► Chrysler K GF – Special Edition Premium Tank – World of Tanks Chrysler K GF Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

and Review. World of Tanks Chrysler K GF, Tier USA Special Premium Heavy Tank.

Are you ready for yet another tier 8 premium heavy tank from USA? You better be, because in this I am going review new upcoming tier 8 premium heavy tank from America – “Chrysler K GF”. GF stands for Wargaming.net League Grand Final, so this tank is WGL Grand Final special edition tank. Last year they released tier 8 premium light tank for that occasion – M41 90 GF aka Black Bulldog.

Is this tank worth the money? Let’s find out!



  1. #FreeFoch – Get this shit trending!

  2. WG just put a Copy Right strike on a big youtuber for saying bad things on his video today
    about the business model . and the OP prem tanks that have been sold as of late

  3. #FreeFoch

  4. Go Check out sirfochs chanel. Wg finally crossed the line!!!

  5. When will you take us for walk in Tallinn? You promissed 🙂 with bike

  6. Nafajčeny Kajino

    420 Baby

  7. I disagree with the appearance. It is not pretty. It doesn’t look like American tank and the logo just is a really nasty ‘Tattoo’. The charm with Black Bulldog was that you could mod the camo to remove the sticker, here? It stays forever, no matter how you sugar coat it. Though, back to the American thing. It looks like Russian tank having baby with German Tiger II, but then they found out how ugly it is and that it had that ugly tattoo on its front so they shipped it to US, so they do not have to look at it.

  8. I have come to a conclusion, it seems when a premium tank is good, its called OP and pay to win, but on the other hand if it’s standard or less powerful then regular tanks people call it a POS. it might just be me, but I think too many just over react. I never had problems with premiums while fighting them or playing them.

  9. all they need to do is make the cupola and mg`s on the front weakspots and boom. problem solved.

  10. I fell like dez is liking wargaming’s arse by saying that tank is great well done wargaming, dude come on we know you want the game to go back to how it used to be stand up for yourself

  11. lol ,how many premium tank you have in this game?I stopped playing this game 4 years ago ,but at that moment were not many premium tanks

  12. Welcome to World of Brawling Heavy Tanks, where artillery has been destroyed,
    light tanks heavily nerfed and you don’t stand a snowballs chance in
    hell unless you have a brawling heavy tank too! B-O-R-I-N-G!!! This
    game is going down fast!

  13. Foch just lost his community contributor status for pointing out that the balance on this new premium is pure crap and the tank is deliberately designed to force people to use more gold ammo.

    The armor with no weak spots forces everyone else facing this tank to shoot gold to pen it, and the crappy gun forces everyone who drives it to shoot gold to pen other tanks.

    WG didn’t like Foch saying this – so they hit him with a copyright violation and removed his Community Contributor status.

  14. Why its not for Europe server this tank 😕

  15. Löwe has the same problems with engine :/

  16. Does the logo count as armor?

  17. @DezGamez Hats off for supporting Foch 😉

  18. The only bad thing is PENETRATION? Take this tank and put in ur ass. What the fuck do have to do with fucking IS6? 175mm with standard rounds (there are t6 tanks doing better) and a SHITTY 215mm with premium rounds. Fuck WG off.

  19. This is the gun stats the the T32 needs to have. I would be fine with the penetration if it can actually hit weak spots (or even hit the target at all) at mid range. 0.41 dispersion and 2.3s aim time just doesnt cut it anymore.

  20. World of Premium tanks. Plus the moronic kids and the raging unicums. I’m switching to War Thunder.

  21. yeap we need more heavy tanks that have aim time better than any medium in the game…….

  22. 198 pen worth garbage

  23. Miroslav Tordaji

    what mod pack are you using?

  24. Chrysler K= Scapy McSidescrapeson

  25. Chrysler is just ok. Nothing to write home about.  Played about 11 games in it so far.  2 at tier 8, 2 at tier 9 and the rest at tier 10.
    (a very small sample size so it is difficult to know if the tier 10 trend will continue)

    The gun is fine at tier 8 but at tier 9 and 10 you need to press the 2 key too often as the standard
    pen is inadequate at higher tiers.

