► Derp Demon T49 – 33,000 WN8 – World of Tanks T49 Light Tank Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

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But guys, letÙs kick off this weekend with some kick-ass gameplay action, with tier Derp Demon ÜT49 Light TankÝ. A lot of you wanted to see some more light tanks, you wish my command and this what you get today. Check out how ÜEm40Ý is going to dominate map with his tier light tank from USA.

►Played by: Em40
Replay: http://dezgamez.-record.com/replay/11758/em40_insanely_hard_to_carry_67k_dmg

►Music used:

“Ehrling – You And Me”
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  1. Subscribe Please!! Great video and gameplay Dez. Wow, one of the best games
    ever by a light tank. Your the best!!

    Take care, flea1951…….the oldman out!!

  2. love the intro dez

  3. Type 5 heavy vs maus please

  4. like the intro

  5. i had to sell the T49cuz it dident make enoth money to support the tank so
    kept on loseing money every match

  6. wot “humphrey10” maximus

    Lol i accidentally turned my subtitles on and it is very funny watching
    youtube trying to figure out what Dez is saying

  7. lol nice beats

  8. Why we dont have victorygirls on your replay site? :O

  9. lol, light tank, no pen ….. 250-400 damage.

    oh thats not op at alllll :_)

  10. next time you wondering why you didnt get ace after you played the guts out
    of yourself, here’s the answer!

  11. Intro was marvellous ?

  12. Very sexy beginning sir.

  13. Hey Dez, what’s the intro song name?

  14. Saying pooper with your accent gives me such a huge smile. It’s so funny :D

  15. this one time, on airfield in my t49, I penned the side of a conqueror with

  16. epic gameplay.

  17. the most wn8 I ever had was something above 46 000 😀 ELC AMX in tier viii,
    4200 dmg and 2000 spotted :D


  19. @DezGamez
    About that IS3 moving at 4:44, you forgot that russian tanks does not have
    to aim to hit you. So often I was shooting with IS3 on the move and hit the
    target. Russian tanks in general are so broken. The worse the status, the
    better. Like, WTF?

  20. So much better with music in the background, keep it up man, u r the best

  21. Thanks for sowing us what’s possible – I would love to get *half* that
    result in my T49

  22. where is the link to your replay site??

  23. Penetrating a panther’s pooper is hands down the most dangerous thing I’ve
    ever heard.

  24. Nice opening Dez! I see your testing more neat ideas.
    Well mad props to the T49 driver and that massive game he played. I’m very
    slowly working my way to the T49 but I’m not really excited for it. I HATE
    the fact that the only usable gun on it is a Derp cannon and wish WGing
    would pull their head’s out of their asses and give the T49 a WORKING 90mm
    gun instead of the joke stock one it got.

  25. Too bad T49 will lose the derp gun in next patch and moved to tier 9 :/

  26. I Love this video ;)

  27. Pragerovy Příběhy [NYNÍ NA WATTPADU]

    Help me, people. My T49 is cursed. I’ve got 45% winrate in it, when my
    recent winrate is 59%. Help!

  28. IchButterMirDenLachs

    Dez, T9 Skoda has spaced armor on the side, so you wont pen with he, if you
    wondered :b
    TVP has none, so at T10 it’s possible (WG-Logic)

  29. I am Palikir (Palikir)

    Nice video again. A suggestion: Can you add a link to your replaysite to
    your Youtube channel info? It’s pretty hard to find it.

  30. God I love using derps on this map. So many flanking positions.

  31. Yeah.yeah, nice replay and all … but thanks for nice music from intro! :D

  32. the gun is so RNG based like arty

  33. The introduction to this video was pretty awesome. Im sure it took a few
    minutes to edit, but in the end, it was well done.

  34. It’s damn fun to play,but now WG is gonna make it a tier 9 tank and even
    worse,they getting ridd of the derp gun,so only the 90mm,that’s the way to
    ruin the tank,thnx WG !!

  35. damn Dez, super awesome video! love you man!

  36. where is the new video dez

  37. The resultscreen is epic – nobody can take anything away from Em40. But did
    we really see anything special here? My opinion is yes we did see one very
    special thing and that is huge anount of damage. Nothing else. Gameplay
    itself was really boring – rush a position(without taking big risks) and
    shoot the enemy before being spotted(from a position that enemy can’t flood
    so easy). Endgame was just a mop up(ok AMX posed small threat).

    As I said at the start Em40 did nothing wrong. But he played his tank like
    a TD without putting himself in harms way. Also he didn’t try to outplay
    the enemy because you can’t really do that with light tank anymore(due to
    the current metagame with no xfire and tunnel maps). So here is my problem.
    Where is the thrill, the challenge, the replay value of the battle? Would I
    personally have been happy with a result like that? Absolutely! Would I
    remember this game as a triumph of skill and insane stunts? Not really.

    Its hard to ask youtubers like “ZeNutz”(sic!) to look at every single
    replay link they get. Resultscreen has to be sexy enough to make em look
    the whole battle. But numbers don’t tell the whole story. And maybe its me
    who is wrong here. Let me know!

  38. bay bay t49 ;-(

  39. nice house music for intro

  40. Marshmellows Cheesecake

    Mmm nice intro dez! keep it up :)

  41. everything we need now is tier 10 T49! :D

  42. Fucking 33k wn8

  43. good tank but the dms is dont the best for a light tank

  44. Is he still using autoaim+?

  45. basi jinata :D

  46. be kierfol ?

  47. i watch cusz nothing els to watch but to me just a higher elc …

  48. yes… this is sometin what i need to respect

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