► DRAMA LLAMA IS HERE, WITH A DIARRHEA… – World of Tanks Fu** Up Edition

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Source: DezGamez

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► UPDATE: Seems like we can remove all the “IF THEY DID IT…”
WG Official response: http://imgur.com/a/abFEe


Drama Llama here and shitting everywhere… After a lot of comments under my videos, after a lot of questions seems like I have to let you know what I think about this shitty situation and drama… So here it .



  1. UPDATE: I made/uploaded and scheduled this video over 12h ago… But according to the latest information we can remove all the “IF THEY DID IT” from the video, sadly:
    WG Official response: http://imgur.com/a/abFEe

    John Bain @Totalbiscuit – “Copyright is a shield, not a hammer.”

  2. Dez there might be some people who think like that.
    but myself and most other people who watch your video’s do understand and respect your opinion. and most of the time agree with it. and we really appreciate the effort you put in to your video’s. that and we like the stuff you put up, is the reason we subscribed.
    for me it was I believe the KV2 vs OI faceoff.
    but anyway I wish you a good weeken everyone.

  3. you really deserve more subs. but appart from that, youre vids are awesome. so just keep going with how you have been doing it the lately.?

  4. actually he postet the chat feed on imgur and they threathened him with copyright strikes if he wont shut the video down so he took it off ….

  5. #freesirfoch

  6. MusicEngine The Seventh

    Wow. So if you comment about this incident on the forum, you get a strike. Wow wargaming. I hope you drown in a vat of molten gold you took from us people

  7. Since today when you would like to sent Wargaming on places where sun does not shine at all you better do when you use term ,,foch you,, instead of usual ,,f word,, it suits much better in this case.

  8. Jesper Askov Møller Petersen

    Anyway – SirFoch is so right…and WG doesn’t listen…

  9. Bulgarian Slayer 13

    I completely 100% agree with you Dez 🙂 and I hate the pay 2 win route tha WoT is taking and I also hate how they nerfed artillery and I think that’s just me, but im going to sell all my artys now. And this buffs to old tanks and releasing new premium tanks just so people can spend more gold is fucking pathetic seriously the Maus is op enough do they need to buff it more same with the Type 5 Heavy. I can’t man FUCK WoT and FUCK WG! Take care ppl and good day. 🙂

  10. freedom of speech is all i can say and WG isn’t respecting that

  11. same thing was with gaijin ( war thunder) and thats the reason why jingles went away from it

  12. Ill go check out the sirfoch.. watched many of your vids and never even remotely considered you an WG asslicker.
    Reading the linked screenshots it seems they gave fochy fair warning of their intentions and reasoning.

  13. Alexander Agustine

    DazGames we love and respect you but the issue is with the company, not the tank. And so far the company is constantly making changes to the tanks and the game mechanism that are no supported or asked by the community. I was watching your reply and saw STRV rape the other team. How is that tank not op. I played for months just to have Grille 15 just to have it nerfed. Do you know how annoying that is? The new MM is shit where you have arty and Lts as top tanks, the arty continues to be cancer and tier 8s hardly see top tier games anymore (my credit making has declined and I use more gold rounds instead). Instead of fixing the existing issues, they introduce new fucked up changes that are not welcomed by the community. Have you realised that lately there have been games with 13 vs 13? So you need to start looking into the larger change here and not whether a particular tank is good or not.

  14. It is good to see you respond too. When i saw #FreeFoch situation i was so sure you would upload a video and tell us your opinions.You have a uniqe channel.You pre-replay videos are epic.Stay hereKeep up the good work!And we all know who licks ass and sucls dick!

  15. finally Dez i found someone who thinks like me… the artillery…the old one at least wasn t broken…if you was aware that there is an arty on the enemy team and if you was trying to hide you wouldn t get 1 shoted..

  16. Why do you think there is nothing you can do? You have the right to voice your opinion and say what bothers you. Thats basically the only thing you can do.

  17. That jagdtiger deserved comment I believe. I’m staying out of high tier just because pay to win things. Play low tier for fun. Buy some gold for crew training from time to time. Bought Thunderbolt, but it’s spender, not earner. Crew BIA attracted me :). T-34-85M is god tho – bought it too.

