► CRAZY T57 HEAVY – 11,000+ In World of Donkeys! – World of Tanks T57 Heavy Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay , Epic Battle. World of Tanks Patch . World of Tanks T57 , Tier 10 USA/ Heavy Tanks.

Hello everyone, Welcome to World of Tanks… or I mean, World of Donks aka Donkeys, because this how I have to call it today.
Well, take a seat and take a look what is going to happen in this game, which was played by “HardstyleSIM”, who is doing a lot of epic work for his team!

Music used:
Fragile Power 3 – Victor Ohlsson



  1. Sup? Everything okay? If not, then hopefully this videos makes you feel better. 😉
    Stay awesome!

  2. tomato powa

  3. Can you do the KV-13, the 59-16 and the VK 45 02 A?

  4. He was not actually in the arty shadow 😛

  5. So ,so sad

  6. T57 is so unreliable but when it has good rng, it is a real beast omg!

  7. first I thought that 704 was gonna ram arty from full HP 😀 but why on earth would 704 fire HE at the arty with it’s gun? :O

  8. I cant stand your voice….

  9. “I actually had other plans with you today” …thanks but no thanks 😀

  10. i dont want enemies like these, i want enemies like my normal team

  11. Did you know that ass meant donkey in old english (Frankestein reference) therefore, World of ASS XD

  12. World of Farming

  13. As Jingles would say. The Obj had a sudden rush of shit to the brain.

  14. HardstyleSim, thts an A1 playertag right there dud

  15. Heart breaker my friend. Great video though as always. Thank you and I hope you feel better soon. Take care, flea

  16. inb4 rnjesus #50 is giant arty party.

  17. DezGamez please make another TopTen episode 😀

  18. Federico Di Liberto

    WG should do like a super premium account for €70 per month under these condition:
    +50% credits
    +50% exp
    enemy like these in every battle

  19. That end ???

  20. I really like new intros – tanks rolling with music in background. Great stuff 🙂

  21. Hello ! I would like to start world of tanks on my channel .. maybe someone can give me some help or idk .. i also can spesk german becaus i sm from austria english is s little bit hard but its okey

  22. Ahhhhh I love my Vk100.01P… 23k dmg blocked In my last round… ?

  23. He should move and close distance vs obj when wz was shot down to death.. easy flanktroll that td… but np he wait too much xd anyway he in t57 ht play a really good game here! 🙂

  24. “epic, epic battle guys.”

  25. Trazor Bitter - Clash of Clans & More

    9:08 where is the stunt from dog.

  26. Trazor Bitter - Clash of Clans & More

    9:08 where is the stunt from spg.

  27. where can i get that aim mod?

  28. T57 player who only carries one clip of heat ……. I’m impressed

  29. Earth Flat and Stationary Truth FE


  30. rngus must be arty as well right?XD

  31. I’d say, that after every patch there is a general increase in player brain capacity, because the only people who always play immediately after the new patch are active players and most likely not casual players…so you end up with people who are more interested in the game, which results in the being better.

    the bad enemy teams are just random accurances of casual players, who downloaded already by chance.

    this is hypothesis not proven.

  32. do you stream on twitch?

  33. what is this aiming reticle and border? where can I get it?

  34. At first I was so sad because it sounded like you said I lost my wife , not I lost my voice

  35. lol what a ending

  36. I’m late for a dez video :C so sad.

  37. Is there a replay glitch or does that GWE carry 2 cammo nets?

  38. I think its a little bit funny that the 704 fired an HE shell at the GWE 100 and not an AP round so that he could get a guaranteed one shot.

  39. lololololololololol
    Typical WoTs player base

  40. never shoot He at arta,people hate so much arty that they wanna make it taste how HE looks like LOL

  41. When you have a game like this and have a draw……….you sit back in silence………then sigh with a tear of frustration. GG what a game.

  42. Yup… sometimes even 11K+ damage is still not enough to carry some utter moronic twats. I’ve lost faith in humanity as soon as I started playing WOT. This clearly proves that there’s just no hope when it comes to the current version of the matchmaker. It’s broken on more levels than Dante’s nine circles of hell. Yet WG would rather slap a pretty new HD lipstick on a pig than fix the monumentally ignorant player selector based on the player’s garage stock… which in turn is based on the poor moron’s persistence to work his or her way up to every high tier tank in the game simply by sucking a massive ass long enough to farm enough XP and Credits. Friggin Russian brilliance at its best.


  44. Epic donkey end :D.

  45. what is that for modpack i Want it so baad!!!!!!!

  46. dez where are you from? love your vids keep up the good work. greetings from finland;3

  47. Good battles i like. But, 704 why used HE ammo (?) hahahaha, maybe he is only noob!

  48. LoL that ending was epic.

  49. people are just throwing away their Hitpoints just to get 1 kill. i see that happening to often nowadays, ppl full hp throwing their IS3s and higher tiers away just to kill the scout or something like that.

  50. lol, didn’t even watch the video very far yet, but you need a very special kind of stupid enemy team to make such a victory when the main actor (the T57) goes to a retarded position himself.

    People don’t go lower balcony at the beginning, it’s useless, get the mill level first and then you can go down there. If you go down there at the start, you risk your people getting overmatched at the mill and then you are completely fucked (oh and you are a shitty teamplayer as well). It’s basically in the same ballpark as going to the beach on overlord.

    #nevergobeach, #dontgolowerbalconyatthebeginningyouscrub

    oh and also:


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