► CRUCIAL DERPIBUTION – Lost Tanks – World of Tanks Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

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I welcome you back to another live gameplay episode! We all know what that means… I am going to play with those tanks that you voted for, that you wanted to see me playing with. This time you guys actually did not troll me that hard, because you voted for some really interesting tanks, lost tanks, that I have not played with for a very long time.



  1. at 2 battle: 2000 dmg, 3500 dmg blocked, 5 kills, 1 mark on the gun and ace

  2. You silly bastard XD. You healed gunner instead of loader. KV-2 is a russian tank = when accuracy is bad on paper means that it’s actually really accurate. That’s what i expect when I play russian tank. XD

  3. Dez can you do the 9.18 version of the ELC AMX? ( Plz I’m a 3 mark elc driver I want to see what they did ?)

  4. Am a derp tenk

  5. Lol you ditched that poor guy who got 7 kills

  6. Well…. Wanted to vote for the Loraine. But it aint in your list yet, so I voted for the Chi-Nu. Sorry…… Could not resist D

  7. Anybody know where Dez got the victory background?

  8. Is it safe to say that the KV-2 is a better tier 7 heavy than the Black Prince?

  9. The Sick Horse Ranch

    KV5 is abysmal these days, WG has made it a huge waste of gold, they take your money, you get a paperweight in return.

  10. haha i actually got a female crew in my kv 2 xD
    would like to see the tiger 2 in action, some say it’s a little outdated considering all new lately.

  11. KV-2 It’s not a tank, *IT’S A RELIGION* !!! Stalin bless you, and the power of HE Shell’s guide your way

  12. You should of repaired the loader the gunner eh… Just be so fucking careful where you aim and should be fine. Kv-2 that is

  13. You are overusing ”what do you know”

  14. They gave KV5 a 107 mm gun on World of Tanks Blitz. It has 219 pen on APCR as standard and 250 (?) on HEAT as prammo. The gun has same handling except longer reload.

  15. Not any gunmark on kv-2? Shame on you, DEZ 😛

  16. Maximilian Meier

    Like for Rammstein music ??????

  17. du hast!!

  18. Dez, you’re sooooooo stupid. Why did you heal the gunner? As soviets go dead gunner = more dispersion, more dispersion = more accuracy. You tomato.

  19. Galang Rizky Adil Akhir


  20. rammstein, noice

  21. Alexander Sime-Scott

    +DezGamez, Should have been called DERPTRIBUTION (from con-tribution)

    This also gives connotations of making tribute to stalin for good RNG 😉

  22. Dez love your vids and I uploaded a pz 4 replay

  23. Alexander Stoyanov

    lol dez why did you put Rammstein on the KV 2 battles, as much as I love them it should have been a russian song there

  24. thescottsman1996

    that first game is why i run jack of all trades on my russian heavies

  25. plays 2 games with KV2: mastery badge on bottom tier! Walks off into the sunset… (the good the bad and the ugly music plays in the distance).

  26. sorry for the stupid question but why he uses AP rounds instead of HE pm KV2?

  27. everyone vote for american td scorpion. troll him . fuck him sideways

  28. nice video! i really like the at 2 🙂 would like to see black prince (voted for it).
    have a nice sunday beasts!

  29. 667 like lol…

  30. kv5 has the kv2 gun , but w.o.t cant buff this gun without buffing it on VI

  31. Starts playing Buch Dich – *Rammstein* and then mentions Ramming….

    Baaaad pun.

  32. i love ur videos man, but i just wanna know, that played for this long, boredom from this game must have gotten u, so how can u continue playing?

  33. Rammstein du hast!

  34. Hmmm should we troll Dez this time??

  35. Day ELC ??

  36. Yoooo that music and video effect at 6:18 was aaaaaaammmmaaaazzzziiiinnnnggg!

  37. So… you buy a gold cammo but not big repair and med kit?

  38. Seeing this ep really makes me want to try KV-2 again

  39. give link for sedy tank girls please!

  40. im sexy voting beast too 🙂
    p.s. got Lowe for b day from my LOWEly wife 😀
    first tier VIII ht, and im having lots of fun and money coz you review of it,
    lick as always :*

  41. 12:09 Tier X light tanks aren’t on the live server yet Dez e.e

  42. play the 110 chinese heavy

  43. Marcelo Gutiérrez

    Wtf is wrong with me I read the video title as: Crippling depression

  44. Du hast mich gefragt und ich hab nichts gesagt man i love rammstein

  45. Oh btw both KV-5 and IS-6 got pref MM and they both got this stupid 175 ish pen and 216 APCR penetration. I can’t stand the IS-6 lately. You get 1/10 times a game where the IS-6 can be great but mostly its just 86% can pen you in the front flush

  46. I have KV2 and brutal tank 3900 dmg in tier8 Rhm borsig -1003 hp Xd

  47. i have kind of a love/mostly hate relation ship with the KV-2, I like it when I can derp someone but I’m so bad at my KV-2 I don’t get many big derps (I’m talking about 400+ rolls)
    If I wanted to do about 300 damage per shot I’d play my T150, without the dreary 20s reload.
    I’ll try to read how to better play my KV-2, I always manage to not pen, usually because I miss the side of a tank and hit the tracks.
    I load premium AP sometime, but I usually derp that shot into the ground.
    I just wish I did half as well as most KV-2 games I see.

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