► CLOWN FIESTA – WORLD OF TANKS STYLE – New Customization, 9.21 Update Test Server

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks AMX 54 Gameplay Review, New Tier 10 French Heavy Tank. World of Tanks New Customization, Paint and Camos. World of Tanks Patch 9.21 Update Test Server Review.

I am back on the patch 9.21 update’s test server, because we have some more new stuff to test out. This time I am going to take my first quick look at upcoming changes and new features to the exterior system, new customization mechanics. Most likely it is not going to be here with the next patch, but we can at least take a look at what they are working on.

What do you think?

►Tanks in action:
– France/French AMX Mle.



  2. If I paint my French tanks Russian green will they bounce more shells?

  3. Fast & Furious – Pimp my ride ?

  4. Need For Speed: Tanks

  5. Certain camos that get bonuses to exp, concealment, credits, and such would be cool, like in Warships. But I guess we have the boosters for that reason.

  6. Guys, Guys, Guys, secret is that RED barrels do more damage and penetration, yellow optics see further. Blue tracks virtually invulnerable, purple armor especially the lower plate doubles in strength. You just have to find one of the 7 different combinations of colors that make your tank a Super Tank capable of massive DEZ-struction ; )

  7. Shoots a French heavy tank – does over 1800 damage, shoots a RUSSIAN medium tank – does almost 500 damage ????????

    • M.C. Squared he hit the tracks on the med . . . Unlike the French tank which he manged to find a spot were the hesh managed to pentrate for that glorious dmg roll.

  8. OMGGGGGGG LOLL LMAO!! DezGamezzz!!!!! Your channel is the best maaan!!! That eye for an eye LOLLLL LLMAO!!! Great video once again Dez!!! Take care and bye : )!

  9. Rip World of Tanks

  10. WG are pidorasi! everyone of them pidorasi.

  11. What are we gonna complain about, today guys?

  12. Thanks Dez ,
    Looks shit!

  13. need chrome camo paint

  14. Wow, they rly have no clue how to milk the cow anymore… What a sadness, always happyer to have sold my account

  15. Great East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere

    ”Give me something ugly”
    *Picked up WG’s logo*

  16. AMX M4 mle. 54 Pennywise-Edition

  17. that side armor is just sad…

  18. The blue camp on the mle was good looking imo.

  19. Paint should only be available for Ace Tanker Tanks.

  20. It’s like putting lipstick on a pig…It is still a pig.

  21. I liked that blue camo. ?

  22. Sergio González Torres

    To be honest…this looks like something out of Blitz….

  23. Anyone else think that WG will start selling paint colors in the Premium Shop?

  24. You didn’t show the multicolor option. That’s the coolest feature in the patch I think because you can add different color for your pattern. Hope I helped. ?

  25. It’s okay to paint all tanks white.

  26. pullstringgoboom0811

    I think it’s a great idea, why not let people run what ever they please. We could very well see some pretty cool looking paint jobs.

  27. T H I C C H I T S. kimochii( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  28. At least it’s not pay-to-win.

    AND IT’S OPTIONAL. So if you are so angry about it, you can turn it off. Done, problem solved.

  29. How about painting the tanks base on wn8. Imagine how many red and orange defenders, pay-triots and chrysler.

  30. now BDR can really be clown tank xD

  31. My only concern is the pricing. Permanent camo is already pretty expensive…

  32. Background Character

    For only 4,99 you can now puke a cosby sweater on your tank.

  33. Dez T10 change whit Obj 257 ?

  34. WG, could you guys rather focus on solving real problems which this game have, instead of wasting time on such bullsh!ts? Thank you!

  35. Milka cow camo

  36. i think custumization of any kind is a great idea…

  37. Wait! “WOT” is going on ladies and gentlemen? Have I been missing the obvious pun this whole time?


  38. another useless feature so many other issues not being solved yet.​Do those Belarussians actually know their own game

  39. Painted tracks? Bitch, I need chrome spinners on my road wheels.

  40. The blue Maus was trying to blend into the horizon.

  41. If u want anything u have to spend gold
    Nothing is free in wot……stats sad
    Poor gamer lik me its getting harder
    Soooo sad

  42. strange cows you have in estonia 😛

  43. So where is my Hello Kitty logo…..?

  44. Oh Jesus … this has to be the dumbest idea ever. Actually … here is something better, put the paints in loot boxes! That has to be better, right?

  45. As long as turning the the unrealistic camouflage off switch really kills all clown-colors I’m OK. On aspect of this arcade-tank-game I really enjoy is the historically accurate looks!

  46. Am I the only one who saw that the Deathstar got 20 Rounds next patch?

  47. Literally NO ONE is seeing the multicolor camos. WG f*cked this up a little, but you now you have multicolor camos where you can change the color schemes and some old ugly camos with new colors look super awesome. Also you can change the scale of the camos and with the historical paints, you also can do some pretty cool things.

    WG pls just remove the “different color on different parts of the tank” stuff, that’s the only too ridiculous thing there (except non historical stuff, but as far as you can turn it off, who cares)

  48. Aivis Imants Augstkalns

    Why not to use standard gun rammer and upgraded gun ramer togerher 😉

  49. I’m okay with this. Call my cynical, but I stopped taking the “historical” monicker seriously a long time ago when it comes to WoT, so I really see nothing wrong with this new system. I’m actually kind of looking forward to it now…

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