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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Italian Top Tier Medium Specs and Changes to The Clan Wars Reward Tanks. World of Tanks 1.0 Update News Ó New Italian Nation Medium Tanks.

► How to preload: https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/-pre-download/

Today, in this beautiful Saturday, I bring you another World of Tanks News episode because I have couple interesting topics to share with you. Last week you saw first details about lower to medium tier Italian vehicles, but today, I can share first details about top tier Italian medium tanks as well… and they look pretty darn exciting! 🙂
Top tier Italian tanks:
Tier 8: P.44 Pantera
Tier 9: Prototipo Standard B
Tier 10: Progetto M40 mod 65

On the top of that, let’s quickly talk about pre-loading Update 1.0 and changes to the Clan Wars reward tanks.

Enjoy! 🙂

► Information:
– https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/10-pre-download/
– https://.com/wotclue
– https://wot.express
– https://thedailybounce.net/


  1. Btw, that tier 10 Italian tank takes 9 seconds + aiming time to empty it’s clip, not 12 seconds as I said, a little mouth typo… 🙂
    So, what do think about those top tier Italian vehicles? And about CW Reward tank buffs?
    Most likely a lot of you do not have them, neither do I, but we have to know our enemies. 😛
    Enjoy your weekend, Beasts! 🙂
    #muchlove #stayawesome

    • Sir_Flankalot[BZD]

      Jimm Hacking use his website dezgamez.wot-record I believe is its name

    • i looked inside game store for buying ammo and russians have a 107mm for zis-6 and zis-6m?

    • M60 definitely needs the same turret as M48!

    • Elson Fernando he meamt if you never put the discount on the tanks or claimed the crew members if you put the discounts on the tanks you want then the discount will stay

    • bart van herrewegen

      I am srry but i don’t understand this Italian tier 10 tbh , why not go for the AQ40? which was basicly an Italian version of the Leopard 1? :/ Or are they planning on having a split medium line at some point?

  2. I can’ t understand the logic of buffing premium ammunition, which is already completely unbalanced…

  3. this italian tank line i am not looking forward to… it seems like a really bad line

  4. there doing to the t95e6 what they did to the amx30b… nerfing the pen the dispersion just to give it a bit of dpm… well that dpm dont mean shit if u cant hit or pen what u shoot

  5. Can someone please tell me what is the story with the double fps in the top left corner? I have a pretty nifty graphics card but don’t get the double fps….thanks

  6. hahahah I like the way how wg first making overpowered tanks like 5a, s conq, 430u, 268v4 etc, and now buffing premium ammo to 350. Subhumans

  7. WG intentions, I bet, is to “sell” through bonds these reward tanks. So, the argument “its a gift tank, take it and dont demand to be a good tank” cannot apply here anymore. They have to buff them for the customers.

  8. Buff to make player press 2, wg logic

  9. You cant count first shot in unloading because it is already loaded

  10. Dellinger the fighting fish

    They should stop nerfing tanks!!!!!!! ??????

  11. Gareth Fairclough

    Third vid in a row I’m watching on my toilet. Wat?!

    Must I do a toilet blog? Or rather, a “bog-blog”?

  12. Gareth Fairclough

    Eh, the hull on the T10 might be nifty, but it’ll be rendered worthless due to that turret.

  13. We players on N.A. got a 8 GB upgrade all together did the same happened on EU?

  14. Dez that tier 10 tank has 50 hull armor, so to overmatch it you need 151mm caliber and not 122 as you said here. Other than that it’s a nice video!

  15. Good thing the Polish tanks got released to go with the Pudel. All we need now is another tier 8 Russian heavy tank.

  16. Sometimes you gotta ask yourself WTF is WG thinking

  17. PickelJars ForHillary

    Looks like an IS-6 with an IS-7 turret.

