► E-50 vs 7, MEGA Carry [Facepalm Ending] – World of Tanks E-50 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks E- Gameplay Review, Epic Battle. of Tanks E-50, Tier 9 German Medium Tank.

Today, “EaZyKiLL” goes into Hyper-Ham- with his E-50, tier 9 German medium tank… It is not going to be easy, some may say it is impossible to win battles in 1 vs 7 situation…. But let’s see how this one goes…



  1. How are things today, my Beasts? Getting in line to buy $900 bundles? Good job Wargaming NA, Good. Job. ?
    #enjoythevideo #muchlove

    • Load the Skill rounds

      DezGamez gotta get me that 900 dolla bundle yo… no no I do not that shit is just strait up wrong. Your editing skills are beast mode man!

    • hey dez its the second time you and QB uploaded the same replay on the same day

    • +Bahamut666 DragonLord
      Huh, odd. I did a CTRL+F for “59” and nothing showed up—since I couldn’t be bothered to read the entire list. It’s actually available?

  2. Is it just me or did that 112 gave him that kill and raised his gun in respect 🙂 ?

  3. QB also uploaded this replay

  4. No kill cap all

  5. Winning by 15 kills is more exp than winning by capping with 14 kills, but I would rather be sure of the win than risk the lose.

  6. I need new gaming laptop with under 1800€. Any suggestions?

  7. Hahahah qb is copying you 😉

  8. Just seen this at QB :l

  9. You and Quick Baby did the same video lol

  10. sure, KV3 and E50 M…. M :O 😀

  11. Garde regelt?

  12. Sex made this vid first go give qb crap for it???

  13. E50s on this map have good luck

  14. creative789WorldOfTanks wot

    awesome matchup gj gg;)

  15. I like how QB featured this the same day like did u 2 planned this?

  16. Joshua Van Der Merwe

    Sow that qb and dez both featired this game… so degided te wacht Dez’s version bc Dez > the rest <3 alsh o i am mederately trunk

  17. Same day as QB !

  18. Lol, Qb uploaded same vid today

  19. 112 scum bag

  20. Dez games do you think that QB is a competition for You? Because you and QB does upload the same replay and are both populair ?

  21. I just watched the same replay at quickybaby’s video??

  22. That awkward moment when this is the exact same battle that QB showcased today

  23. Hmm… is the E50 this good? I have unocked it 2 years ago, but never bought it, since *cough* Russia bias *cough* I’m not good with German vehicles.

  24. while the E50 was capping and looking for the t44 i was yelling EMPTY YOUR HE AMMO!!! FADINS MEDAL!! personally in a situation like this where youre sure to win i would have loaded and gotten rid of 4/5 HE shells, and kept the AP. then, whence i found the T44, fired the HE to bring down his HP to a sure oneshot, and then killed him with the AP. just one more pretty easy medal this guy coulda gotten BUT HE DIDNT THINK OF THAT I GUESS!!! WHY NO FADINS!!!??

  25. Nice video i like it

    Quikybaby has done a video about this replay to but i think u where earlier haha 1-0 for dezgamez just kiddingi like quikybaby to

  26. This is the same battle as Quickybaby’s video for today. lol

  27. More like 1vs9(7tanks &2youtubers). gj Dez 😉

  28. good video as always

  29. Lol u and QB uploaded the same replay. Like the wz 111 5a replay

  30. Mega carry more like mega farm, farming simulator 2K17…..he basically won his side then the ennemy team got overconfident and drove in the open while getting farmed like no tomorrow….

  31. If he was playing in E-50M he would have lost 50K instead of getting 30K credits. GG with tier 10 economics WG!

  32. Ed Arandia Dela Cruz

    same replay as QB haha

  33. Saw jingles vid already

  34. This guy is nothing but a WN8 stat padding POS. He was more than willing to sit back and farm damage while he lost the battle. Fuck players like this, why show their videos?

  35. same replay as qb on the same day :/

  36. Make this video become a viral campaign to show every DAMN player who thinks capping is NOT an appropiate way to win how FOOLISH they are.
    I would have capped this sh*t!!

  37. oh my the same replay as QB on the same day

  38. Unicums = shit head assholes
    If ur team have one u will win; if more than 3 u will surely lose because no one is there to sacrifice their lives for them; their precious health is too much to lose; they will stay behind, farm damage and pad their wn8
    And worst of all think that they are God’s gift to the team and better than all the other players
    Pompous fuck 112 think that he’s all that benevolent and honorable; fuck him and wish him death in real life

  39. Inappropriate choice of cartoon face on title page. You can do better than that.

  40. Actually this guy is wn8 farmer, he did not cary the game not even a litlle. He was just farming damage and get lucky. He did not decided to get back to base and defend it even when he could, had time for it and also the path he could went. And you just blame the t44 guy for what? And give glory to ego wn8 farmer.

  41. Pls make video of T54E1 again

  42. funny 😀 same video featured by both dez and qb xD

  43. Since you and QB uploaded the same video, have you think about doing a collaboration for a duet commentaries and published it on both channel. I think that would be great.

    • nope, because QB has that awful fake laugh while Dez is sarcastic as “duck”. I like Dez better in these replays …
      Watching QB mimics (like he has no idea) is like watching cheap TV series .

  44. Hell of a match. That T-44 threw it away for certain.

  45. Hi DG, thanks for the video, good battle, the only bad thing about it is that I watch it allready on QB chanel

  46. love your video but,sorry Dez this e50 is rly bad.. luck and this gold ammo spam on tiger’s wtf… ton of bounce on t28 and t54e1.

  47. Watch QB comments. 112 actually reset T44 in the enemy team.

  48. again Dez?? same replay as QB

  49. XD just watched this on QuickyBabys channel

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