► Creature Called Type 5 – *Family Friendly* – World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay . Epic Battles, Best Replays Series. , Tier 10 .

Ladies and Gentlemen, today I am back with another epic battle episode to tell you one story about a creature called Type 5 Heavy and how it looking for friends… Let’s find out what happens.

► Player: ScarFaceBIH


  1. Hello!
    The future of YT? 🙂
    And just in case… It was fully sarcastic video, a little bit creepy to make as well. 😀

  2. No anime references? Kill yourself. (Jk and nice youtube kill.)

  3. Serbian Highlander

    Pls dont repeat damage rolls we have eyes

  4. Why are you whispering…. like tf

  5. You sound weird man. Hahaha

  6. nek je on iz bosne (:

  7. Creature? More like Monster.

  8. This tank is a cancer.op armor and gold ammo that gives you more damage

  9. I feel sorry for advertisers, who probably spend hundreds of hours of hours of market research, I can imagine the presentation too with thousands of YouTube quality comments =P, But no the old foggie bigots of the baby boomer generation who are CEO’s or board of directors on large corporate clients of said advertisers who don’t listen to reason. Just be patient Dez they are retiring soon enough and the younger generation are going to take over and change shit.

  10. was on a different tab for the first two minutes, thought i was listening to a National Geographic Video lol

  11. LOL!!!

  12. Type’s are a soft rock that all can pen even lights. The only annoying thing its the HE cannon that cant be bloqued.

  13. i want dez asmr

  14. love how you can just listen to dez’s narration and don’t even have to watch

  15. Zupa enjoyable

  16. Dez give us the 18+ version

  17. They see me rollin, They hatin, Patrolling they tryin to catch me ridin’ dirty, Tryin to catch me ridin’ dirty

  18. very nicee

  19. Bravo Bosanec 😉

  20. Bosanac! <3

  21. Totally broken tank…no skill required… not funny at all

  22. When driving the Type 5, Toshiro Mifune’s voice should be used for all the voiceover work.

  23. Reminds me of Claus’s ‘Love Puppet’ commentarys

  24. World of Tanking with Ross! “painting with ross inspired episode?”

  25. Hahahhah nice commentary hahahah type 5 is made for open field hahahahha with weakpoints of ONLY 260mm of armor wtf hahhhaja

  26. The real hero in this game for me is the fv215b but anyway type 5 is my only tier X tank and I love its sillynes. So sad it got nerfed :'(

  27. Not my proudest fap.

  28. Stop it creepy af

  29. I can’t believe i recieve an ad before watching this creepy and oh so wrong in many ways video.

  30. Ok remember this everyone. Always use gold ! Because it’s so shiny !

    Also they should have put 200 mm of spaced armour all around this tank. It’s only fair if you are going to put 260mm weak spots right ?

  31. Songe Bob Square Pants

    Hey dez hey dez, you’ve reached over 150,000 subscriberz!! Congratzulation!!

  32. That was a really good family friendly???

  33. When the type 5 does more HE dmg than my T92 on a direct hit

  34. Type 5 Heavy, Looking For Love. Penetration isn’t necessary, but it’s nice if it happens 😀

  35. Why do I feel like.. this is kinda Gay? lol

  36. Alexander Stoyanov

    This video is glorious dez, one of your best ever 🙂

  37. what the hell i feel like i am in a elevator listening to the music.

  38. Roberto Villarey Jr.

    as i immediately see those flowers falling, i know this has something to do with youtube XD

  39. No Just no

  40. I am sorry what is missing is the Apologies after shooting some one. and asking for forgiveness.

  41. DezGamezBorough

  42. So serene. I feel ultra spiritual.

  43. Oh God, Dez… creepy to say the least. That IS-3 talk almost made me piss meself: “…a little bit too young”. AHAHAHAH

  44. this video make me use earphones to prevent misunderstanding if my parents suddenly come in and hear this

  45. My god what a sarcastic voice, it was creepy, but awesome as always. 😀

  46. XD sad story

  47. Dez the David Attenborough of World of Tanks.

  48. It’s been such a long time since last time you play this song in your video.

  49. Hahaha! Let us know if it worked :)))

  50. Seriously, by putting this Tank into WoT, the shit starts!!!! and if that was not enough, equip it with DERP nad PREMIUM DERP!!!! love it… i will never grind this retarded low skill-cap heavy shit

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