► Day Full Of Top Guns and Credits! – World of Tanks Premium Tanks Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Review. of Tanks AMX 49 Liberte Gameplay Review. of Tanks G Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Tier 8 Tanks.

Hello there!

As I need credits more than anything in this game at the moment, I am going to play with some of my tier 8 tanks today. I am also going to clean FV4202 (P), tier 8 premium tank from dust and I am going to play my first ever game on my main account. Today is going to be beautiful day, I am feeling good and I enjoy World of Tanks! 🙂 Have a nice weekend!

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“Cake Pop – Do You Think I’m Mean”



  1. And also in the news… Happy birthday to my country, Estonia celebrates its Independence Day – 99 years! Go Go Go!
    Enjoy your weekend and have a nice day everyone! 🙂

  2. Superb video Dez! Loved the AMX Libertee gameplay especially. I think this is your best episode of 2017. Shame WOT crashed at the end of the FV game. By the way – are you now done with University and into work? In a previous episode I think you mentioned you were busy with study, but this time you say work. Hope you enjoy Estonia’s birthday and have an awesome weekend! LOVE YOU DEZ! #NoHomo

  3. “I do not want to *F* around with Skorpion G, because it is Skorpion FUCKING G”
    -DezGamez, master of censoring

  4. Ahh you naughty Dez. How did you change your post battle picture? Can you send me a link if possible?

  5. Why is the CDC not receiving any buffs? Its mobility and slight dpm advantage are it’s only benefit over the FV4202 and even then it is only slightly faster in terms of acceleration and top speed. The crazy hp/ton is useless with TRIPLE the ground resistance. FV4202 has better accuracy, dispersion, armour and turret + tank traverse.

  6. @DezGamez I like your videos very much and even your accent of english but I think in the last videos the quality of the picture went down a bit and way to dark …

  7. Andreas Charitoudis

    And cdc goes to. Hell right?

  8. roemer schoenmakers

    Wish I had all those OP premiums

  9. Not here to complain, but i have a hard time watching some of your videos because of the key-tapping sound from when you move your tank. Might be alone in getting annoyed, and dont know if it is something that could be fixed.

  10. Dez if i already have the patriot, is it worth it to have obj252u or liberte also?

  11. what is the name of sight mod ?

  12. I get jelly from how smooth your wot runs

  13. Roko and the company

    Dezgames can you give us the download link of your sight.

  14. @DezGames: Man, to be honest, actually I miss your old keyboard 🙂

  15. My game crashes like that all the time. At least once per session.

  16. Great video as always m8!!

  17. hi dezgamez, i would like to see you making some tutorials for the final mission Ht-15 etc.. 🙂

  18. I think that Skorpion G is money Maker

  19. When will they buff type59?

  20. one og my best steppes battles was in a liberte a plain jane one too, good tank worth the $$

  21. Let us know when looking to see that 12h’s

  22. Hey man, which modes are you using! I love them! Did you have them uploaded somewhere?

  23. Can you do a love stream WITH facecam?

  24. Ah Dez you said “Work” that means you finished with Uni and into the workforce? That’s my bud o7.
    Also smashing video as well man! the Gameplay from the AMX M4 was a great treat to watch overall. And those were some sick shots with the Skorp-G. As for the stream I think that a fine idea. we can all chip in for your dinner lol.

    Also does anyone know what the song at 5:47 is called?
    *edit* never mind. I’m stupid and didn’t check the description XD 😛

  25. Hey Dez! Once every couple of weeks maybe you could upload an update on the tanks you’re grinding? I want to know were you’re at with all your grinds?

  26. STREAM… HYPE!!

  27. That M44 HEAT…. Ouch. 😛

  28. Great idea and Happy Birthday to your county my friend. Loved the video as always thank you. take care, flea

  29. the stream would be ultra nice

  30. >when you dont have decent content

    ahah but still nice because you are dez thx

  31. beautyfull day , i rape lots of ptem tanks with my arta.

  32. Lol, you miss some premium tanks? I dont even have one, just one!
    I have a lot of tanks researched like tier 9 arty, tier 8 mediums, etc. But I dont have the credit. If I would have around 20 million credits, I could spend it immediatelly just for buying already researched tanks. :/

  33. i played a few games in my VKB last night and i noticed a number of people talking about crashing issues since the patch

  34. will you ever show urself? i would like to see how u look like, im trying though ur voice

  35. I can only say one thing for you Dez….
    Zzzzzzzzzipadee Doo Da! Zipadee Yay! My oh my what a wonderful video today!
    Thanks for the vid. Good inspiration. Cheers 🙂

  36. Try the fv with milkys skin. Not the war thunder import but the one with the action 10 turret and the track skirts removed. It looks sexy.

  37. 5:25 Thought Youtube crashed 😛

  38. ELC is allowed to camp, that gun 😀

  39. i like that streaming idea!!! i want to see that T34erino in action

  40. Nice video like always Dez. Was wondering where you get your mods from. Looking to see what else is out there

  41. 10:54 borsig got the t44 at the end, so complete win! 😀

  42. Think you could do some gameplay of the E50 with the 8.8 L100 gun, since it has like 3500 dpm or s?

  43. “That was mistake, oooo IS-3 didn’t punish me for my mistake” Dez, kinda sounds like skill4ltu, haha 😀

  44. Krapvagn?

  45. DezGamez can you add your mods? link

  46. M44 heat is balanced

  47. can you make a modpack with your favorite mods?

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