    About mentioned arty. It can be frustrating when they focus on you. M44 hit every shell. Can’t engage close combat with such focus. Should limit numebr to 1 per team and they can wait in queue if so much want that crap. It’s not bad to play it for a while, to have time to analyze team movements, map positions between shots. To try to anticipate where the enemy will come from, and to start paying attention to map. Ande when I see my arty morons focus on weak fast targets instead of those 3 top tiers we can’t hurt…

  18. umm, you can censor peoples opinions on the internet, when it crosses the legal boundary into defamation and libel.

  19. Too many ball licking dogs in WoT an WG. Too much time sniffing each other’s asses too. WG wanted to show who was the BiG DoG in YouTube. It’s really a chance to see the BSD syndrome in action.

  20. Dezgamez for president!!!

  21. So based on this video. Fosh guy is “working” for WG because he is gaining money thanks to them. Then he talks shit on them and they “fire” him. WTF is this drama about? Someone except to shit publicly on his employeer and than work the next day?

  22. Alexander Agustine

    Dez please don’t take my comment the wrong way. You are still one of my most favourites in Youtube

  23. Anzul The Dwarf

    Wargaming went way too far but Foch is an idiot

  24. spartan sniper0789

    I prefer old artillery, I rather get one shotted then heavily damaged and set on fire.

  25. I’m glad you show your own opinion, though it’s in a different way then Foch is. Just keep doing what you like, no matter what other people think. There are few people over here who have the balls to do so, and it’s something I do appreciate about you. Chill down and I hope you have a nice weekend dude!

    Sad I do not have a chance to see the video from Foch. I’ve watched quite some videos of him and I’m just curious about the whole video.

  26. want to write you lots of words of support, but for all of them we will need few beers. 😉
    dont like to “see” you upset. dont mind haters. there is lots of us that love you and your work and we will follow you no mather what is your videos are about. love your flow with my first coffee. lick 😉

  27. i dont know ur name, but hello mr.Dez, it has been quite a long time for me on ur channel, although u have never heard about my video requests..but its ok, i understand that. lets come to the topic, as for me there are quite few channels over which i really enjoy myself
    1. Quicky baby+ mighty jingles+…….= extra informative. lol
    2. Dez= informative+ creativity+ FUL YOLOOOOOO+welcome back
    3. Sir foch+ claus kellerman = for absolute fun.
    these are just my opinion, so please dont criticize it.
    Now what sir foch did, i think it was damn ok, it is his own style, style for which he’s popular, and i like it too ( although he was obviously correct over the things he was talking, common , everybody knows that).
    And for u, i have never seen anything like licking wargaming’s ass lol. why u’re giving a damn to these comments, i know that for u, i’m just a subscriber like that same guy who punched that ass on u. but i will suggest u to get rid of these comments that even has not any single base line to justify itself, PLEASE ignore them, and post them a link to watch “ASSHOLE SERIES of Mr. Claus Kellerman”. that’s it

  28. motorised adventurer

    I heard circon was removed as well

  29. At least you did not resort to ass licking WG ass like the WIMPY CIRCON did in his pathetic self serving video he posted on the subject !!!

  30. CombatSteve2017

    I have no words….

  31. i hope WG doesn’t become like Gaijin in the sense that of you mistalk about the game in a YouTube video, you’re going to get taken down and even removed from the game

  32. Patata Caliente

    Brilliant ending to the video 🙂 The whole thing is like a silly soap opera. I can understand Wargaming to some extent, but threatening streamers with the copyright whip is unacceptable.

  33. Sacreligious Sausage

    we love you and your content DEZ!! Its only a minority that want to drag you into other peoples business.

    But on the other hand, you, QB, CF, Jingles, PointyHairedJedi, OldJedi and SirFoch probably hold a big monopoly of the European WoT players who enjoy the game or just the videos on the game. It wouldnt be too much of a stretch to say you guys are almost our reps when it comes to wargaming. If you all came together and in a civilized way told wargaming what your communities are feeling towards the game and the company it would be a much more effective market research technique. It’s like that film quote “Which side is more powerful? 5 armies or 1?” … [] [] [] [] []5 or [=====]1. Together as one big community we are stronger and have a bigger influence over what wargaming do with the game, than just one channel or small section of the community alone.