  18. The tier 9 is just a Leopard PT A but a worse, auto reloading variant.

  19. Are they fixing the vk mantlet?

  20. Bullshit logic on the Tier 10 Italian tank with a 105mm gun just like all the other mediums but only getting 350 alpha…

  21. Dez, man, give us that motovlog already

  22. The t95e6 sucks rn so what do they do they nerf it. Good job wg

  23. Because 330mm HEAT pen in a medium or heavy tank isn’t competitive, in a tank that only skilled players are able to get. Guess you learn something new everyday.

  24. I had some automatic update today, 8GB, donno why..

  25. Just so anyone who doesn’t know you over match armor when the caliber of the shell is three times the thickness of the armor example 50 mm of armor would require a shell caliber to be above 150 mm

  26. My Preload update was 8300mb (8.3Gb) so I don’t know where people get the idea 1.0 is 5Gb

  27. these new light tanks seem pretty cool

  28. If you want to get an idea how the new loading system works, you can download Armored Warfare and play with the Merkava IID in the training grounds. It uses the same style of system and will give you a chance to get a feel for how shells load and find the optimal usage of the reload system.

  29. Sanjay Modhvadiya

    If that tier 10 vehicle has 50mm frontal hul armour how could 122mm gun can overmatche it i think gun should be minimum of 150mm

  30. Wargaming pls add ASU-57

  31. 121B wtf is that

  32. hi circonflexes im pretty drunk right now but i dont even care hwow good the tanks are i just thunk your’re awesome keep on keepin on my man you’re seriously yhe best

  33. Will the autoreloader be able to load different shell types? Like 2x AP and the last shell is HE?

  34. Can someone please tell me what motovlog is? Oh and I just pushed you to 1k likes Dez, great video again!

  35. Very bad tanks stats I think it is not worth it to grind to play this shit tanks,why they nerf the damage to 350?
    And with that reloading time and that accuracy? No thanks I rather play with the Czechs tanks and get more fun or with AMX30s for single shots.

  36. NOMnomnomnomnomnom… more type 5 heavy fooder

  37. Rly?? Wtf wg… medium with 420m view range again but t10 scout with 390m?… do you f*** killing me?!

  38. those tanks will not be easy to play..

  39. T95E6 nerfed. Wow thats great. Nerf the 268 4? Maybe that would be better.

  40. Then why was my pre-install 8.86 Gb?

  41. with that gameplay on the back , italian tanks are not intersting at all :)))

  42. Queue whines from over entitled players because the CW tanks get buffed, people work their arses off for those tanks and some of them are stupidly weak and have need buffs for years.

  43. Cool I also can’t wait for my nation to come out 😉 I was surprised the accuracy and aiming time get worst in tier 9 and then better again in tier 10….why does tier 9 have worst than tier 8? Like wtf? I like the Penetration values like the C. Action X 😉 love the looks of every tank!! I LOVE THE TIER X!! It might be an ugly tank for you DezGamez…but I think IT’S AWESOME!!!

  44. Whats the point in buffing the vk that hard and nerfing the 95e6 that much? I realy dont understand… 121B Burg and m60 ok, but why the vk need a buff as well!?

  45. when you speak like this you should compare with counterparts, for example now VK K is strictly better than Pz 7, even though gun was supposed to be the only difference.

  46. that 350 alpha dmg kinda meh…

  47. again wg made life harder for heavy tanks i all most stop t playing hevy tanks coz mediums are to op

  48. but im playing mediums atm doing alot better

  49. Thanks Dez ,
    ~ preload , (Doing it) ~
    When you said left link , go look, All i thought was , “Why Dez just told me all about it “

  50. Stormtrooper kasar

    what is the point on buff the premium ammo (330mm to 350mm) when only the best of the bests play that tanks? I mean… They already know how to pen pretty much every tank with their previous 330mm… And on ultimate instance they can buff all heat to the same 340mm pen actually standard tier 10s have, no?
    And the nerf of the T95E6? Why they rerf the standard pen? They only want us to fire prem ammo? fuck off with that p2w wargaming… and same goes to the accu… that tank has already bad accu and you nerf it even more… Now looks more a heavy tank or an autoloader than a silgle-fire medium…
    Love Wargaming logic… (No -_-“)

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