► DAMN, My Crazy Kolobanovs, SPARTA EDITION! – World of Tanks E-50M Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks E-50-M Gameplay Review, . E-50 Ausf. M, Tier 10 German Medium Tank.

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Today you are going to see me in some pretty crazy and epic . I was able to pick up my sexiest Kolobanovs medal in World of Tanks and I did that with my favorite bulldozer – “E-50 Ausf. M”, tier 10 German medium tank. You are going to see all of that LIVE, which is better, I hope! 🙂

Player: Me


►Tanks in action:
– German/Germany E-50 Ausf.


  1. And video length almost 13:37, what could be better? 😛
    But these are the battles when I love WoT, adrenaline is rushing from intense action!
    Enjoy the vid, Beasts! #muchlove

  2. “…learn your target, learn your enemy and after that BAM MMMMM” *satisfaction*
    did he actually slap someone over there? xD

  3. Luc Koekelkoren

    good job Dez, I have actually never got a kolobanov’s medal in my 27000+ battle ?

  4. Now I want a commentary from QuickyBaby of that Game. 🙂 Awesome game!!

  5. Hmh, you missed beach party….

  6. 4:18 I once did that to a t54 lightweight when the aufklpanther was still around. I had so much fun ramming enemy tanks in the aufklpanther, dive bombing tiger 2s, ram killing e50s, and my most memorable ram kill, an e100. Yes, i did in fact ram kill a heavy tank that was 3 times the weight of my aufklpanther.

  7. what was Dez’s previous video about? If you don’t mind me asking:)

  8. Wotko s Vokurkou

    Now Dez, the Ultimate Question: HESHgazm or RAMgazm? 😀

  9. That ram was glorious.

  10. Wotko s Vokurkou

    Way better viewrange? Rly? 😀 The circle on minimap shows you have like 425ish… I guess u have removed the coated optics for the Spall Liner and without viewperks + food i can’t get over 445 otherwise

  11. Anton Schröder

    do a face reveal

  12. Timm Röttelbach

    This was a fucking sexy Game mate!

  13. whats your mod DezGamez?

  14. Very nice played Dez.!!!!!

  15. Darren Adams-Beutel

    Awesome round Dez – cue the applause!

  16. “If that 2 hp WZ would have killed me, that would have made me super mad and i believe my PC would be outside right now.”


  17. LOL someone is happy with himself :)… and rightly so, WP sir WP!

  18. Nice game Dez!

  19. I have clapped with you 🙂 at the end

  20. sexy baby 😀

  21. *VERY* well played, nice going 🙂

  22. “my PC would be outside..” LoLz Dezz.. 😉

  23. “Ooohh! Oooohh! Oh!”

  24. amazing game! 🙂 I´m on my Panther II almost at the top gun..love it so far

  25. RNG wanted to give you the the Kolobanovs, low roll on the arty so there were still 5 enemies left then that massive high roll on the TVP!

  26. i like your game play – thx for that.

  27. I cant wait to get the E50M myself, I just got through the awful grind of being stock on the E50.

  28. That ram though…

  29. dez can you please add a facecam

  30. great job Dez !!!!

  31. Can you review 113 tank plz :3

  32. TheTankingGamer


  33. to make a cut at the first ram is really filthy dez really really filthy

  34. Challenge idea: play E50M and try to get 2000 dmg just by rammimg without shooting

  35. Penfold What-ho Chappies

    Awesome game Dez. Where can I get a copy of your victory girls ??

  36. please 15thunderbolt vs 15cromvell please

  37. Doru Ciprian Costescu

    fantastic game Dez…great job!

  38. ATeamBalkanGames

    What was in the episode that DG took down… something about WoT chets or ??? Pls answer meh

  39. Kasalica Slobodan

    Great game gg

  40. Make a good match with a44,then we speak ! pffffffff

  41. What was your last video on?

  42. nicely played

  43. Beast mode activated ^^

  44. well done! 🙂

  45. can anyone explain the video Dez took down?

  46. Very nice E50M battle at the end, I am entertained.

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