► DeathStar Getting Replaced + New French Heavies – World of Tanks: 9.20.1+ News

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World of Tanks FV215b Replaced, New French Heavy Tanks. World of Tanks Patch 9.20.1+ Update Preview.

Patch 9.20.1 update in World of Tanks is on the horizon, but today I am going to talk about the future after 9.20.1.
WarGaming found really good replacement for The Legendary FV215b aka The Deathstart. This is not going to happen in the next patch, but we know that it is going to happen rather sooner than later. I am also going to show you first pictures of the new French line.

What do you think?


FV215b 183: SSSN_I_K_I_T_I_4SSS


  1. Well look what we have over here… My much loved FV’s are going to be “Special”… But you have at least couple of months to get your DeathStar, I hope so.
    Anyway, I hope you enjoy your weekend! Any plans? 🙂

  2. xD nice EHHHHHH YERRRRRHHHHH intro, keep it!

  3. They gonna reimburse T 50 2 players with a special vehicle called the T 50 2 in their garage? Fuck the deathstar into the pages of wot history.

  4. That tier 8 French HT, is that SA46?

  5. 10:41 orgasm mode engaged

  6. New french yeah

  7. they need to fucking stop with the tanks and add maps

  8. NO PLS

    NOT Deathstar 🙁

  9. thanks wargaming. we are really thankful to hear that. FV215b 183 gonna get removed. im the happiest person right now. one less goldspam gun = better future for the game. otherwise you could just remove the 1750 orgasm shells with 230 pen, it would be better in my opinion. but anyway im happy with the new changes

  10. Getting rid of the wrong tanks!

    Remove auto loaders, remove arty!

  11. You are the best wot youtuber. You are very active. Your videos are very good. Love ya?

  12. Just play War Thunder instead. Tanks can get destroyed in a single shot like the 183 usually does

  13. If they are going to remove t10 tanks, plz send the E3 to hell, fucking OP unpenetrable tank :/

  14. I cant get behind all this replacement nonsense. So far ill get to keep every tank being replaced but i dont get why they are being removed. The more tier 10s in the tech tree the better, just branch off from existing lines…

  15. Please WG…just split the branch, don’t remove the 183 :(((( it’s one of the iconic vehicles. First you ruined the ELC AMX now the 183 ?

  16. Stuck at AT-15… Damn it! I don’t have the time D:

  17. REBEL ZE Russian destroyer

    if they touch the deathstar im leaving wot lol

  18. Nice wargaming, keep ruining the game even more! Pathetic staff team…

  19. why do they have to keep replacing tanks? why can’t they just branch the tier 9 into 2 tier 10s like what they did with Chinese heavies

  20. Nice to see WG is fully focused on the real problems in the game.

  21. I really hope the new tier 10 French heavy tank will be the amx m4 ameloire, historically it had a… 280+90= 370mm glacis plate, and a strong, rounded turret

  22. Pandatoofu ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    I am suffering in my AT 7 and now this xDDDD

  23. So they are changing the fv215b 183 and the fv215b? Or just the former

  24. I like the way it looks like… but i wish they brought in the FV4201 Chieftain.

  25. Nedoshius Žaidžia

    Wargaming himself going down very fast 🙁 Wargaming please wake up!!!! Are you dont see what you are doing with your game? WG WAKE UP!!!!!!!

  26. Well when WG is done with replacing T10s i will probably have 100 T10s in my garage… 😀

  27. I have about 80 thousand more experience to get my tortoise and it is a terrible grind. Now this. damn it. I want a 183 but it is so terrible getting there. Everytime I start to get somewhere in a tech tree they bloody change it on me. I’m starting to give up.

  28. I’m Fcking deleting this game if it keeps going likd that

  29. Wg nerfed a lot of non premium tanks that can’t do jack against the premium versions in wot blitz. I think it’s the worst decision until I saw this. I feel your pain m8. Grinding a painful line just to get your desired tank and them it gets replaced by shittier versions

  30. I guess too many Russian medium tank players screamed to WoT after getting blown away. It seems to be a patten happening, removing or nerfing anything that can harm Russian tanks

  31. That 1st shot was extra thicc.

  32. it’s not fair for many players who have lost WT auf E 100 replaced by a shit grill 15.Why are they now leaving the deathstar in game ?Dog fuck the whole wg team in the ass.

  33. one thing i noticed. the t8 to t10 french tank are on nebelburg. wg said they are thinking about 30vs30 for lower tiers

  34. Fuck. I Havel at8…

  35. Yuk, Wargaming uses Autodesk Maya…

  36. Psst wanna know why FV 183 is getting replaced? It’s not a PREMIUM tank!

  37. Someone need to tell WG that they’ve removed a lot of actual enjoyable non-premium tanks

  38. So this mean that when WG is going to remove 183, we should call the Fv4005 as “SHIT DEATH STAR” ?

  39. This makes sense to me. Honestly it didn’t really make sense that you went from a turret less TD with great dpm to the complete opposite. This will hopefully make this line easier for new players to understand.

  40. Wonder if it is realistic to grind this tank in 4 months….


  42. well.. at least they come up with new normal tanks. not again stupid td’s over and over again. glad I sold my bat arty because it has become useless and bought back the M4 45 already. I can start grinding xp on it already =D

    the replacement of FV 183 looks like it has no weakspot on front like the rest of the tech tree has.. that sucks as it will probably be like some kind of superheavy with td gun.

    anyways… thanks for sharing!!

  43. the hell wg i love this tank and am grinding it

  44. Simple question… WHY? why does FV need to be replaced? ez answer: $$$!

  45. I immediately started down the British heavy line when i first heard the rumors of the FV being replaced. I have had the 215b in my garage for about a week now. I guess its time to attempt (yet again) to get down the AT line… Any tips for how to play the 215b Dez?

  46. Did any1 see that Cheiftan/t95 atbthe bottom of the tech tree……

  47. looks like I will buy back the tortoise and finish the grind to the tier 10

  48. Matti Meikäläinen

    What are they smoking? Like wtf is this “special vehicle” brainfart thing?

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