► “CRANE TRUCK” On Duty – Flawless Carry! – World of Tanks Kranvagn Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay , Epic Battle. , Tier 10 Swedish .

I hope you had fun during your weekend, so let’s finish it off with something epic. In today’s Epic Battle episode I am going to show you how “TDevil25”, in his tier 10 Swedish heavy tank “Kranvagn” aka “Crane Truck”, going to carry his team to victory. He makes it look sooooo easy and flawless, that it not even funny! 😛

Player: TDevil25


►Tanks in action:
/Germany E-50 Ausf.


  1. Gale Wings Jordan

    this vid is the devil… literally. 666 likes

  2. I don’t like facing against this Kranvagn on my tier-VIII vehicle especially if the Kranvagn’s hull is hidden; only that thick turret face is peeking. Even with HE/HEAT, my tier-VIII tanks feels bad.

    “Like: 666 Dislike: 17” XDD

    I’ll balance that Like counter to 667.

  3. Make top ten sealclubber tanks dez 😀

  4. I’ve missed the drone footage Dez. Thank you.

    also have you tongue punched wargamings fart box lately?

  5. Keep up the good work, Dez.  I really enjoy your content and look forward to each new video.  How about a “top 10 ramming tanks” video?  It might take a while to accumulate the footage, but that would be truly hilarious.

  6. Dimitrios Galiatsatos

    WOW it’s so intersting to see that Dez has russian viewers 😀

  7. that beast mode t-shirt looks awesome dez.

  8. Dez u accidentally called a fv215b a fv215b 183

  9. If the team spends the entire time winning, I’m not really seeing how it’s a “carry” unless a “carry” means that you did the most damage.

  10. When was last time you featured t69

  11. almost a perfect game and yes I wish I could afford stuff from you collection but someday I will 😉

  12. Another damn shit OP tank. We are waiting for the new branch, possibly with flying tanks, missiles and laser rays. Meanwhile WG will Nerf tanks in the game.

  13. Nice vid Dez. How come he didn’t have to pay for his ammunition?

    Now it’s the summer, can we see another Dez bike ride in Estonia? Tallinn looked so awesome last time.

  14. a tier 10 match on malinovka without arty and a lot of people had a good game? who knew! 😀

  15. where is the thumbnail moment in the video ?
    so you mean that you carry the game?

  16. I unlocked and spaded the Emil 1 yesterday and I like it very much. It is very situational though and really suffers as bottom tier. Looking forward to having a version of it that can’t just be two-shotted through the turret front by E-100 with HEAT, or 3-shotted by Japanese Derp guns. Also looking forward to having a version that is at least one tier higher than those damn Chryslers that have been plagueing the game immediately after being introduced. It is scary and depressing how many players there are who will immediately buy the newest OP Premium tank. There has at least been 2 of those things in every single battle I played the whole weekend.

  17. Fucking autoloders

  18. When will you bring Kranvagn vs AMX50B?

  19. big balls object 😀

  20. what makes this tank special is speed and turret front armor.

  21. What if his name is TD evil lol

  22. 😐 Devil has 1 more WN8 than me. #FeelsBatman

  23. can jgpze100 pen him with heat?

  24. WOT’s best barking dog is back, some will do and say anything to get in bed with WOT!!!!

  25. Damian Yearnshire

    I just remembered a video from a little while back, whatever happened to Bike time? I personally thought it was really unique and enjoyed seeing your home country very much…would love to see its return!!!

  26. DezGamez, you should make beast-mode bumper stickers 😀

  27. You sound very tired I’m sorry, BUT TAKE A NAP OR SOMETHING

  28. Christopher Stringer

    Hey dez can you tell me how war gaming does its matchmaking I play by my self also with friends about as much and 90% of time I am last alive or teams are lopsided like one team has 8 tds and other team has none or seems like because I have above average stats my teams are worse could you please tell me how it really works love your channel watch all the time and really like your tank match up videos no one else does that it does help see what tanks are really like in battle keep up good work

  29. Yo what mod pack do you use? I want! =)

  30. i just make a 1v1 with IS3 against a Chrysler… damnit .. i win with HE and premium shell in the front of it!.. couldnt pen the commander weakspot a single time

  31. on my next paycheck i need to buy a mug and a shirt 😀

  32. Ammunition cost 0? Russian players are rewarded well.

  33. Sweatshirts and Tshirts look sharp Dez.

  34. E3 and E4 can easily pen Kranvagn turret with apcr

  35. Why not have tanks on your stuff…Why lion? Why not have your favorite tanks in different ways. Sorry for the OFF love your chanel 🙂 go on with your hobby 😛

  36. Jpz. E-100 with HEAT is a tier xi td :d

  37. dez can you do a face off episode between the french heavies and the sweedish heavies? pls 🙂

  38. Mehmed Okanovic


  39. beutiful shirts, I would like to buy few, but I’m only 15 and cant buy stuff on internet….

  40. Degetel Simteanu

    Hello, Dez, thank you for the content you make, very entertaining, good luck and a great week.

  41. Poor E100 worst map for E100

  42. social3ngin33rin

    fucking ridiculous tank…

  43. gold to win then ummm im too poor for that 🙂

  44. How about giant gaming mouse mats with the beast mode logo

  45. ʝ αℊ⋒αr123987ჯ

    This tank is OP?

  46. The clothes looking cool Dez 🙂

  47. Hi DezGamez, can you give me a recommendation for Kranvagn crew skills? I just unlocked the Emil I recently – and I think I need a guide since it’s only a three-person crew up to Tier X. Thanks.

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