► Crucial Decisions – AMX Foch B and FV217 Badger – World of Tanks Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

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This I bring you 2 of own battles, that I had couple days ago. I was simply doing my daily doubles with FV217 Badger and AMX 50 Foch B, but those random battles turned out to be pretty interesting ones. Specially that FOCH B battle, where I had to do a lot of thinking, crucial decisions and plays. Badger’s replay simply shows what this vehicle can do when you roll out one good map, matchmaking and enemies for this tank. 🙂



  1. Want to see more battles with my thought process?
    I have couple more interesting replays to share with you.. 🙂

  2. anyone else that is free to play and is too broke to even repair their own tanks 🙁 ?


  3. Mikhail T.K. Reid

    Don’t forget the real forgotten one Dez, the FV215b
    You called it “183” countless times in your vids

  4. “I was able to out-spot the Grille 15 without getting spotted” – DezGamez 2018

  5. What’s the box in the top right next to the game time with a percentage in?

  6. I sold my foch B cuz i needed cash for the leo 1

  7. Damn arty got that lucky kill on you in that first game great vid though?

  8. Just finished doing TD15:3 today with the Foch 155 of all things and it feels good.

  9. Grille 15 is such a bad TD … gun is only good on paper (German accuracy? lol) … no camo, big size/tall, dramatic gun handling, no turret rotation, and horrible tank reverse speed make is worse X TD in game … tier IX WT is better IMO + it bounces 268 4 LFP and Type 5 “weak-spots” like a boss

  10. “I was training my crew”, doesn’t have accelerated crew training on Foch B…

  11. FYI “half-islands” are called peninsulas, from latin for “half” and “island”. I too sometimes say half-island, because that’s what they are called in german

  12. peninsula Dez

  13. Now dez I like

  14. foch.. Gun mantlet. He shot you in the ass the first time.

  15. Foch B should be called Foch 2, as you need to tap 2 twice to play it properly

  16. You lost more credits in that first game than I have…
    One thing I hate about this game, I can’t play the tanks I love because I don’t run a premium account 🙁

    • Sir_Flankalot[BZD]

      Kevin W sell some stuff from the depot buddy

    • Sir_Flankalot[BZD]

      I have a rule where I NEVER, do anything if I’m about to get below 1.4 million credits(unless I badly need equipment on a tank)

      Don’t buy tanks as soon as you unlock them. Play some more with the previous one, use the personal missions for credits if you have available credit missions, try to wait to purchase a tank at a discount, AND NEVER sell tanks during discounts as you loose 15%…

      Since I started an account with this name I have only had premium account for first few days, and from personal missions, and I will soon get onto WZ 111 1-4 and also 100k exp away from Kranvagn, although I do have 3 major premiums, STA-2, SU-122-44(but ammo cost a lot) and T-34-85M.. I also had a a Heavy Tank no. VI, but I sold it

    • Sir_Flankalot[BZD] Depot is empty, I only have nearly every tank from every diffrent line. Got like 40 tanks not counting premiums. And these 50÷ discounts on equipment end tanks bleed me dry… and it is hard to make back.

  17. dez ..i want ask u something……how u explain 15.,-3 …in 80% of mm. i count mi last 100.battle….. no mather win or loose//i winn 15,/3 …ori loose 15,/ 3….. u have a explain?

  18. Dez hey man I just wanna say You are good I hope you have 1m sub in channel

  19. Today you went too balls deep with 155 do you know ? 😉 great with as always

  20. Dez your a tier 10 you can not get any better match making LOL <3 <3

  21. Sir_Flankalot[BZD]

    Dez, do you have the Obj. 260? If not, then new series idea; “Grind to 260” if I’m not mistaken you do have 55A right

  22. What is the MoE mod in the top right corner?

  23. Justin Baradinsky

    I think they should make the repair cost for drowning yourself 50% more, it might actually deter them from doing it, when you think about it, water gets into every nook and cranny and ruins everything

  24. “Good matchmaking”….

    What is this that you are speaking of?

  25. Everything is better when we get mm with 0 artys 🙂

  26. rip angelos

  27. I see you really like to use the soundtracks (which are awesome) from wot 1.0 in your recent videos 😀

  28. Credit earnings are so poor its bad.

  29. Immanuel Classified

    I guess you can say the decisions were foched

  30. Halfisland 😀 . it is called peninsula

  31. I love that you say the AMX30 will never pen you, but he did, he was the first one to penetrate you with non-HE xD good video tho, keep it up

  32. Lets take out the peter griffin tanks, what no peter griffin tanks? Aw darn

    We’ll have em soon we’ll have peter griffin tanks!

  33. Dez and WGNA upload a video on the Badger on the same day… coincidence? I think not! Illuminati confirmed!

  34. Oi Dez I feel ya with the whole drowning thing. It just feels so damn, …Infuriating? Weak? Dunno, Just pisses me off when they do it, not because I’m missing out on damage, I normally play slow tanks. It pisses me off ’cause they’re not going down Swinging, Especially when the Arty they’re left alive with actually goes shotgunning while they go off to drown themselves.

  35. I am sorry to inform you that I killed the notification squad. RIP.

  36. constructive comment, game at bad time, all top players say that.
    new players are at bad level keep coming and ruin this game total.
    at this position, wot wont live long.

  37. Holy crap! 166K GOLD!!!!

    That’s like what… $650 USD?! Send some of that gold my way bruh!

  38. I’d really like to like the Badger, but whenever I play it, I get shot through the lower plate, tracked and surrounded, and/or artied. If I do find a proper place to hull down, then I’m too far back and too slow to catch up to the action. I think I’ve only had one or two great games with it.

  39. The half island. In English it is a peninsular.

  40. That moment when you are playing as a clicker and still complain about the amount of drowners ^-^. I think people would hate arty less if they didn’t always focus 1 tank all at the same time (although stun repair spamming is annoying if you don’t double tap) and they had less suiciders playing them.

  41. That half island is called a peninsula ?

  42. In the first replay the Löwe gets most butthurt with the E50M. I love that the Löwe manages just over 1k damage and the E50M does almost 4k but its the E50M that should go play tetris

  43. Holy crap Dez! Been 3 years since I’ve seen any of your WOT vids, and 159k subs!!!! Congrats brother, time to catch up on the vids.

  44. Hell yes a Foch b video. Such a cool looking tonk.

  45. Dez: killing 140 Wil be risky, arty might kil me coz he might have reloaded blah blah blah blah.
    E50m: hold my beer ? kills 140 ?

  46. Whats the gunmark mod called u have there in the corner? And can i get a link pls ^^

  47. What’s the name of that mod for MoE in battles

  48. I think a half island is a peninsula in english^^

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