► E-50M – NO HAM HERE! – World of Tanks E-50 Ausf. M Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay , Epic Battle. E-50M, Tier 10 .

As promised, here something for all my viewers and fans, hope you like it!

Today I am going to show you couple of battles with tier 10 German medium tank E-50M, because I felt like training my crew members a little bit, to finally get my brothers in arms to 100%. Had some pretty interesting battles and I am going to share two of them with you. 🙂


►Tanks in action:
– German/Germany E-50 Ausf.


  1. That black screen makes me horny

  2. that`s a panther 8.8 not an e75 :)) 2:33

  3. 30 seconds Of the Dark adverts

  4. Have you done a face reveal

  5. Tank Porn? Man this is my shit… I’ll be staring hard at screen for next 15 mins

  6. type 4 heavy in chat at begin.. xD

  7. nice to see someone hits with E50… It’s very rare I hit where I aim…

  8. Where is Dez from? I see the flag on the side of the tank in this replay but he keeps twitching the turret to the point where I can’t pick it up.

  9. E 50 M was the first tier 10 that I killed, so many years ago.

  10. What’s ur equipment load out for ur e50m?

  11. E50m my favorite t10 med tank i love it

  12. Celestino Natale

    Dez: “As you can see from the minimap […]”

    Me: “As you can not see from the minimap”

  13. Uninstalled this game over a month ago, shortly after having acquired the E 50 M – absolutely do *not* miss it at all, nor WG and it’s contemptuous attitude towards the player base… However, I still do enjoy your content. Cheers!

  14. Forever_Gettin_It

    Dez PLEASE bring back the FACE OFF BATTLES SERIES AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Play Thunderbolt

  16. ComputerDoctorChios

    karaflas means bald 😉

  17. that was aimbot if the.tank was the same

  18. all these buffs to the mediums. russian and american how about e50m turret buff ;)? that’s all i ask for not even dpm buff just turret

  19. Andrew Saterlund

    he says nice shot into the E-75 when its an panther 8,8

  20. Just not enjoying the game now since the last couple of patches. Really don’t like playing my tier VIII tanks and have a long way to go to IX.

  21. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    Wait…isn’t E-50M weak?

  22. I have to send you something very important Dez.

  23. what up with the tank porn???

  24. Actually if u think about the 2 ammo racks u were lucky because if they hit 2 times ur so rack, you will get ammo racked? I mean you will lose ur turret

  25. 600 dmg by Arty, nice “nerf” wg 😉

  26. can play crossout on time more ?
    and explan how the shops work and so on and build a car with speed

  27. Actually, you were pretty lucky that you did repair your ammo rack. If not, you would have been dead!

  28. You were lucky to get your ammo rack back before getting ammo racked again. You would have popped your top if you didn’t

  29. 3:58 really Dez, you have an easy pen on the turret but you shoot through the tracks

  30. Great video!!!! <3

  31. Sweet ramming action. (was that the referenced ‘tank porn’?)

  32. Nice two battles with the E59M, but did you not say you were going to show the E50 with the 88mm gun?  I would have liked to have seen that as I always have used the 105 mm.  However, since the L100 888mm is now available,  I am wondering if the 105 mm gun is still the best choice on the E50.

  33. Tank porn?……???

  34. 13:20 if you didn’t click it then you would have been decapitated lol

  35. Ammo rack damage is out of control in this game anymore. Every hit is either that or the fuel tanks.

  36. 1:08 I am damaged for life

  37. How u got WZ 132A

  38. its just very strange, because i just shoot. i never ask myself will i pen? 4:16 ”turret was kinda questionable”

  39. I felt like Ray Charles there for a bit, Just having Dez describe what was happening was oddly fun like a really well done audio book.

  40. Your accent gets heavier when you lose, Dez. Just saying.

  41. Double Double 4G

    13:00 Unlucky? Another moment and you would’ve been A$$ploded 0.o You’re LUCKY AF!

  42. I just read that WT AUF E100 will be premium tank…great…

  43. 50M looks really great. I still don’t have it ’cause there are just so many tanks to grind for XD

  44. I thought my computer crashed when the screen went black haha

  45. Gets ammoracked twice and doesn’t blow up. Calls himself unlucky. Riiight.

  46. 3:24 receiving 600 damage by a tier 8 arty in a well armored tier 10 medium,seems legit

  47. Makes such a different when your scout actually knows what he’s doing!!

  48. World'sFame Play'z

    I got 7700 spotting damage with type 5 heavy xD

  49. It was a bit unlucky they planted two shots in your ammo rack, but you stopped to aim shots with your side exposed instead of turning your hull. It’s a helluva lot harder to hit the ammo rack through the front of an E 50 M.

  50. record armored warfare pls its better

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