    Either way, I really enjoy your content and will still watch & click like to every video you upload because it gives me that escape from the world of adulting to enjoy some quality entertainment. 🙂

  34. I love you Dez ! 🙂

  35. Well done, you have got the balls to make a statement. Lets see if our walking commercial named qb will get the courage to kick the lion
    ps: wg would need some bashing from time to time, just so they will not sell out accouts to some malware company for another few bucks out of pure greed

  36. ” ‘stop licking your balls’ I say back” – Ooooooouh thug Life Dez Love ya


  38. #FreeFoch

    Foch got fucked plain and simply because he is the only one who has the BALLS to call out WG on it’s bullshit. No offence to either Dez or any other Youtuber but you guys are too afraid to be vocal or critical because it can potentially cause you damage and you could lose money over it. You step in line and sorry to say but sell your souls to the “devil” because if you are afraid. It’s understandable but it’s also a sad sight, how everyone fears to call anything overpowered anymore or just call out things that are plain bullshit, like the Chrysler K or how seemingly WG said “fuck this game, fuck it to hell, let’s kill it hard, fast and in a way that we can milk the most money out of it as humanly possible”. I stand with Foch and I 100% agree with him.

  39. Tomah4wk’s video is the best XD

  40. Fck WG…. I am deleting WoT….. Dumb fcks not getting anymore of my $$

  41. I do support Foch 100%. Like he and you said, he is not mad he is not CC any more and they have right to kick him from cc. But what WG is doing with game making it PTW is pissing people off and Foch is just saying the truth with which most people agree. If WG is pissed what he is saying then maybe they should try listen to it’s community because they are saying same thing.
    We should all make a protest and not play WOT one day, trust me just one day of not playing would make them listen more carefully.

    F**** YOU WG

  42. “we just have to wait”
    nope, we don´t. i certainly don´t. i´ve stopped playing WoT and am not paying them another cent until they fix their shit. both tanks and boats

  43. Well DezGamez imo you are one of the top or best wot youtubers there are love your vids and your comments always gives a good feeling even if its a bad day. Keep going m8.

  44. Marc Van Caillie

    Indeed, SirFoch has his own special ways of sauing thing, but…he has Always been like this and I kinf of like his style and Always very honnest opinions on how he sees things. It is true, the game is not going in the right direction. Just take a look at tier VIII CW or SH and you know what is wrong. Regular tech tree tanks became obsolete and that can’t be the right direction for this game to take. so….#FreeFoch

  45. When you have 135k subscribers, there’s always going to be some minority of assoles. Just ignore them and continue to do your good work for the majority who like your style.

  46. Spot on DG. Foch flipped when he saw yet another power creeped, gold spam inducing premium and went too far (perhaps). But that’s his way and the slice of the community he has made his own. His points were valid and I reckon he couldn’t give a shit less about his CC status.
    The way WG responded has caused them WAY more harm than sticking an epic boomstick up their asses and pull the trigger. In fact, that’s pretty much what they’ve done. Even doing nothing would have been better, but as you suggest, asking Foch to remake the video and keep it a bit more to the point rather than just a general rant on the company they could have sorted this out between the two parties instead of making it a fucking Watergate.

  47. Dez something got lost in translation here….. you are on Vacation. so enjoy it! 😛
    this is an episode that happened to another streamer yes and was it wrong? absolutely!. but do you need to state an opinion on it because people want you to? absolutely not.
    and if people come here it should be to watch your content, not to try and make you make content about any other streamer/youtuber and if thats why they are here they will probably leave a comment like “i haz an aponion so u muz haz same or yuz lame! HAHA”
    in any case love the content except for this last one tbh dont get preassured into content do what you love and keep it real that’s what we love to see

  48. Dez, your community thinks the world of you, don’t let a few cock holsters bother you, there are always “few” that just don’t have a clue, and other’s that don’t fukn even suspect!
    The Foch incident is unfortunate, but it is what it is, let’s move on.
    Keep up the great videa

  49. Love your content, but fuck SirFoch. He can go suck a dick.

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