► E-75 Still GOT. IT. – 18,000 Combined (DMG, Block) – World of Tanks E-75 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

, Epic Battle. , Tier 9 .

► Why You HESH to be mad?

Oh boy, it feels gooooooooooood to be back in action! After days of vacation/trip/work, I am back in action.. Feeling awesome, full of energy and ready to provide you some more awesome content!
Today I was looking around on my replay site and one battle with E-75 got my attention. Feels like this old champ still got it!
Let’s take a look how “_WarKamis_” was able to get the game of his life with tier 9 “E-75”!

Player: _WarKamis_
Replay: http://dezgamez.-record.com/replay/31243/warkamis_the_bigest_game_of_all_with_e75_10k_dmg_8k_blocked



  1. Oh boy, it feels good to be back.. How are you all doing? 🙂
    How many premium tanks did we receive while I was away?
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Kappa. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  2. What the F***, is that penetration at 7:13 ? “gasps”

  3. Epic game as usual. I blocked 11.4k dmg in my is-4 in ranked battles a few days ago. When you know how to side-scrape these tanks are amazing!

  4. that aliasing hurts my fucking eyes

  5. 5vs1 and they still prefer to hide behind a corner… C’mon! Pancakes

  6. Always enjoy your videos Herr Gamez, and this one was extraordinary..

  7. It’s as if he knew he was going to ammo rack that Type 59

  8. E75 is still one of the best heavys, is the “fast” german heavy

  9. again Paris… 😀

  10. impressive

  11. 2:35
    Not so *Legendary* anymore ?

  12. You need some luck 😀 got a game with my wz132 today had only 1 HP left after 1 min but won a 2 vs 1 at the end more than 8 min and 2k dmg later XD

  13. in these situations i usually get rushed or enemy poke out loading gold ammo receiving almost no damage bsck, no matter how much team i have behind, but apparently this guy found retards only. skill 60%, luck 40%

  14. So many replays on Paris lately, what the fuck

  15. E75 Awesome tank

  16. A TAN, wtf dude what kind of war gaming geek are you. A disgrace to geeks every where.. Ha glad your back, even if you do have a tan

  17. John von Shepard

    Paris is such a horrible map.

  18. E-75 is still totally fine if not above average

  19. love the quality of your videos dez, keep it up 🙂

  20. The Legendary Sandwich

    I wanna see that BT7 one

  21. thank you for yet another epic music intro!

  22. 7:50 ST-1 says hi.

  23. Fuzzcopter I like tigers

    ‘Battle ends halfway through video’ me: so he just gonna ramble on for the rest of it? K

  24. Hello beautiful beautiful victory girls oh damn. lol

  25. Still the king E75, a little buff in lower pallete.

  26. what mods are you using?

  27. CosmicGamingCrew

    Sure he was lucky but his friendly IS shot him

  28. Well rested?
    Sounds like you have a little bounce in your step?
    Cheers to you Dez!!! 🙂

  29. The Best Wot tuber!!

  30. Can we get replays from another map?.. Paris map = terrible design.
    Keep making awesome videos though Dez! 😛

  31. Damn Dez. I keep thinking I’m watching a WGing ad at the start of your video’s these days. And 140K subs! Your gonna break 150K before summers over man! you might even hit 175-200K by the end of the year!

  32. damn DEZ,140 k subs………….fucking killing it,well fucking done!!!!!!

  33. A non-premium Unicom? Get a fucking job kid.

  34. lol at the “friendly” IS shooting him in the ass…. good support!!

  35. I was playing the scorpion G last night and shot a tank that had 400hp left and I got a min roll of 386 or whatever it is… I exited the battle immediately. fucking bullshit

  36. Xdragonknight HH

    e75 is still good but playing the king tiger feel so fucking hurt 🙁

  37. @Xdragonknight HH yup totally agree

  38. Michalis Fotiadis

    8:42 Check out the turret going crazy , it is happening to me as well

  39. Aleksandar Bukvic

    awesome replay,E 75 is my favorite and most played tank,still a beast confirmed 🙂

  40. 1 Download of the video…. **goes to check QB channel for review**

  41. which mod are you using to get wn8 score on battle results?

  42. awwwww yeaaa some crazy e75 action from dez

  43. Those “cinematic” intros are getting better every video Dez, nice job 🙂

  44. I have e75 too but to be honest im not the best player. And i just want to say thank you because i can learn a lot from your videos. Love your channel.

  45. enemy E75 very good noob 😀 .. but game is good 🙂

  46. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    “Driving a German Heavy Tank… -> Proceeds to still use a Manual Extinguisher” *facepalm*

  47. Shows you how incredibly stupid the higher tier playerbase is nowadays, they are 4-5 tanks against one E-75 (danger) and one IS (laughing stock) and they trade shots instead of pushing in and simply killing him……amazing.

    Nice though if you can get this lucky in your E-75 to come up against these enemies 🙂

  48. Why is kranvagen acting like an idiot ?

  49. Tere tulemast taas, Dez! Did you go see Rammstein at Lauluväljak?

  50. Tom's Game Replays

    That ammorack though it never gets old 🙂

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