    The tracks are shot magnets, so be sure to have repairs on your crew or you will be sitting perma tracked often.

    Almost every game it seems to catch on fire (and twice in one game aaarg).  Carry an automatic fire extinguisher.

    This tank is definitely not as OP as the Defender, but it is better than some of the other premiums.  Just don’t expect to make a lot of credits with it as it sees tier 10 too often, and you will definitely need that 2 key.

  26. Zlatko Jovanovic

    Another money-milking item from WG. Try to calculate how much you can spend… WG says: NOT ENOUGHT
    Happy money spending!!!

  27. wg fucking retards.i hope they get down soon.even if i love this game.but after 6 years you cant balance a freaking game.retards.fucking retards



  29. Dez, please help you fellow streamer TheFoch, he is getting censored by WG for having an opinion on this Chrysler tank

  30. another op premium shit … if they are going to close Foch , I’ll leave the game , they are becoming way too fucked up

  31. Yeah. I bought it. Most will call me a stat padder but I bought it as a money maker so I won’t be loading a huge chunk of APCR in it. maybe 15 max. I figure with a mostly AP load it will be harder to play so it will be more rewarding when I do well. I’m sure other won’t agree with me though.

  32. When you will go to the Eu
    server In premium store?

  33. Yeah, fuck every other tank which is not shooting premium. And also, this tank is as fast as the old centurions with even more power to weight ratio. RIP Balance. WG is officially making this tank pay to win.

  34. The tank is using a HEMI lol

  35. You can’t tell what people can buy or naught you can’t judge by personal rating or wn8 doesn’t matter if ur new or not , not even quickybaby neither jingles tell their viewers to not buy a premium tanks when they are new I understand and feel you but coming from a youtubre? shame of yourself you might not care cause it’s probably me saying it

  36. Reminds me of vk b

  37. the game has finally been broken this thing will single-handedly break every tier 8 battle thanks wargaming

  38. Giving a tank shitty pen because it has pretty nice armor isn’t a excuse after all the liberté does exist

  39. SHIP, thanks for the segment.

    My take?
    I see this machine being a royal pain in the ass on a hill, low profile in a nice depression like Prokorovka and bouncing forever; like the A44/VK-B. That front armor or turret is going to a pain in the ass if he gets set up on higher ground.
    60t? Thats M-1 weight!
    –Seems WG likes screwing with the Pen, keeping you healthy long enough to scream at the screen because you cant damage anyone at higher tiers.
    This should get equal tier MM, not higher; with the new software, even at Tier 8 you wont have anything more than 3 Heavies, right? Thats my point, it should work out. Give this pref-MM. Please.

  40. These premiums keep getting more and more disgusting.

  41. i saw one of these in a battle earlier today, bounced 3 shots from it in the M6

  42. enjoying mine so far… bounced over 6k in one of my first matches!

  43. Received the BeastMode hoodie a few weeks back and the fabric seems great and warm. Love it! But I wish there is a light brown color in addition to the chocolate color.

  44. Weakspot with 210 effectiv Armor. gg WG

  45. I just love artying the shit out of this tank. Big soft top deck. Support Foch. WG on a money grab run since the Swedish line came out. In the hands of average to poor players this tank underperforms on the accuracy front. Watched one guy miss/bounce 8 out of 10 shots on the the enemy.

  46. there goes my T34……

  47. @DezGamez I wish you were a bit more critical in your videos about the tier 8 pay2win situation. Especially with this new chrysler. My problem is that tier 8 diversity got less since defender. Its BS in my opinion because tier 8 mm is full of prems. Normal tier 8 and older tier 8 prems are mostly useless. I like the quality of your videos tho they are a bit too long from time to time, especially the reviews.

  48. 260 pen at tier 8 is “okay” -Dez
    We can’t all be Obj 416’s with 330 HEAT pen. :s

  49. The game was so much better when prem rounds were gold only and we didnt have t10 tank destroyers and light tanks and a shit load of premiums. Tier 10 matches go two ways a crushing victory or an ass kicking, not to many close games. Ive been in this game since the beta and i had a 65% win rate back then, now its dropped bad. There will be nights where i might lose 10 games in a row. I just think it needs rebalanced bad.

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