► Dirtiest Seal Clubber There is… – World of Tanks Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks TVP T 50/51 Review. World of Tanks M18 Hellcat Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Panzer II J (Pz II J) Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Live Gameplay 2018.

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In this episode, even though you are going to some nice variety of vehicles, you are also going to see of the dirtiest tanks in low tiers… Infamous Panzer II J… Tier 3 premium tank, that costs €0… 🙂



  1. See you, bye, take care… You can find me from the bathroom! 😉
    #donthitme #muchosLöwes

    • Dear Dez why does arty, such a cancerous class exist in a game called world of tanks(not world of artillery)?

      in the old days before the “buff” arty used to just miss me dealing small amounts of dmg, not destroying my tank and especially not snapshotting(shooting while moving gun) my lights

      yesterday i got splashed by gw tiger in my light tank whilst i was chaninging flank moving at aprox 60km/h still lands hit next to me dealing aprox 480 dmg or about 50% of my light’s HP how is this in anyway balanced?

      furthermore artillery as a backline warrior can sit there fapping all fucking game now with reduced reload and rain down upon the tanks, even better when there are 3 of them as they changed the max to 3 resulting in no 5 arty equating to more 3 arty games.

      today they can hit you directly more consistenly resulting in pen when playing softly armored(skill level) tanks such as autoloaders and sneaky TD’s, basicly where you lose 50%-70% hp

      getting focused just feels bad man..

      and then at the end of a battle where you have defeated his team, he can just go drown himself/jump down a ledge/splash self to death because he is a cheeky fucking bastard who cannot understand what a filthy bastard he is

      edit when fighting 1v1 against an enemy i can win 6-7/10 of ten fights but if artillery wants to interfere they usually splash me at a frustrating moment(tracks, ammorack-dmg, crew and so on) resulting in me loosing the edge of an advantage i had)

      this also sux

    • le forestier damien

      Dez, you forgot to reset the tank poll

    • DezGamez hey dez. Actually you should have payed attention to the chat in the TVP game. Your BC requested help alot and then the T57 wrote “BC flipped, TVP help it” but then you went balls. 😉

    • DezGamez face off with pz2j??

    • Filthy man ! Dirty and disgusting you wash yourself

  2. should of when otherway at 5:49 and take the chances

  3. does anybody know why after Patch 1.0 when i press enter instead of chat my graphics change ? THX

  4. Pz 2J so easy to pen now…. use to be OP but no more. My favorite tier 3 tank the Pz38 (t) rips them to shreds.

  5. “SHOUT OUT TO U DEZ!” (from u know who… ?️????)

  6. Herr Fingerknacks

    Dez can you please reset the tank poll that i can choose an another tank for you 😉

  7. pls play amx 30 b its a beast

  8. Darkness Nighthingale

    Vote Tog II, SU 18 or Pz.II J
    We must troll Dez till the end of time.
    (Sorry Dez)

  9. ive promised myself only to play the 2j when the christmas give away tanks are released

  10. Dez, your commentary is the best, so funny ?

  11. A “Quick” shower? Son, you will need at least 3 VERY long showers and a bath to wash all the seal clubbing filth from your ass LOL 🙂


  13. Hello Dez & chat ! Not sure if you will see/read this but any idea as to when WG will fix hitboxes , so many times we get hit now and if not of indicator telling us from where it’s easy to miss the fact we got hit ! ( or maybe someone in chat ) and so many places you are near a rock still have a clean line of sight but shells seem to just vanish .

  14. vote for japanese vehicles 😀

  15. In modern times of wot, 2j isnt op anymore at all lol. Most tanks ez pen it. I just play it to check my ping once a session

  16. Hellcat, my favorite tank in this game ^^ I kinda believe that they nerfed that gun like 3-4 years ago because it was much more precise. Now it has really high dispersion at higher distances. Also, camo is amazing + speed <3

    • the gun dispersion feels the same as it used to be, but they nerfed hull traverse, turret traverse, reload a little (i think)

    • Its odd having to drive out of cover backwards as you need to drive forwards out of danger now the reverse speed is 10kph

    • they gave it worse the aim when moving, so the bloom gets big with only small corrections.
      also they increased the ground resistance values.

