chryslers yesterday and i thought wtf ? never seen or heard about it ever ! and it was on live eu1 server , wtf are wg playing at ?

  20. T28 Prot. + VK 45.02 B = Chrysler K
    Centurion Mk. I + Sweden = Strv 81

  21. why no game footage?

  22. diamonddragongames

    is it in CT yet?

  23. tornike kuchava

    another fucking pay to win strategy premiums, which cant be penetrated in t8 battles like defender gj wg <3 bitchies

  24. Worse that Defender

  25. “concealment… OK..”

  26. Der Tante Kethe

    Gib 41 90 pls

  27. GamersOfTwoMinds

    Why is it other nations seem to get more British premium tanks than the British actually do? Also can I have the mounted MG back on my Cent 7/1 that got removed when it was made HD for god knows what reason?

  28. Lol. Calling Amx Liberte power creep was idiotic. You just shoot its huuuuuge turret hatch and anything can penetrate it even shitty IS-6 guns. Patriot is a powercreep but defender’s got the same problem. Turret is very weak. Plus frontal armor weakspot is way very huge at some certain angles it becomes 0 protection. Keep your bias to yourselves. Defender’s gun stats are trash can not even hit a house from 300 meters.

  29. Derek Thamkruphat

    Huh. Wonder how tall is the Chrysler K? And I wonder how much armor does the engine deck have? Is my Oh Ho tall enough to just chuck HE rounds at it and penetrate its roof armor?

  30. Andreas Charitoudis

    Better penetration than the amc cdc? Wtf

  31. lol this hybrid tanks that never existed not even on paper.WG making his own tanks,
    and yes please more power creep is 1 more step closer to a toxic game
    Every tank should have weak spot!

  32. pay to win…get overpowered premium and Nerf the current non premium tanks to make more ?…sad

  33. they just destroyed the most fun to play light tank amx elc bis…not it’s just useless 🙁 YouTubers should do a campaign to ask wargaming to make elc great again…

  34. T1 cunningham

  35. Aleksandar Jorgic

    New Swedish premium medium tank have much better turret armor than Centurion mk I, seems legit…

  36. everyone qq about prem tanks. damn, wg releases a hell lot of normal tanks but you dont give a shit?

  37. Wish that Chrysler GF with that 20 specific power (!) and 152mm frontal armor had more like a 50 kp/h top speed. Man, it could’ve been a ramming king;/

  38. Aleksa Babic Rezonja

    Chrysler Girlfriend <3 <3 <3

  39. That Chrysler K GF has a 20 hp/t ratio???? If that’s true, it would be better than several tier 8 medium tanks even., including that swedish Centurion, depending on the terrain resistances, of course.

  40. Only 2 new premium tanks. What is this wargaming? We want more premium tanks not just 2.

  41. ok
    this episode feels so fucking stratched with some unneed commentary

  42. Mitchel Stuffers

    YAY! More tanks, so much attention is spend on our community!…..

    Oh, another bunch of premium tanks wich wallet wartiors can buy…..great….nothing for us legit players.

  43. Dez, it would have been very informative if you also compared two Centurion and showed what makes them differ and what is skewed about the Swedish one vs the UK one.

    Wargaming balancing & logic…go figure:
    UK Cent: Rolls-Royce Meteor Mk. IVB engine is = 650hp
    Swe Cent: Rolls-Royce Meteor Mk. IVB engine is = 900hp
    UK: w.44.9t > 16.7hp/t; vs. Swe: w.50+t > 17.2hp/t

    These kind of skewed balancing decisions, has made me so cynical the past years towards Wargamings balancing department.
    The model is fab! The balancing done on it however powercreeps the UK’s centurion in more than one way. Which was absolutely unnecessary and it would still had given a good premium.

  44. One tough nut to *quack* xD

  45. I have been hoping for a premium centurion tank , this is great news for me . Thanks for the information and thank you for your great work ! Ky

  46. Chrysler K is almost as immune to same tier gun as Defender, but with decent gun handling.

    Where’s your RASSIAN BIAS now?

  47. well… t8 vk 4502b with less weakspots (unless the mg’s will count as flat armor) and, considering the powercreep the german 128 has suffered, a tier by tier comparable gun

    and an premium centurion 1 wich basically gets the old non hd unpennable turret

    no pay to win at all!

  48. lets make normal tanks premium tanks and make this game premium game. no?

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