  17. Dez: “Hellcat is actually the fastest TD in the game…”

    Me: Bruh, UDES XD

  18. anyone else notice his health was at 268 when the obj 268 saved him? Coincidence, i think NOT!

  19. Dragan Crnogorac

    Someone put tir 1 turret on KV1 and that is tir3 tank.
    I got that fcm40 tir 3 thing. 500+ meters spot range in tir 3 TD, that thing can outspot bc25t and leopard1. The best spoting range in the game in TD is tir 3. How crazy is that.

  20. Dez, in first battle look at the chat, arty your arty was turned on its side so he couldn’t shoot 🙂 great vid btw

  21. The Pz. II J is in the process of being nerfed, as both the T-29 and the MTLS 1G14 are dangerous to it, and in abundance. This of course makes the people who shelled out 100 Euro for it extremely happy, and it keeps them loving the wisdom and fairness of WG, the gaming company in the world which is most considerate of its players, and their happiness, and of preserving their investments.

  22. I think the pz III j is too op tie tier 3

  23. P2J is a ridiculous tank, i used mine to get the tokens for the free tank. 75% WR by literally just driving forwards and auto aiming everything, 100 tokens in two play sessions over two days, stupidest mission they ever put in the game IMO.

  24. omg I wish I had 148,000 gold

  25. Létourneau Lucas

    How to get the pz 2j?

  26. Thumbnail tho ??
    Great job

  27. As punushment for seal clubbing the next time we should all vote for the Lee, grant and churchi gun carrier

  28. IIJ may be less fun with MTLS putting holes in them

  29. 15 votes feels Bad man???

  30. Thanks for this. I was really starting to miss selling hellcat and now I don’t have regret anymore.

  31. You are very good player in WoT, and you are nice to your fans. I subscribed! ?

  32. su76I….is a lot better tank a tier 3

  33. Basic Dude Gaming

    Sexy Hellcat gameplay Dez, im definitely going to try that line now 🙂 great content

  34. Dez you my best youtuber

  35. “Hat trick” ahh Dez, good sir, you also watch hockey? Hmmm??? 😀

    You are my type of youtuber Dez, you deserve the views. <3

  36. What is your detailed graphycs settings pls?

  37. haha, I didn’t even have to read the title to know this was Dez humor.
    eeh’s such a dayr-tay clubber eeh needs a shower.

  38. Gareth Fairclough

    Arty flipped his vehicle? 0.o
    Well, first time for everything, I guess!

  39. Sándorné Veress

    My only wish is that DezGamez like my comment and sometimes…. maybe we can play one battle together! 🙁

  40. Move more when you know arty is on you, that conq shot was very predictable. GG keep it up mate love the replays

  41. NKVD Comrade Orion

    This thing doesn’t seem to be as powerful as it is on console but it is still ridiculously powerful. It’s not too uncommon for a couple PzIIjs to mow down most of the opposing team and then have a 1v1 where neither can kill the other lol

  42. Nice Top Gear refference

  43. I think pz 2 j isn’t to op in na server where cruiser 2 derp is popular it can one shot 2 j with it’s 110 pen heat

  44. Uganda Warrior Knuckles

    Only people with the pz2j can like this 😛

  45. Oh Hellcat –> Good view range , Good camo, but troll gun. Doesn’t feel like 0.36 accuracy at all.

  46. Remember when the Hellcat was the fastest vehicle in the game, and the game engine wouldn’t allow anything to go faster? I’m freakin’ old.

  47. Pz2j was to op ones in a time but not now days the FREE t29 and mtls van beat IT cos they got mobility ,speed.
    And yes pz2J is free as welll u just buy 30500gold occasionally ,xpensive to “buy”and xpensive to play

  48. I need to go wash my eyes after seeing this

  49. and he says skill at 18:19 ahahahahha when playing with seal klubber haahha, i love the irony ahahahha

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